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Turrets should require ONLY ONE Owned block to consider a target Friendly

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by mikeloeven, Sep 1, 2014.

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  1. mikeloeven Senior Engineer

    There is a major issue with turrets in that if your ship has been partially hacked or worked on by multiple people the turrets will fire on blocks that are not owned by you or your faction dispite an overwhelming majority of blocks that ARE.

    I would suggest using an evaluation on turret AI that scans the entire grid before locking a target and as soon as it detects ONE! block owned by it's faction it marks the grid as friendly.
  2. FallingWhale Apprentice Engineer

    And if I steal a chunk of ship I'm now immune to the entire faction's heavy hardware?
    Or if I'm being really clever I just assign a keypad.

    And if I sneak on someones ship and start setting charges they suddenly stop being shot at, and if a boarding pod happens to attach hard samething?
  3. mikeloeven Senior Engineer

    you could probibally work around those issues by adding a tolerance slider to the turret??

    The slider sets a percentage of blocks that need to be owned by you on order to mark a grid as friendly default 50%.
    that would allow soft targeting during peace time with stricter settings during active battle that would eliminate the issues you just addressed
  4. darkmuminek Trainee Engineer

    I think a better way would be to have some kind of an IFF transciever you mount on your ship. The turrets would then identify the ship as friend or foe according to the signal it emits, not by how many blocks the player owns.

    It could be a part of the cockpit, antenna/beacon or a separate block you could hide "deep" inside your ship.
  5. Maegil Senior Engineer

    ^This! IFF are just beacons. Once the ship's beacon is hacked or you add your own, the whole grid should be recognized as friendly.
    It'd also add a new aspect to the game, in the form of false flag operations with captured enemy IFF beacons.
  6. Neotician Apprentice Engineer

    Great idea :p then i can just hack the cockpit of a ship you own, slap on a single weapon and fly around taking down your defenses unhindered.
  7. Maegil Senior Engineer

    You know that's perfidy, and it's considered a war crime, right?

    In any case, "friendly fire" outside an ongoing battle should be responded in kind. These ruses only work until you break the mask, at which point the victims tend to get pissed...
  8. TheEffectTheCause Apprentice Engineer

    Why not just make a ship that a friendly entity is piloting not get shot at, regardless of owned components. I could see this being problematic, so why not just remotely power down your defences of go hack in a remote location first.
  9. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    UI to flag ships as 'harmless' (so you can take them to your base and such, you need to communicate this harmlessness to your base tho, so hack the antenna first or visit base using suit before taking ship there? idk)
  10. xphoenixxx Junior Engineer

    I've not encountered this issue, the ships I have captured tended not to try to fire at things behind walls. Plus their firing arc is 360x200 that means they wont shoot at anything technically UNDER their firing arc?

    I expect when they sort out the controllable turrets thing (i suspect security cameras were a progress side effect of that) turrets may well pick up thruster/gyro type behavior. In that basic commands can be sent to them but you cant actually configure settings until they are fully hacked.

    In this context I expect turrets will when a pilot hacks the cockpit eventually have a manual or automatic targeting mode only accessible from the cockpit. This means so long as you are flying it, it can be switched to manual override, and it wont shoot at anything you dont point it at.

    This would allow the strategy of for instance, boarding a ship in a fleet battle, hacking a console, and then turning some of the guns on the enemy, so long as you are still at that console.

    The obvious defense of course is destroying either the console or player operating it. Should make for some fun battle strategies as the game evolves.

    Another possibility which hints at this eventual behavior in the current redesign of the military transport - in the hanger, if you hack the console operating the hanger, you can open the hanger without hacking the rotor. as well - but you cant access any of the rotor controls.

    It may even be possible that a hacked console can have buttons configured to turn off turrets on connected ships as the game is now.. ill have to have a little play and see if this is the case. I got the impression that only links made prior to the console hack persist - but if you can link new things, that adds an entire new dimension to hacking gameplay that nobody has noticed yet...

    Actually yes consoles can be set to turn off hostile turrets; just tested it. Tho it is easy to miss a particular turret, which makes for a messy discovery later. Also doesnt matter what buttons were set prior to hack, it lets you link any device after hack. Fun Fun
  11. bobmin357 Apprentice Engineer

    Coming at this from a non pvp aspect. My guns are set to target meteors. My mining ship became damaged during a mining run and I had to repair the ship, replacing a connector. Fortunately I had the parts for it on hand. Returning to base, the damn guns opened fire and destroyed the new connector simply because I FORGOT to assign ownership of the connector to me.

    Ships need a global owner tag (assigned in the same screen as where you can change the ship name) and guns should not target on a part just because its not owned by the same owner as the guns.

    In Pvp this would mean you must capture the cockpit or some kind of control access to change ownership of the ship.

    The Weapons are hypersensitive right now, getting attacked simply because one part is the wrong owner is wrong.

    Another possible way to address this issue is at the turrets, perhaps with a check box that allows the gun to not fire on any ship owned by the same owner as the turret. I am specifically going with a global ownership, the concept of relying on who's piloting means that as soon as you exit your ship, the turrets will open up on you. Pretty gnarly if you're unloading your ore and want to go do something else while the refinery works.

    PvP players have their own issues, which frankly, since I don't pvp, I don't worry about. The problem is most pvp players forget there is a group of people that do not pvp but have similar problems and need solutions as well. This is one of those issues.

    Turrets right now are not quite broken, but they aren't perfect either. As a temporary fix for me, I've set up a way of deactivating the guns on my platform remotely in case this happens again. At least that way I can return to base and fix my ship there without worrying that the guns will open fire before I can set ownership.

    Finally on a side note, I wouldn't have this problem if the turrets that are set to attack meteors could tell the difference between a ship and a meteor.
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  12. Killacyte Senior Engineer

    @bobmin357 if your turrets are shooting your ship, and they are ONLY supposed to shoot meteors, then you are bugged. There is a very concrete difference between "ship" and "meteor" and the turrets shouldn't be able to be confused between the two.
  13. Captain_Brian Apprentice Engineer

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.