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The server by the community [56/100] [Planet] [RP+PVE+PVP] [Mods] [Embassy] [24/7]

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by DrSolus, Aug 14, 2015.

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  1. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    i could do that, i have a quickly accelerating small ship and plans for a big one, i could get around pretty quickly and i would be willing to commit to this server
  2. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    I can absolutely relate to the "not wanting to risk stuff" dilemma. Having read the "Admins and players, what gets people to interact on your server" discussion, I now see the problem in it´s full dimensions.
    Well then:

    server stat altered:
    Assembler speed: 3x
    Refinery speed: 3x

    Regarding the police faction, they will likewise be held accountable for every action that breaks the laws.
    I might set up a dedicated Steam group for that, so some kind of whitelisting will definitely be going on.
    Additionally, if someone catches them breaking their own laws they´ll be able to report it to me via Steam pm.
  3. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    You mean joining the police faction?
  4. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    Yeah or i could be a active admin, by that i mean i would fly around the server, but yeah i could be in the police force, but i would need other people because i can't be on the server constantly, i would be happy to do it but we would have to have a talk about what i could use to enforce the rules
  5. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    Consider yourself the new Sheriff! ;) Regarding the police faction, it´ll take a few members to pose a constant "not to underestimate" factor to other players.
    When it comes to admin tools,they would be able to kick/ban players as well as make use of all "Jim´s commands".
    Now that I come to think of it, I´m to creating a steam group as of this moment: Admins being admins (Cpt. Obvious), moderators being police and members whoever wants to join: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TSBTC
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2015
  6. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    Thank you, i'll have to edit my ship to make it fit in my hangar door for my ship, i'll join the steam group soon
  7. Outfrost Apprentice Engineer

    You haven't mentioned where the server would be located, but from your profile I assume Germany?

    From my experience, this is very, very short. Now you can of course say that people are going to build a lot of structures and they're going to slow down people's machines, but don't forget that you can't virtually build stuff being 8+ km away from it, and you have to actually put up with framerate drops while you build and use your creations. Decreasing the asteroid density should be done before decreasing the view distance (from the default 20km), as it has a much more useful effect on performance and doesn't take away from the natural feel, which includes seeing things you approach from far away.

    Interesting. What was the exact reason to deem in-game programming unusable in its current state?

    Have you considered doing it the other way around? By this I mean:
    - The entire "world" is PvE only by default, with any griefing, theft, sabotage or combat forbidden without approval;
    - The central area has a designated PvP arena, where by entering players agree to destroy or be destroyed; PvP events and tournaments can be held here.
    It's done this way in many MMORPG games, to set a background.

    If the server setting turns out to be cooperative / PvE (which I suppose it won't, but anyway), spawning on the station at 0,0,0 might be a good choice.

    You forgot about perhaps one of the most useful and remarkable mods, the Azimuth Mega Mod Pack ;) Also, why divide mods between netcode states? That would cause a lot of incompatibilities and break many designs after the change.

    Anyway, I'm throwing in suggestions and possible concerns, just to spark some thought. I'm happy to see such a project being worked on and I wish you luck on your mission!
  8. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    I was told (in this very thread) that in-game programming could potentially create an infinite loop where the sercer would crash/ lag a lot.

    Yeah that´s way too short I know. When it comes down to it, I´ll derease the asteroid density instead of the viewrange.

    As the netcode sets limitations on stability in relation to mod count, I was made aware that using all those mods before the netcode update would cause some seroius lag.
    That´s why I divided them, the first batch being the basic mods that everybody uses regularly. After the new netcode gets released, we´ll hopefully be able to use a lot more mods.
    So the ones for decorative porpouses and other shenanigans will have to get in line ;). Especially Azimuth Mega Mod Pack consists of so many blocks that I´m hesitating to add it just yet.

    Only time will tell how player will interact with each other on a server that provides Pve, PvP and RP at the same time.
    The spawns however will be random, because if they were to spawn at the station without a jump drive (which would encourage griefing with one) the neutral zone would get camped by pirates wanting to kill the respawn ships.

    I considered it, but in my opinion the risk of getting ambushed should be permanent. Otherwise there won´t be a struggle of sustaining what you have.
    Also, player rich faction could expand as much as they wanted without any opposition allowed, completely outsuppling/ domination other factions in PvP/ instant-farm the PvE areas after restart.

    Thanks man, really appreciate your feedback :).
  9. Outfrost Apprentice Engineer

    I just tested an infinite loop (albeit on single player), and the script goes on for about a second and then shuts off with the error message "Script execution terminated, script is too complex. Please edit and rebuilt script." (yes, with a typo :p). The script won't execute, even when specifically told by the user to "Run", until it has been edited and saved again. I would expect the programmable block to work just the same on a dedicated server, so in my mind it's pretty much safe to enable it. I would only suggest to put up a rule that, if one's running a prog. block with more than 16 instructions off of a timer block, the timer interval should be at least 5 seconds. That way it is possible to create a simple LCD clock (well within the 16 instructions limit) on a 1 second interval, but inventory and resource management "cows of code" won't be executed too often to prevent lag.

    Many people's (including mine) creations are often built around the fact that they can use the Az thrusters, open cockpits or even containers. It really is a very useful mod pack. I don't quite understand why it's place in the queue is way behind various weaponry mods, but it is of course your choice and I respect that ;)

    I was thinking more of a setting where a player spawns at a station without their own respawn ship and can either gather with some other people, or order a new "settler" ship to be built and filled with necessary components for him. Would be nice to watch a ship being auto-welded for you ;) Also, a prerequisite for doing it this way is that the server would have to be mostly PvE, including the spawn station. Again, just a thought ;)

    If that's your goal for the server, then it's entirely on the right track :)
  10. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    yeah i agree with most of that, but i think that new players to the server should get a "starter Kit" which may include a small starting ship with a drill and the other essentials
  11. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    Your before/after netcode update General Stats part is kind of messy. You show a few stats before it, then totally different stats after it (except the programming block swapping from no to yes) ... What did you try to say by that ?
  12. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    Well, the stats that regard balancing/ don´t affect performance too much are going to stay the same after the netcode update (refinery speed for example). I just left those out in the "after netcode"-part. However the ones that do (view distance for instance) will hopefully change when we have more server performance/ better optimization to work with. In regards to programming, I´ll freely admit that I don´t know about how it affects server performance. I was told that some scripts might cause an infinite loop to completely slow the server down. Some more insight would really help here.
  13. Namuras Trainee Engineer

    Whatever the rules: this server sounds like a lot of fun to me.
    I'd realy like to join if possible, but be aware: i am very new to the game. :D
  14. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    Welcome :) Join the steam group if you wish: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TSBTC
  15. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    I can also help you in any way I can
  16. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    I´m grateful for your dedication :). I marked you as a moderator in the steam group.
  17. RageMasterUK Apprentice Engineer

    My opinion on survival multiplayer....
    ... has to be balanced based on resource availability and global workspeeds.
    You want a progressive tech progression. What's bad is if a player can get comfortably set up in one playsession.
    Then the player needs no player interaction to succeed.
    Then you get griefers who can make grief weapons with little time investment.
    Then then sheer achievment of building large player ships is diminished.

    The balance needs to be just right between resource availability and production/workspeeds.
    E.g if a player can find all the resources within 10km its probably a bad balance.

    Would be preferrable to have "zones" mebbe where an ore-spawn is more frequent or abundant (or exclusive), to drive players who say want uranium to the same location, so that opportunities for co-operation, competition and trade is encouraged. A player should need to face difficulty to aquire all the resources.

    Or if resources are abundant in the world, a lower global workspeed would balance out tech progression. Instead of time finding resources, it meands time welding and refining. Either-way, you need players to accept and even appreciate that they should not expect to be building goliath constructions on the second play-session. It should be a ramping start, with players ingenuity and design choices being the predominant method to increasing work-output.

    This would help balance lag as well, as the harder it is for players to create monolithic ship-entities, the less lag generally over the server. Player groups should be stronger groups by being more economic with their resources

    I know there is a large disdain towards 1x global work-speeds, but honestly, I think the best survival experiences will be ones where you feel like there is risk to your choices. With low work-speeds things like welder-tables would be hard to construct initially, but would be highly valuable commodities. Sharing would be a viable strategy instead of everyone making 1 of everything for themselves...
    ... I would champion 1x default settings for survival multiplayer. For solo play 1x takes the ****, but in multiplayer there are more hands to the deck and an emphasis on co-operation is what makes/breaks any survival multiplayer game IMHO.

    "If you have not felt the need to chase a stack of computer components 1km thru open space, you haven't begun to experience the thrill of 1x default workspeeds."
  18. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    You may have a point that reducing workspeeds and making rescource extracting harder may result in stronger player collaboration. But as other people argued, if the workspeed is 1x no one is willing to engage in PvP activities. The fact that this server wants to serve for RP, PvE and PvP all in one, it would disturb the goal of a mixture between those. Also, larger factions tend to build 20+ refineries that demand similar performance as a big ship. From what other peoples wishes for this server indicate, we have to find a middle ground (which appears to be ~3x).
  19. Telquel Trainee Engineer

    Just quick question this server will be in EU region? Im in already tho.

    Is it unlimited or will there limited space where all should be in. What comes resources after jump drive resourece gathering is not that big consern because fast traveling point A to B and so on.
    But start should no too harsh to get things going on.
  20. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    Server will be in the EU region as stated before. The map will be around 500km+ big. Starter ships will be at least like the standard rescue ship or bigger.
  21. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    Well if we have small ship starter ships which are basically mining ships we could create a small ship jumping system which would have two jump drives which could go from zone to zone, this is so people won't have to have large ships to get around the server, the idea with having a small ship starter ship is that they come back to a trading post and trade their useless ores for ones the need and to get their ores refined until they have their own refinery, maybe we could even have separate little hangars so people could store their ships in for a small continuous fee or a larger but slightly cheaper lump sum which buys it outright, we could also have most of the Police faction owned buildings (Trading posts, Public Hangars, the Police base) powered by solar rather than having all of them powered by uranium, Is there going to be a planet?, if so then we could have a "Space Elevator" to go down to the planet surface
  22. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    Honestly, I´m not a fan of small ships having jump drives. That would defeat the porpouse of carriers. To get around people have to use a large ship with jump drives. The idea of public hangars is actually pretty neat, it´s kind of a backup if something goes horribly wrong. In terms of how to implement: Having to pay a small continuous amount of rescources seems to be a pretty good idea! If someone doesn´t pay, the ship could be impounded or scrapped. Ok, I´ll add that to the agenda! Planet? Look at the damn thread title man :D.

    Edit: The amount of ships a faction can store will be limited to 3.
  23. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    yeah sorry about the planets thing, the idea with the small ships is that they won't have jump drives the transport will basically be a large flat plate with two jump drives and a thruster in every direction plus a gryo, a few batteries and solar panels, i think that we should limit big ship building, about two large ships per faction with extra ships costing resources, the fee may increase with ship weight
  24. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    A few days ago I did some weapon testing along with "Hiddensnipe", big shoutout to you!
    As it stands out, some aspects of OKI versus MWI weapons are very unbalanced, which means that some stats will be tweaked and possibly uploaded to the workshop. Here is a provisional list of changes (VERY subject to change):

    MK1 + MK2: +~100% damage (7k -> 14k)
    +~30% AoE (8 -> 11)
    + material cost
    reason: don´t do enough damage nor have good enough elevation angles in comparsion to the 230mm turrets
    and yes: their range may be 5 times more than 230mm, but the projectile speed is just to low to reliably hit targets beyond the 230mm range

    MK3: + material cost
    +projectile speed for AP shells (600 -> 800)
    +25% damage for AP/HE (24k -> 31k/ 14k -> 20k)

    Static battery: +~300% damage reason: almost no direct damage (2,5k -> 15k)

    230mm cannons: +accuracy (2 to 1 degree spread)

    122mm: +rof (20 -> 30)
    +damage (6k -> 10k)
    reason: useless in comparison to 230mm in it´s current state (1x1/shot vs 3x3/shot)

    50mm: +15% damage (0.6k -> 0.8k)
    reason: can´t hit fighters most of the time, far to less damage to be competetive against 122/230mm

    Telion AF/AM: 90 degrees elevation angles!

    AM: higher turn rate, higher projectile speed
    reason: doesn´t shoot down missiles effectively even in large quantities

    AF: same stats as gatling turret

    removed: Telion Heavy Defense Turret reason: just OP
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2015
  25. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    That's understandable but what about the Azimuth mod pack's weapons
  26. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    Hmm... Good question. Haven´t looked at those yet.
  27. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    it would be easier to get the mega mod pack, it will help with the amount of people, I've found that a lot of people like that modpack
  28. SidDark Trainee Engineer

    I have been lurking about in this thread for a while. Waiting for planets to drop which is when I assume the server will be created?

    I have joined the steam group and I'm looking forward to jumping on and playing SE with you all.

    What's everyone doing while they wait?

    After watching the live stream it 'appears' that you will be able to start on a planet and progress from there. Does that change any of the plans for this server?
  29. SpartanRedSand Trainee Engineer

    No i don't think so, it will make it easier for me to keep everyone in check if they start on the planet, but i was thinking that as the law enforcement i should have co-ordinates to everyone's base so that we know where people are and so we don't lose people in the void of space, plus i might have the police base on a moon and on a planet
  30. DrSolus Trainee Engineer

    Payment policy updated
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