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Update 0.3.1 - Planets

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Oct 18, 2016.

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  1. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Absolutely delighted. God save the KEEN!
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  2. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    The female character was made by a new guy. He hasn't yet grown a beard and may not be aware of the company policy in this matter.

    It's about time. I've been shoveling coal into that thing for weeks. There was fire coming out of the wheels!

    The KEEN is amused. You may continue playing.
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  3. Helaton Apprentice Engineer

    What processor do you have (those having fps issues)? I have a 4690k at 4.4ghz and a gtx970 and it was buttery smooth.
  4. Bumber Senior Engineer

    If you enter a claim area name while it's still contested, the name will swap to "<Player>'s Area" when the time has elapsed. It should probably either keep the name if it's been changed from the default, or not let you change it until the timer ends.

    Round timbers have a very difficult hitbox to pick up. I kept thinking it was because they were heavy or something.

    Kicking my workshop and chest around like a pro. How are you supposed to get them to stay still?
  5. effe Apprentice Engineer

    * Intel(R) Core(TM)950 I7 CPU 3.07 GHZ
    * Ram system : 24 GB
    * AMD Radeo Series R9 390 8 GB

    Doing more tests and benchmark, i noticed that the slow thing looks to be more related to a sort of "buffering effect". Like FPS can maintain to a decent rates though erratic. Like very slow at first and then like taking over and speeding up, then very slow again, almost not moving, then moving again. Pretty erratic. Very Jerky at some point, i could say. Especially on fly mod, The game looks to be buffering a lot. Of course, one compares what can be compared, right? At many other games with complex 3D, buildings, environment, (Ark, GTA5, etc) this current config is running very smoothly with high performance. I only experiment this at ME. This being said i get use to it and it's playable exactly as it was before this update, not worth, not better. Just saying that the optimisation doesn't seem to improve this side of the things to me, at the moment.

    Else great update as i already said. Cool to see things are moving.

  6. Allammo Apprentice Engineer

    Great update.. Shame I'm abroad. Anyone knows how big this update is? In megabytes, haven't got much of them left :-(.
  7. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    I think it was around 650 MB but don't quote me on that
  8. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Short Real Talk.
    There's something iffy about her eyes, nose and the cheeks. Not in the "OMG she's not a supermodel!"-way but in the "humans don't work like that"-kinda way. But i'm too happy about her existence to complain and feedback would probably just fuel the "If they implemented one people would complain about her not being perfect"-predictions, soooo i'll let everyone else do the commenting, sit back and wait and see. 'cause before yesterday i didn't even have this on the horizon. A something is better than a nothing. And i can't wait to have her in SE.

    Edit: @Deepflame a little feedback about the stream, specifically the Loading Screen screenshots.
    Could you have the screenshots be displayed in the Loading World-screen, where you choose which file to load? Maybe as a mouse-over or something. It would be a nice additional way of knowing what's in a world, which could be beneficial for players who prefer multiple copies of world in different stages of progress, or for Worlds that for whatever reason have the automatically generated "World Date"-names. (Also: @flexx Loading Screen Screenshots for SE confirmed? :D )
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  9. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    About 600mb
  10. Lord Vulpes Trainee Engineer

    Nice Update!
    I haven't played in a while, so it feels like a new game to me :) .

    But! It is not very ovious how to play now:
    1: The Key for running permanent ist the same as picking stuff up. Easy to change, but seriously?
    2: How do I pick up logs and process them into timber?
    3: New GUI? Easeyer to do stuff? Don't think so :( , crafting is not intuitive.
    4: Frameratedrops with torches and the flickering is very annoying. (I have a GTX 970 and i7)
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2016
  11. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    We recommend resetting your keybindings. We're working on making that automatic for the next patch.
    Crafting confusion is something we're addressing in the next update.
    We're not seeing frame drops here. Please make a bug report with your game logs so our QA people can investigate. Thanks
  12. Lrj52 Apprentice Engineer

    Just FYI, the Deer seem to have a sound bug. They bark...
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  13. Allammo Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks fellow engineer. I should have just enough megabytes left for this great update.
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  14. Deepflame Apprentice Engineer



    - Added interaction highlight to female engineer.
    - Added interaction highlight to the easter egg. What could be there..?
    - Added a keybinding reset, since we made so many changes to the keybindings the old keybindings needed to be reset. It will only happen once.
    - Added a popup informing players when their system's memory does not meet minimum requirements. Since it may cause issues, it's best to give players a heads-up.
    - Updated the ingame help screen.
    - Updated some particles.
    - Minor fix to the parallel threads for the dedicated servers. This should lead to a minor performance improvement for dedicated servers with less than 4 cores available.
    - Tweaked building behaviour of large blocks. Cube outline should no longer disappear when unbuildable, distance checks should be better for regular blocks.
    - Tweaked deer jump distance.
    - Fixed some issues with building blocks.
    - Fixed a minor rendering issue with the banner flags.
    - Fixed resource decay set to off causing instantly decaying trees.
    - Fixed rotation of multiblocks using the wrong keys.
    - Fixed collision on the easter egg, it should be easier to walk around it now.
    - Fixed the manipulation tool not dropping the manipulated object when the engineer died.
    - Fixed the manipulation tool not resetting the manipulated object's velocity after starting manipulation.

    Crash fixes:
    - Fixed a crash on the server when too many players are harvesting plants at the same time. Added some logging information, if you see something suspicious in the server console let us know!
    - Fixed another crash with harvesting plants.
    - Fixed a crash in the banner system.
    - Fixed a crash in the claim block and respawn system.
    - Fixed some crashes in the definitions manager, some mods were accidentally causing some crashes.
    - Fixed a crash in the math library.
    - Fixed a crash with fracture pieces.
    - Fixed a crash writing to the log when the game was shutting down.
    - Fixed a crash in the manipulation tool.
    - Fixed a crash with the doors.
    - Fixed a crash when objects that need a material have no material definition.
    - Fixed a crash in the ingame voice chat system.
    - Fixed a crash when crafting the max producable amount.
    - Fixed a crash in research definitions, some mods were causing crashes.
    - Fixed a crash in the fast travel system.
    - Fixed a crash on the map.
    - Fixed a crash when players started placing blocks.
    - Fixed a crash when a button icon was being converted and produced a bad result.
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  15. kitsunelegendXx Trainee Engineer

    Woot! Thanks for the hot fixes! ^-^
    Gonna try them out in a bit and see how they work for me. =P

    Also, was awesome seeing you in game last night! I love it when devs do that! =D
  16. effe Apprentice Engineer

    Awesome fast fixes :)
  17. MongooseCalledFred Trainee Engineer

    Great update! I just went from ~5 FPS on custom (low with some grass and maybe something else) to 4 FPS on medium and 10 FPS on low. Now that the game is playable, I can start doing more stuff in it...

    P.S. I bought the game despite knowing my computer didn't meet minimum specs, so I'm happy it even plays.
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  18. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    @Deepflame could you guys think about adding steam cloud storage thingy for savegames? For those who play on multiple systems ?
  19. JuStX2 Apprentice Engineer

    About your signature, it is possible to smell color #9 - but it won't be very strong unless your near large batches :p
    --- Automerge ---
    Now we need a train mod for ME, even though they never really did have trains back then - that's what the mod community is good for.
  20. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Great update, had good frames and a smooth playing experience.

    Much better planets drop than happened in SE.
  21. Paul Bambury Trainee Engineer

    Been having a little go tonight. Liking it lot. You've made herbs plant and berry bushes a bit bigger so they're less hard to spot in the grass. That's great. However still finding I need to play with grass off a lot, as when I shoot a deer the little bag of meat has a tendency to go flying off at odd angles and extreme velocity! Finding it is then like hunting an errant tee shot in the rough. Can you dial the physics back so the bag drops by the body, or better yet, just lose the whole bag concept and have us interact with the body instead.
    --- Automerge ---
    Also (not being picky at all!) creative mode no longer seems to have the option to disable the passage of the day/night cycle?
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  22. Allammo Apprentice Engineer

    KSH getting better with time. Can't say such thing about most alpha developers.

    I hope to see similar features in SE. Ha! I hope they will decide to develop Industrial Engineers some day, and maybe Modern Engineers... If they do I'll be first in a line to get hands on those titles :-D.
  23. Deepflame Apprentice Engineer

    Bonus hotfix update:
    We fixed about 87% of all the crash reports we received over the course of last night. Please keep sending in the bug reports! P.S. All server admins, if your server crashes, please send us server crash logs as well! Thanks!



    - Stones now directly go to your inventory while mining. This should reduce the performance issues on dedicated servers.
    - Each time you start a new world the easter egg will be in a different location.
    - All trees now correctly spawn logs when cut.
    - Increased number of stones in the forest.
    - Added a frame around the wooden plank door, this should make it easier to build and deconstruct.
    - Added maximum floating objects to world settings.
    - Removed dev/stable branch code from ME, your mods should be without the development tag now.
    - Fixed an issue when rendering on embedded hardware, like Intel HD 4000 chipsets.
    - Fixed some minor issues with the female engineer animations.
    - Fixed lootbags attempting sub-orbital flights.
    - Fixed various issues with the compass.
    - Fixed door schematic icon.
    - Fixed highlights on doors.

    Crash fixes:
    - Fixed a crash when building a multiblock inbetween two different grids and they were slightly out of alignment.
    - Fixed a crash that could happen when the server goes down while the client is interacting with a wardrobe.
    - Disabled grid navmeshes to fix several AI navigation crashes. New pathfinding is being worked on.
    - Fixed a crash when AI is spawning after the renderer crashed and is busy trying to recover.
    - Added additional logging to logs to help us find and solve future crashes more easily.
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when pasting grids.
    - Fixed a crash when swapping items in inventories.
    - Fixed a crash when playing with foliage disabled.
    - Fixed several other minor crashes.
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  24. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    @Deepflame are you guys working on fixing some of those AI bugs? Like the miners and woodcutters just keep on staring at the flag... Instead of working :|
    And the issue with those wide round tower roofs, when you want to let a smaller tower emerge from the hole. And more stuff like that
  25. Sir_Moodz Apprentice Engineer

    "Stones now directly go to your inventory while mining. This should reduce the performance issues on dedicated servers"

    Thank you so much for this
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  26. David184 Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the fixes! could you guys please fix the random dying too? it's pretty annoying
  27. thecyberscorpion Trainee Engineer

    I really must say you did a great job on ME Keen, this was really was a game changer (no pun intended). Sorry to the staff working on SE, but the hours per week I was logging may suffer as I make room for more ME playing time.
  28. kitsunelegendXx Trainee Engineer

    Awesome update! Yet again! =D Really happy about the stone going right into your inventory. Was having a few issues with that last night, now hopefully I can finish digging out my subbasement without lagging the server to death. =P

    Also, one thing I'd like to see worked on soon if I may suggest...

    Would you guys be able to figure out some kind of anti grief mechanic to prevent people from destroying and stealing your stuff while you're offline and not able to defend it? I was building a public inn yesterday but had to head to work, and this yahoo went and wrecked everything, and stole all my tools, food, ect, and I couldn't do anything about it.

    He wrecked my claim block, bed, wardrobe a bunch of my walls ect, then planted his flag right in the middle of the ruins...its stuff like that, that kills my drive to play...

    This a thread I made detailing what I think of that...
  29. Deepflame Apprentice Engineer

    Maybe after we fix the pathfinding, for now they're disabled by default and will continue to not work for some time.

    You're welcome. :)

    I encountered that last night, but only on a server that was lagging due to the mining. Can you see if it's better now that we solved that issue?

    Thanks! :D

    Yeah, we had some ideas but most of them suffered from too many drawbacks. We're still thinking how to best go about solving this.
  30. Frostik Apprentice Engineer

    What´s the shortcut for MedievalMaster?
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