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Tutorials feedback info - Tutorial 6

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Peter Why, Jul 30, 2016.

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  1. Peter Why

    Peter Why Trainee Engineer

    The video didn't have any voice or text explanation.

    Instruction panel 2. When items are moved from Component Storage to the “place items here” Connector, they vanish (as they are grabbed by the assembler?). The first time I saw this happen, I didn't realise what was happening and thought it was a programming bug.
    Another time, I accidentally dragged the motors to the Collector slot at the top of the page instead of to the Connector. I wasn't able to drag them down to the correct place.

    On playing the tutorial again, I realised that it's possible to see items falling into the collector, in the
    background behind the options screen that comes up when pressing the button on the panel. It might be worth
    mentioning this. There are a few other instruction panels with no apparent effect; it helps learning if the user
    can see an effect from what s/he does.

    Instruction panel 4. Extending and locking a connector. The “4” button extends the connector correctly, but when I pressed “1”, the last block in the line of connectors disappeared,leaving a gap. (The uranium was transferred across okay, though.)

    Instruction panel 7. Conveyor sorting. “set filter mode to 'Whitelist'”. It would be useful to explain the whitelist and blacklist here.

    Instruction panel 8. “Set Throw Out to ON; Set “Collect All” to ON”. The explanation would be more understandable if these were given in reversed order.
    As doing this has no observable effect, it's too easy to forget. It needs some sort of feedback (Possibly point to the change in an inventory?)

    Instruction panel 10. Two panels explain about linking connectors. The first panel is a general description, the second is actual instruction. However, there's a sentence in the first panel which sounds like an instruction: “... use your weld tool to complete the block”. It confused me the first time I read this, as I started to do it without looking at the second panel, and got tangled up. Perhaps change that to "You will use your weld tool ...."?

    Also, when you tell the player to "add the conveyor tube to your toolbar". Twice I've added the small conveyor tube (the two attempts were about a week apart) and had to restart the tutorial. I wasn't able to grind it back to its components and retry.

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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.