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The solo industrial / design bureau advert thread

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Leon026, Jan 16, 2014.

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  1. Leon026 Apprentice Engineer

    ....or simply known as, "I'm a one-man industrial group and I require recruitment!" thread.

    Recruitment threads exist.... but its hard to tell who's who and what they actually do without having multiplayer working. Or perhaps some of us aren't interesting in swearing unswerving loyalty to an entity we don't know just yet... Some of us could just also be looking for fellow collaborators and design partners to contact and bounce ideas off. Some of us could be looking for a group of people, not necessarily associated to a specific industry; people that we have heard of or seen their work and would like to work on a joint project to test new designs and new dark mysterious technology that is still hidden from the regular forum lurkers.

    And so, instead of a "looking for guild" thread, since not all of us are actually looking for guilds, and some of us just want people we can bounce off ideas with and talk about new design concepts privately, I figured this thread should help us introduce ourselves, and what we do, and what we're good at.

    Forum name: Leon026
    Steam Name: Leon026
    Timezone: EU
    Looking for Outfit: Not at this time, maybe once multiplayer is available (Oh wait, it just got released as I'm writing this.)
    Looking for: Design/concept collaborators/theorycrafting for small ships and larger projects
    Alignment (in games, usually...): Lawful Neutral
    Current design specializations: Small Fighters, Medium-size ships (nothing too big yet)
    Portfolio of released Workshop Items:Phantom-D Fighter / Phantom-E Bomber / Workshop File - Leon's Fighter Collection
    Currently working on: Militarization of industrial equipment
  2. epicprivate Trainee Engineer

    Sounds interesting. You're right about the undying loyalty part, I got stuff to deal with outside the computer. But when I'm in the mood for space engineers I'll gladly like to join a little group to experiment with new ideas. Count me in.

    Forum name: epicprivate
    Steam Name: epicprivate
    Timezone: USA
    Looking for Outfit: Nope, but I like the color blue if that helps...
    Looking for: collaborators/suppliers/help with small ships and other projects
    Alignment : Neutral Good
    Current design specializations: Small Fighters/Mining Rigs, Medium-size ships, Space Stations (in asteroids)
    Portfolio of released Workshop Items: nothing (pretty good response...)
    Currently working on: medium/heavy Small-ship fighter meant for speed and fire power, Also working on hexagonal storage ships, and a turret design...
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.