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The SE Rally.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by shepard1707, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. shepard1707

    shepard1707 Trainee Engineer

    So, after uploading my Race map and playing around with it a fair amount, I've grown tired of just flying through the obstacles that I've constructed for myself. Not because it's not challenging, but because I want more from it . . .

    And so, I am attempting to devise a means of bringing about a competitive Space Engineers Race. I hope to devise rules, a course, and finally figure out a way to host a server for such a race.

    Here's what I have in mind so far, and what challenges I'm facing in making this a reality.
    1. Rules for the race will be relatively simple. All that will be required will be to travel through the gates in the appropriate direction, in the appropriate order, and to try to finish the race first. Likely a simple three lap race, so as to allow for some upsets that might happen. This is meant to be exciting, so I'd like the rules to allow for such.
    2. Craft would have to be limited somewhat in size and weight. My current map functions on the assumption of craft no bigger than 3x3x4 large blocks, and I think that a max weight of 10,000kg might be a suitable category, possibly as low as 8,000kg. Craft would NOT be armed. While it'd mostly be wasted weight anyway, I think it's something I should strongly make clear, still. I might also require a beacon on each craft, and MAYBE a spotlight.
    3. The Ships should look good. Not just be all engines and reactors, but look like the hotrods they're supposed to emulate . . . have some personality.
    4. Finally, the debate shall rage . . . :Inertial Compensation on? Or Off. If you've tried my already out map, you'll see how much this is an actual debate, as both have their good points, will require very different tasks, and have a very different feel.
    5. The Prize . . . I will be making a separate map, which will be intended to house the ships of the top 3 racers in each race . . .
    Problems I'd face in getting this set up.
    1. My free time is a bit sporadic, sometimes I can put things together, sometimes I can't. I'd love to just make it an event you can log onto every week or two weeks, though.
    2. I'd ALSO like to make this something people can watch on youtube. However, the only recording software I have is Fraps, and it's not the best for this task, because . . .
    3. My computer is aging, and a big gagging on just the map I have up already. I don't know if I, personally, could host the server, even though I still want to organize such a thing.

    Anyway. Just something I definitely want to do, but can't really set up on my own, and would love to work with others on. If this is the wrong forum for this, sorry. For everyone else, hopefully I can find some help to get this organized and set up, and we can see each other on the racetrack. :)
  2. Leadfootslim

    Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    I'm big on racing myself, and I've already got a course I wouldn't mind hosting (see signature), with another one in the works. Count me in.

    10,000kg is pretty barebones for a "pretty" ship - all the plating you need to make something other than a hyper-efficient enginebrick will put you in the 12-15k range, and that's without anything useless like heavy armor. Internal thruster usage is another debate, but I don't mind allowing it if it means we get prettier racers. I definitely agree on mandatory beacons, as you need to be able to observe which racers are in the lead - or at the very least, which haven't crashed yet.

    And if by "Inertial Compensation" you mean "Inertial Dampeners"... turning these off forces you to be far too slow and conservative in your piloting, or else use a boatload of thrusters just to maneuver.
  3. shepard1707

    shepard1707 Trainee Engineer

    The current Racing craft I've designed, myself, is actually sitting at around 6,000kg. It's included with my world, and handles rather nicely.
    I think I much prefer my design for a racing course, which uses Large Ships for the gates, and spaces them a few hundred meters at the least, apart. The space is used either for straightaways, or has asteroids between it, giving interesting terrain, and allowing for some different approaches and paths. (Just to note, using Large Ships for the gates is, imo, VASTLY superior to using stations, as you can position them far more creatively.)
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.