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United Earth Space Corps (U.E.S.C.)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by freeadama89, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    *Welcome to the United Earth Space Corps*

    The goal of the U.E.S.C. is the restoration of humanity to what it was during the last part of the space age. Our government will be based on the UN of old Earth and will fund it's own military.


    Alliance with MEC Enterprises - http://forums.keenswh.com/post/mec-enterprises-space-engineers-guild-6737545?pid=1281367876#post1281367876​

    Our diplomatic channels are open to all factions. PM us to start diplomacy as this thread is for recruitment only and suggestions.

    *Galactic News Network*

    20140129 - Currently we are working on making a new website for the faction, as soon as it is done we will port all information over to it and this thread will be used for diplomacy and recruitment. Also, ranks are being made and will be posted here as soon as they are done. Everyone will start as a recruit/E-1 unless they can show a set of skills that show a higher rank or place on the council are necessary. If someone is good with making banners or skins then that will guarantee a rank in our faction. Or banner must include U.E.S.C., and our motto "In stellis ortum certa evadat. Percutient, dignissim cursum.".

    *Faction Application*

    (Please look through the Current Positions and let us know what position you want.)

    Steam ID:
    Position Desired:
    Short Bio:


    Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/unitedearthspacecorps/

    *Current Positions*

    (WARNING - long read ahead, only read if there is a specific career you want in the U.E.S.C.)

    Government Careers

    Supreme Chancellor - The Supreme Chancellor is the head of state and more of a figure head then a true position of power. He/She has a vote in the Council, just like the Council members, and has the power to veto a law that the Council puts forward.

    Chancellor of the Council - If the Supreme Chancellor is unable to conduct his/her duties, then it is the Chancellor of the Councils job to step in and fill in as a temporary. He/She also has a vote in the Council, and deals more with the day to day affairs to help relive the workload for the Supreme Chancellor.

    Councilor of Military Affairs - The Councilor of Military Affairs deals with all military related matters that must be brought to the Council, including benefits and pay (paid for by the Chancellor of Economic and Trade), and recruitment quotas/fleet quotas. Usually this position is held by a retired military officer.

    Councilor of Economy and Trade - The Councilor of Economy and Trade handles all matters of financial urgency within the Council. He/She raises the taxes, and pays the debts of the U.E.S.C.

    Councilor of Judges - The Councilor of Judges interprets the laws of the Council and enforces it. All fines are paid through him/her to the Councilor of Economy and Trade.

    Councilor of Foreign Affairs - The Councilor of Foreign Affairs conducts diplomacy with other factions through the embassies in the capital, diplomats, and long range communications. All treaties are drawn-up by him/her and put forth to the Council for a vote.

    Councilor of the Masons - The Councilor of Masons plans the infrastructure of the U.E.S.C., he/she decides what needs to be built where according to the needs of the Council, the supply of resources, and security of the area.

    Civilian Jobs

    Architects - Architects are the celebrities of the engineering world. They design new plans for ships, stations, structures, etc. and supervise the construction of said plans.

    Shipwrights - Shipwrights take the plans of Architects and turn them into a reality. They work at the shipyards and build the ships needed for military applications and civilian traffic.

    Masons - Masons build the stations and structures planned out by Architects. They work out of mighty factory ships (Assemblers), and are supplied the resources needed by companies and mining rigs.

    *Miners, Traders, Citizens Etc need no explanation and will mostly be through contracts with other groups travelling through U.E.S.C. space.*

    Military Occupation Specialties

    Command Staff - Command Staff are the higher echelon of the military and are veterans in their respective fields. Graduates of Advanced Command School, the Command Staff have several years of service and many wars or battles on there records. All tactics, orders, etc. comes from the Staff. Staff Members usually rank from E-9 (Command Master Chief Petty Officer) to E-10 (Master Chief of the Navy) or from O-8 (Rear Admiral Upper Half) to O-10 (Fleet Admiral).

    Commanders - Commanders are the men and women who lead and command the ships, fleets, and stations. Graduates of Basic Command School, and former Second-in-Commands become Commanders after exemplary service, and progress in command skills. Ranks are from O-4 (Lieutenant Commander) to O-7 (Rear Admiral Lower Half).

    Officers - Officers are the bridge crew who command specific areas of their ship/station from their console. They are graduates of Basic Command School and are the fresh meat of the officer world. Ranks range from O-1 (Ensign) to O-3 (Lieutenant).

    Deck Crew - Deck Crews are the backbone of any ship that carries small and medium strike crafts. The repair, supply ammunition, refuel, and prepare all strike crafts for missions and combat. They are graduates from Field Ordinance and Maintenance School are rank from E-2 (Apprentice) to E-7 (Chief Petty Officer) with an E-8 (Senior Chief Petty Officer) usually in charge. They wear orange stripes instead of white on their ranks.

    Gunners - Gunners are the experts in ship to ship combat using capital weapons and turrets. They are graduates from Gunnery School and have learned the art of Zero-Gravity combat. Ranks for Gunners range from E-2 (Apprentice) to E-7 (Chief Petty Officer) with E-2's doing most of the reloading and maintenance, and E-8's being in charge (Senior Chief Petty Officer). They wear red stripes on their ranks instead of white.

    Engineers - Engineers are what keeps a ships or stations heart pumping. They supply the power from the reactor rooms and repair major faults in the ship or stations. Graduates of Field Ordinance and Maintenance School, these men and women showed excellence in the understanding of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Just as their counterparts on the Deck Crew, Engineers ranks range from E-2 (Apprentice) to E-7 (Chief Petty Officer) and usually have an E-8 (Senior Chief Petty Officer) in charge. These men and women wear yellow stripes on their ranks.

    Marines - Marines are the last line of defense for a ship if she falls under attack, but can also be a spearhead in combat maneuvers. They are trained in the art of Close Quarters Zero-G Combat (CZC), Urban Tactical Warfare (UTW), and Boarding Attack Maneuvers (BAM). Graduates from Infantry School may be selected to continue on to either the Marines, or Special Operations School. Ranks range from E-2 (Apprentice) to E-9 (Master Chief Petty Officer). They wear green stripes on their ranks.

    Blackforce Operator - The Blackforce Operators are a group of marines handpicked to join in Special Operations Command. They conduct missions that are to dangerous to risk large ships, or that require desecration. After selection and Special Operations School, Operators are given the rank of O-3 (Lieutenant) and can rank all the way up to O-6 (Captain). These men and women do not wear any ranks.

    Pilots - Pilots are skilled in tactical maneuvers, evasive actions, and docking maneuvers. They fly anything from strike-craft to super-capitals, though some skilled pilots can find themselves flying super-capital ships right out of Flight School. Ranks range from E-3 (Airman) to E-7 (Chief Petty Officer) or O-1 (Ensign) to O-3 (Lieutenant) if they are flying a frigate or higher class ship. Their ranks feature white stripes.

    Recruit - Recruits are the men and women who are fresh in the military and still going to their various schools. Upon completion of their school, they will gain the lowest rank of their chosen occupation unless otherwise noted.

  2. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    Updated this thread with new information as far as ranks, jobs, etc. Will be adding a logo as soon as it is made and a picture of the ranks. Also looking for someone who knows how to create skins for our military uniforms as they need the ranks on the right shoulder, U.E.S.C. on the left chest, a placeholder for names on the right chest, a placeholder for the factions logo and ship patch (every ships crew will have their own custom designed patches) on the left shoulder, and a camo pattern for the skin. I'm thinking Digital or Multicam style with black, white, and grey.




  3. Dalton132 Trainee Engineer

    Hello, I just bought the game today so I don't know that much about it, but i'm getting the hang of it. I would like to work and learn within your organization. I'm not sure exactly what position i'm most interested in probably and engineer or an officer.
  4. SESkinsAndModels Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys! im your man for the camo and skins! Ive already set up a thread where I have applied a camo and patch as well as a rank symbol to my own sort of uniform and am very interested in doing this for you guys. Let me know please.
    Steam : dxlphin
    Link to my thread http://forums.keenswh.com/post/space-camouflage-ready-for-dl-at-semodz-6689746?highlight=camo
  5. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    SESkinsAndModels - I am familiar with your custom skins, they are exactly what I am needing I just didn't want to steal another mans skins for my faction :D. Thank you though, If I send you the ranks and everything do you think you could add them to your skins? I'll need one made specific for each member as their names will be on the skins.

    Dalton132 - We could have you as an engineer but since you are still so new to SE you'll have to start
    as an E-2 untill we can get someone to teach you some basic and advanced building in the game. I
    cannot do this as the internet on my base sucks and I will not be able to get to some better internet till I am stateside again.
  6. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    Just another update guys and gals. I will unfortunately be offline for a month from Feb 15th on. The internet here in Afghanistan will not be working for that period of time. When it does happen I will be turning the faction leadership over temporarily to one of our members until I can get back on. I will also be checking in when and if I can. Sorry for this, but if you have ever been here you know what it is like.

    I'm hoping that in my absence that this group will grow and that I can come back presently surprised at how well this group can work in the event that I am gone for awhile again. Thanks again to everyone who has joined and has been working with us through alliances and treaties.

    If you feel up to the task of leading while I am gone, then this is the perfect opportunity for those looking for leadership/officer roles in the faction. So PM me and we will see what we can work out.

    Also, if you haven't been paying attention, we finally have someone willing to make custom skins for us (Thank you SESkinsAndModels.) and all we need now is for someone to design the logo described in
    the OP. If you feel like your a good artist, post your ideas/creations here and let us see what you have
    come up with.

    Freeadama89 - Supreme Chancellor - U.E.S.C.

    "In stellis ortum certa evadat. Percutient, dignissim cursum."
  7. SESkinsAndModels Trainee Engineer

    Who will be in charge that you can put me in touch with? Can we get a steam group going?
    Also- Will these nametags, etc. be done in english, or because this is in the future be done in a more futuristic font? I had done a concept flag in that thread, just to show you what would be possible. I also actually made unit patches before haha. All using that font along the way.
    What I thought what was awesome about that font was there are tons of similarities to English characters and some entirely new to the alphabet, so you can see that there would be some evolution from present day, to the time of the U.E.S.C.
    My concept flag for my old nation with the font: [​IMG]
  8. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    Well, considering that the setting of the game is supposed to be 2070 if I remember correctly (correct me if I'm wrong), I doubt language would evolve that much. I figured the name-tapes would be in English and would be peoples steam or in-game names.

    As far as who will be in charge, I'm still debating. I have almost two weeks to decide so I have time to think on that decision.

    And with the steam group, I am working on that as we speak. I have some time during the evenings to work on this kind of stuff, but I am still on call 24-7. As such it can be a little rough to work on some things. I have some other people on the forum who know my situation and are also military/ex-military and have volunteered to help me if I need it.
  9. SESkinsAndModels Trainee Engineer

    ahh okay. I didnt see this and I whipped up a logo with the alien font but ill change this to english straight away. Basically to give you an idea (since this is just a proposal) The bottom is "United Earth Space Corps" And the text around the seal is your latin motto on your forum signature. [​IMG]
  10. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    I like the idea, but yes it should be in english. If no one else has anything as an idea for our logo then yours will be it :D
  11. Facerafter Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: Facerafter
    Desired Position: Pilot (Most of the Military ranks is fine. Mason also possible if really required)
    Expierence: Bought it since it was on steam.
    Bio: My name is Julian, 17 years old. Im from the netherlands, doing a IT education.
    Note: If you require assistance with the website, (HTML, CSS, Javascript) I can help ;).
  12. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    Welcome to the group Facerafter, We could always use pilots. And help would be appreciated. I'll send you a link to our site tonight after I get off of work.
  13. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

  14. LuckerNr1 Trainee Engineer


    Steam ID: LuckerNr1

    Position Desired: I would like to start as an Architect or an Engineer, but i'm also open minded about other jobs.

    Experience: I bought the game in November 2013. From the beginning i specialized on constructing small, efficient ships, because i think when ressources are finaly implemented attaching just 100 reactors wont work anymore. So i decided to make my ships as light and efficient as possible. Most of them are lighter then 10.000 kg, need only 16-32GW and are nevertheless good protected and strong.

    Short Bio: My Name is Pascal, 18 years old, living in Germany, studying mechatronics at Heilbronn University. My English is not perfect, but hopefully good enough.

    I would be really glad to join your corps!
  15. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    Welcome to the group LuckerNr1. We can start you out as an Engineer, but if you show me some of your work/creations then you might be upgraded to an Architect.
  16. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    Added some more to our steam page. Still working on the website at the moment during my free time, which I should have some coming up soon. If you have any questions PM me on here or on the steam page. On a side note, all members must join the steam page. It is a way for me to keep accountability for how many people we have and what they do in our group. Thanks again to everyone who has helped in making this group grow.
  17. Finwolf Trainee Engineer

    <table width="100%" style="table-layout: fixed; color: #000000; font-size: 13px;" cellspacing="0" class="post_body" cellpadding="0" border="0"><tbody><tr><td colspan="2" valign="top" style="word-wrap: break-word; line-height: 1.6; background-color: #f7f7f7; padding: 6px; border: 0px;" class="post" height="100%">Hi.
    I would like to join your force.

    Steam ID: Finwolf

    Desired Position: Pilot or Marine

    Expierence: Played the game for about 6-7 months now. I like to build heavy fighters and interceptors. I also have a soft spot for penetration and boarding.

    Bio: My name is Markus. I'm 25 years old. I currently work as a command center operator in private security. I'm in active reserve and I serve as a staff sergeant (Jaeger, QRF).

  18. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    Welcome to the team Finwolf, We could always use more marines or pilots. If you are good at making fighters, we could use a new design for one. Also if you haven't yet, please join our steam page.
    Also guys, sorry I haven't been on for a few days. I was gone on a mission and just got back to my main base.
  19. Cramat Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: [TSC] Cramat

    Position Desired: Councilor of the Masons / Architect

    Experience: Me and a friend of mine bought the game around christmas, but did not enjoy it that much, so we decided to wait for the multiplayer before playing the game seriously. I see myself viable as Councilor of the Masons due to my experience in strategical things, e.g. I play a damn load of strategic games and am always open to improvements regarding infrastructure and such. But as the corps is rather small at this early point, I would like to apply as an architect if that helps the corps more. Those pictures of a medium-sized ship which I designed when I started first, should work as proof.

    Short Bio: My name is Paul, I am 18 y/o and from germany. I am about to graduate from the German equivalent of college. My english skills are rather outstanding and I should be able to communicate with everyone quite well.
  20. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    @[TSC] Cramat - We could use someone to help in a leadership position if you are willing to be the Councilor of Masons. I really like you design concepts, they look like ships you would see in the Homeworld series. Especially impressed with the hanger and comm. center. The central hanger entrance in the floor was especially interesting. I'm more partial to what you would see in starcitizen as far carriers go, but I am still impressed with your concept.
    Like I said, if you want, we can make you a Councilor. Or if you prefer we can keep you as an architect till the group gets bigger. Welcome to the team Cramat, and hope to see you ingame soon.

  21. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    Lets welcome [TSC] Cramat as our new Councilor of Masons. Welcome to the team. Since he is the highest so far in the command, if I am gone he will take charge.
  22. Cramat Trainee Engineer

    The UESC is still recruiting, so check out our monthly construction contest with great prizes!!
  23. megatarre Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: MegaTarre

    Position Desired: Pilot (Possible Officer)

    Experience: Have about 30+ hours logged past few days love the game and want to get into some faction/pvp/pve fun with other pp
    ( Marine Core experience Myself, stay safe over there)

    Short Bio: Name is Brian I can only play on the weekends as I work through the week. I have a family and they come before any gamming but I find the time :)
  24. Cramat Trainee Engineer

    Welcome to the UESC then, Brian! We should be able to give you a commanding position, e.g. Officer. :)
  25. Comrade Jenkens Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: comrade jenkens

    Desired Position: Engineer or when I'm more experienced architect.

    Expierence: Very little but I'm an experienced builder on KSP. (Also ran a company on there called UKSC)

    Bio: I'm Josie, a trainee aerospace engineer from the UK. :) I'm 21 years old.
  26. Kylar_Reed Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: Phil the Phluther

    Desired Position: Pilot or Marine

    Experience: had the game for about a week, been in a fair few dog fights

    Bio: My name is luke, I am a second year IT and Science student. I am 18 years old.
  27. freeadama89 Trainee Engineer

    Hey y'all, if you don't mind applying on our main forums it'll help us keep track better. Thanks again and hope to see you in-game. Also, our build contest 2 is now running so if you want to win some prizes check it our. Link is on our main steam forum.
  28. HunterXZ Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: HunterXZ (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027277997)

    Desired Position: Command Staff

    Experience: I got nearly 40 hours in the game as well as always having good ideas

    Bio: My Name is Andrew Booth, 17 years old. From Portugal although my main language is English. half way through a IT course.
  29. Feanarang Trainee Engineer

    This is a bump for truth and to make sure people know that the UESC is still recruiting. Join us today! It's an awesome community of friendly people who are just trying to rule the universe (together with our allies of course). ;)

    EDIT: Suppose I should include the application link. That might make sense.
  30. DJB Systems Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: Gusset_Tugger

    Desired position: Pilot (large Ship)

    was it just me that noticed

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