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Time to say goodbye, thanks for the memories!

Discussion in 'General' started by Malohkan, May 19, 2016.

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  1. Beartornado Trainee Engineer

    I've never understood this. As someone who has noticed how easily I just STOP playing a game abruptly and move on to other things, I don't understand how anyone can make these threads and pretend it is anything more than an attention grab. I don't plan out when I'm gonna stop playing a game, I can't really just consciously decide to quit anything if I'm obviously still enjoying it to some degree. At some point I stop enjoying it and then I play other things, no fuss.

    And its just childish to say you won't return to a game that you will continue to have access to regardless of what happens to it in future updates. Most games that I outright stop playing but truly enjoyed at some point I've always returned to, often in cycles of not playing and playing them.
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  2. Stiletto Apprentice Engineer

    I guess he had to be a spoiled princess about it and call out in the forums for some attention grabbing. He was probably feeling lonely at the time and wanted us to see his WAAH'ing. Y'know sharing tears and all that.

    Edit: Can't spell this early in the morning.
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  3. Commander Rotal Master Engineer


    Nope, still doesn't make any sense. ​
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  4. Bruce LeedleLeedleLeedleLee Junior Engineer

    This guy makes no sense generally.
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  5. Cassius Faux Apprentice Engineer

    See you next patchmas. On the... 2nd?
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  6. chrisb Senior Engineer

    If this is some kind of wise prophesy, which it might well be.
    Then by the wording here.. It must be the case, 'one' will leave. I'm sure the whole thing was started from within one mans head (SE idea), therefore the same number will leave, as were the amount that 'begun', the whole thing.. i.e. One..

    No... is that not the case......................... ??? :stare:

    So before I get completely confused, I'll leave this here. :eek:ops:

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  7. Chojun Apprentice Engineer

    I thought I'd take a second to chime in with my experience, even though I'm fully aware my opinion is just as valid/invalid as everyone else's.

    I took a break from the game about 8 months ago but have kept up on the weekly progress updates. I jumped back in a week ago to resume what I had been working on 8 months ago when I quit (current goal - build a rocket in survival to get off-planet) and see how things are going generally. I see that there's progress - that's nice - but there are also some little annoying bugs and the same-ol' extraordinarily frustrating issues. Here's a quick list of the things that caused me to pause playing:

    * Wheels. Many, many issues with wheels. I'm somewhat convinced that people don't play with wheeled vehicles due to the length of time that these issues have persisted for.
    ** If I put the parking brake on, even up to a 10% grade, the vehicle should not move at all. Period.
    ** Wheels should not be able to slide sideways on a reasonable grade.
    ** Steering is a joke on a vehicle without gyro assist.
    *** All of this means traction does not do what it's supposed to. Or the planet is made of slippery goo.
    * Mining on a planet is a frustrating endeavor. The least-risky way to mine & transport large amounts of ore is with a wheeled vehicle. But then you are introduced to all of the familiar issues with wheels. Additionally, many important ores are very deep in the ground.
    * Any armored block should be able to withstand any impact with the ground at a reasonable speed. Damaging impacts should deform the ground instead of damaging armor blocks (especially heavy armor).
    * You need a sh*t ton of Ice to get off-planet. My current calculations have a large (Titan IV, but single-stage) sized rocket requiring about 1M kg of ice to provide enough seconds of burn time to exit the planet's gravitational sphere of influence. Obviously a return would require more payload-limiting hydrogen & storage tanks so the rocket becomes expendable. Obtaining that much ice in space would not be a problem at all. But the drudgery of obtaining planetside ice with frustratingly bad mining methods is really what caused me to take an extended break.
    ** BTW My tests have a large rocket motor generating 4.5MN (or is it 5.4?) thrust
    ** With a top speed of 100m/s I am planning on about 600-900 seconds burn time to 0g. I don't have it in front of me but 1 large H tank is about ~60s burn
    ** All of this amounts to a very costly exit into space. What if I crash and lose all that hard work? Mysteries.
    * Movement on foot is tied to the movement animations. This makes it stupid difficult to make accurate positioning movements when on foot. In other games a very small movement might make the character look like their feet are sliding on the ground but precision is an important trade-off with realism.
    * If you get into a cockpit with your helmet off, planet-side, you die without oxygen bottles. Stupid. Not me - that.
    * Tool reach is very small. You have to be right next to a block (or ore/the ground) to interact with it. Let's place realism aside and allow reach of at least 1 block length to favor ease of use.
    * Conveyor Push/Pull mechanic oddities. I'm trying to pull some ice out of my station and put it in a vehicle via a connector. The station has an oxygen generator - it pulls the ice back into the station before I can disconnect the connector. Annoying.
    * When you manufacture components for a particular block, it needs to package those into a block kit
    ** That way you can see how many of a particular block you're building in the assembler. Need to know how many light armor blocks you're assembling? Better keep track of the number of mouse clicks...
    * Power management - batteries should have basically no interface except on/off. If there is a net-positive power input, then batteries charge. If net-negative, they discharge. Simple as that.
    ** Batteries should not be able to charge other batteries on the same grid.
    * Include a roll indicator on vehicle HUD. Add a function on flight controls to keep a vehicle level in flight.

    That's all for now. But I just want to say that the community should be a little more understanding when people air their grievances with the game. After all, with the unusually high system requirements for the game, it has a relatively small audience. We ought not to be chasing people away who want to see improvements in the game (I think the vast majority of the community are good stewards).
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  8. chrisb Senior Engineer

    The last I looked, they had 1.2mil copies sold. Not so small perhaps. ;)
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  9. Chojun Apprentice Engineer

    I'm referring to active users in the key demographic and recent sales. Certainly 1.2M people are not still playing the game. Especially those who were left behind by the recent jump in requirements (was a tough, dangerous, but good call to bump up to DX11). Based on what I can gather about their company structure, Keen needs to sell about 7-9K copies per month to keep things rolling (not too difficult for any popular game). Don't get me wrong - I'm a huge fan of SE and Keen and Marek et. al - but I have a lot of experience (+10 years) in the software field (incl. startups) and know how things work. Keen is doing a lot of things right but could do things better.

    This project is much more ambitious and brings more to the table technologically (IMO) than Minecraft, but MC absolutely destroyed the key demo and that's why they hit the 60M unit mark within 3.8 years. I've sounded the warning bell at previous places and was ignored but I'll just say it again - if you choke off your demo with high system reqs then your product has a higher probability of an early sunset (>95% failure rate in industry. It's brutal). My kids still play MC on the POS computers lying around. But we have 3 copies of SE and only 1 computer to handle it. I got my bro-in-law to buy it but it was a waste of money for him - his new-ish machine can't even handle 5 fps.

    Food for thought.
  10. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Not sure I agree, no, that's wrong, I am sure I don't agree.

    Being an Arma series player, which is way more difficult to run than this. I think what it does is focus a community, mods help tremendously and will keep the game rolling for many years. Much longer than most easy to run 'copy' titles you see hanging around.

    I bought my first OFP in 2002, that was two years into the run. I play A2 more than any other game in my small collection. The community is very good and the mods help keep the game alive. Players that play these games tend to like sandbox type games, these are more like hobbies than just gaming. One thing I know for sure, having spent 30+ yrs producing items that people mainly use for their spare time, is that people will spend huge amounts of money on hobbies, in this case, hardware to run it.

    Food for thought.. yes.. popcorn :munch:
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  11. BlackUmbrellas Senior Engineer

    In what world?

    You slam a hollow cube of sheet metal into the ground, its gonna crumple.
    --- Automerge ---
    Stick a vent on the outside and set it to depressurize so you don't suffocate inside the airtight sealed cabin space.
    --- Automerge ---
    Some people like some nuance and fine control.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.