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United Earth Space Corps (U.E.S.C.)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by freeadama89, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Feanarang Trainee Engineer

    Hey Gusset_Tugger - We're always looking for more pilots! Please apply using our steam application thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/7/558749191140422561/?tscn=1396981150

    It just makes everything easier to keep track of, thanks! Hope to fly with you soon! O7
  2. Samwise the Brave Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: Samwise the Brave

    Position Desired: Pilot

    Experience: I have not been playing Space Engineers itself for long. However, I have been playing another game, Vendetta Online, for years. This game is another space combat sim sort of game, with near-identical controls and physics. Admittedly I'm not the best at it, but I know my way around.

    Short Bio: My name is Samuel, 20 years old, living in California, USA. Currently I work at a pizza parlor as a cook, but I am also a US Navy recruit and will be leaving for Basic in a few months. I will be going in as a nuclear engineer.

    I also have a fighter design I would like to submit, if possible.

    EDIT: Didn't see the thing about posting in the Steam thread. I'll be cross-posting this there as well.
  3. Shawsi Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: Shawsi

    Position Desired: Mason or Architect

    Experience: Only a few day in on SE but many a build on minecraft and even more time wasted on EvE Online

    Short Bio: Hi im Mark, serial gamer. Cant wait to see what comes from SE and this RP idea is great!!!
  4. Authetius Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: Authetius

    Position Desired: Mason/Architect/Miner (Any work for me, A combination of those is my normal gameplay)

    Experience: I've owned the game less that 2 days, I have 21 hours in it already on steam. I love it, I've spent most of my time mining and inventing new ship designs and techniques for mining. As of right now I have 2 powerful designs and a concept for a major project I'm working on in the mining world.

    Short Bio: My name is Daniel, long time gamer. I'm 17 turning 18 going into the IT field. Major RPer from birth.
  5. Cramat Trainee Engineer


    Please not that we have our own forums now, so if you want to enlist, please visit our forums at www.uescorps.com/forum ,
    register and follow the instructions, as we wont answer any applications on Steam and here anymore.

  6. Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    You need to edit your link in your second last post ( the , )

    + The website is a little much to dark :p ( for my taste though ), But keep up the good work
  7. Cramat Trainee Engineer

    ~ Bump ~
  8. Bizzyj93 Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: Bizzyj93
    Position Desired: Blackforce Operator
    Experience: 100+ hrs played
    Short Bio: Computer Science Major at University of Oregon
  9. Cramat Trainee Engineer

    Please apply at www.uescorps.com/forum and follow the instructions!
  10. Cramat Trainee Engineer

    We created a new recruitment thread which you can find here: http://forums.keenswh.com/post/uesc-united-earth-space-corps-recruitment-thread-6909610?pid=1282871099#post1282871099

    Please note that we will abandon this post and move over to the new one.
  11. Lithorn Trainee Engineer

    Steam ID: rvtshadow
    Position Desired: Shipwright/Engineer
    Experience: Professional
    Short Bio: I am an avid gamer in my extra time who often finds it quite boring to play these survival RPGs alone. Coming from the many sandbox games, Space Engineers has caught my eye for a while now ever since playing Freelancer. I am mostly a lone wolf, I like to be self sustaining. That doesn't mean I don't like group play, I just would rather be the provider than the taker. I like my solitude but I also like having people nearby to watch their own progression. I have designed a few mining ships on my own, and with the new conveyer system, plan to design a few newer ones.
  12. Neonin Trainee Engineer

    Hi Lithorn, you should head over to the UESC forums and repost this in the Applications section! It'll get noticed far quicker there :)
  13. General Alden Apprentice Engineer

    I have applied on the forums to join the UESC. I look forward to joining this faction.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.