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Transition between kingdoms

Discussion in 'General' started by Gwen, Jun 13, 2018.

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  1. Gwen Trainee Engineer

    Hi all,

    New player and first post, sorry if the questions sound dumb.
    First, This game is really fun, pretty addictive, and is likely to become the bane of my sleep ...

    Anyway, I played around in survival mode to learn the basics, then decided to go explore around a bit in search of that mystical ressource called iron. I didn't find a scrap of it in or around the region, but that's another problem.

    My base was in Levos [F, 8], and at one point I went south cross country, climbing mountains to get a better look, and I crossed into Darios.

    Based on the planet map and this : http://globusutopia.ch/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/MEMAPPA1-800x600.png
    (I hope the link works, it's blocked where I'm posting from)
    I expected to end up around Darios [A, 5-6], on the left side of the kingdom.
    Instead, I found myself in Darios [H, 5], on the right side of the kingdom, as if I came from Rintiel and not Levos.

    So, three questions :

    Is this a bug, or is there something I missed / misunderstood about the kingdoms placements relative to each other ?
    If this is a bug, is it known, or should I report it ?
    If I should report it, what should I put in the report ?

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  2. Dan2D3D Moderator

    Hi @Gwen ,

    no the link is not working ===> I use Steam for my screenshots, it's easy.

    There is iron in specific areas, like the poles have A LOT of iron = you must explore to find.

    All must follow the Guide on how to do a good bug report before reporting and the link to it is on top of the Bug report forum where it says ''Hello Gwen! Welcome to … ''
  3. Gwen Trainee Engineer

    Ok, I edited the link so that it works.
    I'll try to get the files for a bug report (I launched the game since, so no logs now) with some testing with my backups, but ...

    Is it actually a bug ?
    Or have I completely misunderstood the way the kingdoms link to each other ?

    Thanks and regards,
    --- Automerge ---
    I think I got it : I printed the maps from the wiki and played with them a bit, I think the Darios map is shown with the top being the side towards Bar Hadur, not Fareon. The roads match with the other kingdoms on each sides, at any rate.
    I loaded a game, and the map in-game as the same orientation.
    So the arrangement of the maps in my link is false, it seems, Darios should be under Bar Hadur.
    If this is in fact the case, then the game actually behaved as it should, no bug.
    The map orientation for Darios is just a bit confusing, albeit maybe only for me.

    So, if this is news only to me, don't mind me, I was never here ...

  4. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    To be honest, most people don't seem to pay much attention to how the planet is put together. You seem to have solved your initial confusion. That map was connected incorrectly. However, since we have to fold the sides into a curved box, there are going to be some issues no matter which way we do it.
  5. Gwen Trainee Engineer

    Most people do not have a proper respect for geography ...
    So everything's normal then. Cool.
    And no problem for the issues, there is no correct way to map a planet on a flat medium, just various incorrect ones.

    Thanks and regards,
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.