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The List of Multi player Groups with links

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Dune Drifter, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    It looks lovely Maltier, I've added the link so people can still visit your old forum (so they see you're not a new faction just starting up), and a new link for your new forum pages.

    I hope that helps :)

    ooo I almost forgot, www.Space-Engineers.net has two dedicated servers up and running (100 people each server), and is now working on getting the faction servers going (United Earth Space Corps will be the first faction server - hopefully in a few days). (I can't believe I had a ping speed of 12ms while 20 people were playing).

  2. DivingAsteroid Trainee Engineer

    I am so glad you created this page, Drifter ^_^. Now I can find a group to join up with~
  3. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    You're Welcome DivingAsteroid - Glad to help :)

  4. Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    Hey Dune, could you edit my link or actually add one for the TuaniFur Gaming one


    This is the page on here with all the information about the dedicated server, thank you :)
  5. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Yes of course ReplicTuaniOne, it's now added - congratulations - that's the first dedicated server added to the list - I've left it as size 14 so people can see it (I'll make it normal size after a week ish).

  6. MrKoronas Apprentice Engineer

    If you could update the the Emerald Immersion post with the dedicated server post http://forums.keenswh.com/post?id=6887037&trail=15
  7. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Yes MrKoronas, the Emerald Immersion has been updated with dedicated server details :crazy:

  8. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Another two groups added - please keep your groups coming in - just send me a PM if you want.

    Thank you all for helping to keep this post updated.

  9. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    The first Space Racing Society has now been added to the list of Factions, if you're into speed then check it out.

  10. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    <table style="table-layout: fixed; color: #000000; font-size: 13.333333969116211px;" border="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%" class="post_body" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td colspan="2" style="word-wrap: break-word; line-height: 1.6; padding: 6px; border: 0px; background-color: #f7f7f7;" height="100%" class="post" valign="top">The Dominion PMC has now been updated with it's new Forum and website

    Hope it's all going well in Space Engineers - anymore updates to factions to add?
    or new clans / factions to add?

    Dune</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" style="padding: 6px; border: 0px; background-color: #f7f7f7;" align="center" valign="bottom"> </td></tr></tbody></table>
  11. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    A new Industries List has been added to the bottom of this factions list, send a PM or a post with your links if you want adding. Thanks.

    (An Industries List is a list of people that have an Industry Name and want to show you their wares, designs, builds and mods. (but aren't currently looking for members)) - All under one lovely list so they are easy to find.

  12. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Still waiting for groups to add there details so I can update the Factions List.
  13. Maltier Apprentice Engineer

    I wish to update the old UNSC section that this has, and I have to say currently we will not be holding any official sections for the Spanish, or German players.

    http://forums.keenswh.com/post/unsc-factioin-semi-role-play-industry-civilian-constitution-military-7045552?pid=1283994632#post1283994632 Forums page
    http://steamcommunity.com/id/Maltier/ Recruiter
    http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dosasdasqwe Steam page
    http://www.spaceengineerswiki.com/Faction:United_Nations_Space_Command_UNSC Wiki

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g5kezlXQyJISp5jc0KGM_C7SNJPUvTFgQz4XCuO2Dlo/pub this is our Constitution, which was placed into full effect on 8/19/14, it might be something players could read to expect out of government, along with https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HEipaZnGTUxG8zbhL7zQHo7XuqH8ZNkmbPLXAvq3IhU/pub This is basically the military system we will be using summed up. It might be relevant to put on, might not I'll let you decide.
  14. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Hello Maltier, thank you for getting back to me. All of your links have been added and updated :D
  15. Maltier Apprentice Engineer

    It appears you updated the wrong one
  16. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    My Sincerest Apologies Maltier. That mistake has now been corrected :)
  17. Maltier Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks dune
  18. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Still no new updates coming in - this List is still classed as up to date

  19. lmakeppelave Trainee Engineer

    Faction: Pirate Faction
    Tag: xPx
    Founded: Release of MP
    New Member Policy: Invite Only - Be hated, be very hated

    Servers: [24/7 Dedicated] Faction Warfare (No Mods) and [24/7 Dedicated] Faction Warfare #2 (Cosmetic Mods)
    Server Descriptions: #1 = Hardcore PVP and Faction Fights, Server #2 is similar in rules but more laid back in practice.

    Point of Contact: lmakeppleave SteamID: LMAKEPPLEAVE
    Some of my/our work: Videos

    Group Chat for server: Group Chat

    Join Server 1
    Join Server 2
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  20. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, but it seemed to fit here best.

    Later when the game is further along, I may start my own little group. But the thing I was wondering is, what is the overall group play and interaction between groups.
    For example, from say a diplomatic, trade, cooperational, view ?
    Do groups interact at all, is there trading of some type in MP. Is there a currency or is it more trading resources etc ?

    Also SE has a huge potential for groups to grow, trade, interact and everything else, that goes along with a great game with huge depth. But it seems to be slow at present, is that simply down to Alpha stage and the fact MP has not been here that long.

    Any help with these questions or any information regards group outcomes progression etc, would be very much appreciated.

    Sorry again if this is not the place, but it just sort of seemed reasonable to put it somewhere groups might see it to respond and indeed the lists keeper may also have some help and advice towards the group side of MP for SE.
    Thanks.. :)
  21. Maltier Apprentice Engineer

    It depends on the groups really, most groups lean toward just making private servers, and ignoring the majority of the SE community, the currency depends on the group, and server, but as far as I can tell most use resources.

    Well really it's just not a large player base interested in the large scale factions, *I might assume this is due to them all being away in the corner ignoring the community*.

    I would give you information in regards to my group, but we are still in an "alpha stage" if you will, so I can't tell you if it works or not... Hope I could help
  22. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Hello ChrisB,

    as Maltier says, most alliances tend to play in their own groups. Some of those group do mix together, we have several 'advocates' from various factions in our group, and they are all welcome.

    We, The Dominion PMC, do try to mix with other groups.

    At the moment, Advanced Avionics Corporation (AAC) and The Dominion PMC are sorting out a Dog Fighting day, where the best fighters from each faction fight each other, we will try to get similar skilled pilots to fight against their equivalent counterpart - it makes it more interesting.
    The Dominion PMC also acts as Vessari Aliens for Orticus in The Delphic Sector - when required (A great world for role play, always worth a pop in to say hello).

    Other than that, we have our own forum, website, wiki page, KSWH forum page, steam group and Facebook page, so we can stay in contact with each other (yes you can access them with your mobile devices whilst working). We organize Dog fights, Best build of the month, Competitions, Think tanks (a home run world where we put our heads together to solve given problems), and the members chat, show off their artwork, or artwork they like and space engineer designs on the forum.
    At the moment, the members are all working together to build a Judge Dredd versus Pirates type of world - a role play - if you will.

    Anyone is welcome to stop by the forum, say hello, have a look around, and get some ideas for their factions.

    Here is the link for the forum: http://dominionpmc.freeforums.net./

    Most of our members have busy lives, and just pop in every now and again, which they are welcome to do.
    When they pop back, we try to get them up to speed with the new updates as fast as possible.
    We have a dedicated few who appear daily to make the Dominion PMC what it is today.

    The only things we ask are: leave attitudes at the airlock and respect each other.

    On the subject of trading resources and currency etc.

    No body trades resources or currency yet as they can be easily created in a creative world.
    I know some fans are working on a currency we can all use, I won't say names here, but if you could send a PM to ChrisB and tell him about your plans and ideas, I would be grateful.

    Some Factions do swap creations, or share their creations so they can join alliances.

    I know there are a few alliances out there already. (please come and say hello to ChrisB)

    If you didn't know about standings - there is a wiki page for it.

    for example, our wiki page is here: http://www.spaceengineerswiki.com/Faction:The_Dominion_PMC
    at the top is a standings link that will take you to here: http://www.spaceengineerswiki.com/Faction:The_Dominion_PMC/Standings

    This is a list of every faction group that has registered with Wiki and The Dominion PMC standings with each group (War, Neutral, Friends).

    I hope that goes some way to answer your questions, I know my answer is long winded, but it answers the usual questions that pop up from interested people.

    Dune Drifter
  23. chrisb Senior Engineer

    @ Maltier
    @Dune Drifter

    [SIZE= 9.75pt]Thank you both, very interesting and sounds promising for the future, in some ways. I come from a closed gaming group (we played the Arma series), we had a dedicated group of players and all played our part in the building up of game-play, ie missions, mod/addons etc to make our gaming world interesting, diverse and enjoyable.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 9.75pt]However, we didn’t really venture out, only to play with groups we knew would be sensible and play in a, not regid, military way, ie no strict army type rules or structure, but instead, in a realistic tactical way.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 9.75pt]That is where sometimes I think we may have missed out slightly, not every public server is bad and certainly its only a minority of players that act in a bad way.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 9.75pt]Its good to see &amp; hear that people like yourselves are trying to get the MP side of SE going and interacting (as much as possible) with one another. The information you both have given has been interesting and very much appreciated. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 9.75pt]Any views opinions regards MP and community interaction are very welcome. I already have friends that are possibly willing to give SE a go, don’t forget it’s a departure from our mil/sim type thing. But a couple of us want a change and SE could really provide that. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 9.75pt]It would be great to have to start from scratch in a game, ie build your space settlement from nothing whilst interacting with groups in other parts of the universe. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 9.75pt]I already mess around with some space related stuff, but not really that seriously. But the more I get back into space games, the more I am enjoying it. I used to play this genre decades ago, but swayed more to military games. SE appeals because of the ‘from scratch’ type feel, whereas you have to survive and create to get what you need for a settlement in space. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 9.75pt]Thanks again, I will stay connected to this thread, its interesting seeing the points put up and the progression of MP in SE. I hope and indeed look forward to it picking up momentum and moving along with groups interacting in a realistic way.[/SIZE]
  24. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    I can highly recommend this game as you can probably guess Chrisb.

    I think the best thing to do is talk to another 'Arma type Group' that have added space engineers to their list of games their group can play.

    TuaniFurGaming - play Call of Duty amongst other war games (34 members) - their steam link is http://steamcommunity.com/groups/24G and their leader Replic TuaniOne (Georgo) can be reached here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/R21 - A lovely Belgium bloke that never seems to sleep.

    or you have

    Emerald Immersion - they do play Arma 3 amongst other games (476 members). Their steam link is: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/emeraldimmersion and their leader MrKoronas (Kyle) can be reached here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MrKoronas - a great Glaswegian, a professional game player (some of their members have competed in official Tournaments).

    I'm not sure how many members you have in your group, so I've given you these two contacts 34 members and 476 members (although only one plays Arma3 - and myself now being a non mil/sim type (given up due to health reasons - sniff) surely CoD and Arma are close enough (no debates please readers :p - I'm just pulling his leg).

    Team Aftershock =Shox= they play a plethera of war games (including Arma2 Arma2DM, Arma3) (164 members) - there Steam link is here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ShoX-team-aftershocks - unfortunately, I've not had the pleasure of chatting to any of their members yet. But, I'm sure if you explained - they would also be willing to chat.

    You could then ask them any questions you may have before you take the plunge.

    At the very least you'll have made contact with potential Allies / Enemies for more indepth gaming enjoyment.

    If you'd like, I'll contact the top two and let them know you might be popping by for a chat (I've sent a friends request to your steam - and I'll introduce you - just say the word)

    Dune Drifter
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  25. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Arma and COD in the same sentence...:eek.

    No seriously..

    I'll keep in mind the groups you have mentioned. Playing with KAI (mod) now, is even more immersive and suited to our game-play. Albeit limited in release (a shame really), but most groups wouldn't have the patience, I don't think, its not fast gaming, the opposite really, it's very tactical and, well, slow..;)

    But I'm working on it and hope to have a small group soon (ours was only, at max, 30 members, lower now, all friends from over many years of war-gaming. Some of us from the late 70's, hex games and so on).

    I have been pushing SE and talking within the group, about bringing our game-play over into SE, it would be well suited for it. Will just take a little time..

    But thank you for the links I will check their game-play style.

    I'm old, so change is hard in game-play style, also I have an idea of how it may work. So I am working on it, slowly, my only speed now, unfortunately..

    Thanks for the links though and I will check them out.. :)
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  26. Lowridingorilla Trainee Engineer

  27. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Updated the links Lowridingorilla
  28. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Hello folks,

    there are quite alot of groups starting up and closing down.

    Any chance you could let me know about your group / faction?
    Still going strong? Sorry but, it no longer functions as a group?
    It helps me to keep this small section up to date for everyone.

  29. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    I think this list is long overdue a clean up as we now have a new forum.

    Please send me details of your groups. A new list will be started, and if I get no replies from your group - I'll take it that it no longer exists.

    The sooner the better.


  30. Zelyth Trainee Engineer

    Hey, Dune.

    Great list you have here, thanks for dedicating so much time and effort to get the many factions of the community organized!

    I'm Zelyth, from the United Earth Space Corps. I became the leader of the UESC just over 8 months ago. I see that our first leader made sure we were included in your list, and it seems that all of the links you have are still correct, apart from our application link and recruiting status. The link to our application form is (http://tinyurl.com/ApplyUESC) but we stopped recruiting awhile ago due to our inability to run a stable server. It just wasn't worthwhile with the sim speed, the lag, the glitching, etc etc. Therefore, we are on hiatus until the new multiplayer netcode is released, at which point we will try to launch a Multi-Faction Roleplay Server (MFRPS for short) along with a few other organized factions, where there will be aspects such as diplomacy, currency, trade, territory, events, among many other things. The hiatus does not mean we are inactive, but all of our activity occurs on our private forum, where we still actively discuss new updates and post designs. I've also been working on organizing the ranking structure and different branches as well, along with my fellow Council members.

    We also still run our PUBLIC monthly construction contest, which is awarded with great prizes provided by Keen Software House and the UESC. Prizes also help support charity as well. This months contest can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/0/490121928341644498/

    More details about our faction can be found on our wiki page, which you already have linked in the original list. We update that frequently.

    Best regards,
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