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Update 0.5.1 - Now With Shovels

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, May 9, 2017.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers! Here it is at long last! The next major update for Medieval Engineers! In this update we are focusing on making the game more enjoyable to play.
    We have created new animations for picking things up and placing ropes. Picking up items is also accompanied by a small particle effect. We rewrote how every tool works, making it a more consistent experience, and providing more immediate feedback to the player.
    By improving the font, the menus become more readable and we improved the flow on most of the GUI making it a lot easier to work with. All of the key bindings have been redesigned and you are now able to configure the game in any way you want! All of this is made easier by contextual hints and action icons that make playing more intuitive than ever.

    Finally, we are introducing the new shovel tool, providing a fun and easy way to modify voxels in exciting ways! The shovel tools allow engineers to dig up dirt and then put it back down anywhere they want. Using landscaping stakes, engineers can rope off an area of ground and use the shovel to level the ground in that area.

    We continue to smash through barriers to modding by allowing modders to create their own entity components. This means that modders will be able to program behaviors for anything in the world in exactly the same way we do. Not only does this make total conversion mods possible but it means the sky is the limit for creating new content, new behaviors, and completely new features!
    Finally, lots of small optimizations to help improve the performance of the game!

    As always; we leave the last version of 0.4, 0.4.20, as a historical branch, forever available as a separate branch. This will be your fail-safe way to update your older saves for the newer version of the game.

    - Added the Shovel so you can now dig , add , and flatten dirt. There are even landscaping stakes to help you co-ordinate your efforts with your friends!
    - Reworked the tool system to be more consistent. All of the tools and weapons now have distinct functionality. No longer will you accidentally end up digging the soil while cutting a tree, or breaking your castle trying to build it!
    - Added dynamic crosshair icons to inform you what the left and right mouse buttons do, as well as your use key action!

    - Added a new font! We no longer use the Miner Wars font, we have a font of our own.
    - We reworked many GUI's to be easier to use, like the crafting screen and the inventory management. Now you have a short crafting queue, inventory management keys, and much more useful tooltips for items in the game.
    - We have created a new server browser that is a lot more responsive and a lot easier to use. Plus, it now tells you what mods the server is using!

    - Added several new animations and effects to the character. Picking up items now plays a short animation, as does connecting ropes.
    - Fixed lots of little things with animations.

    - Added the ability to rebind almost every interaction in the game.
    - Added a new keybindings screen.

    - Removed all implementation of the old flat worlds. We will no longer support these worlds. To continue playing on the old legacy maps, you can switch to the 0.4 branch.
    - Removed MyMedievalDoor and similar, old implementations of blocks. These have been replaced by other, superior components introduced in 0.4, so please use these in the future.

    - Added mod version support, mods can now map to the game versions.
    - Vastly increased modding support with entity components, object builders, multiplayer integration, etc.
    - Added support to create moddable input bindings.
    - Created many new modding guides.

    - Overhauled inventory code. Inventory items are now objects inheriting from MyInventoryItem. A whole new API was added to complement this feature.
    - Introduced multiplayer synchronization API which is equivalent to the native API used in engine.
    - Improved MyDefinitionManager interface.
    - Added indexing support for user types. Any indexed engine type (definitions, components, entities) can now be declared on a mod and will function.
    - Subpart, Entity, and Subpart Animation interfaces moved to VRage.ModAPI.Components.Entity namespace.
    - Legacy definition manager renamed to MyDefinitionManagerSandbox

    Removed from ModAPI
    - Majority of Space Engineers Object Builders, Definitions and Classes
    - Majority Definitions/Object Builders and Classes related to Legacy World (flatland).
    - Old Crafting Component (Base, Basic, Block, interactive)
    - Access to lights (superseded by effects component).
    - Space Mod/Ingame APIs
    - Gps System

    Added to ModAPI
    - Added access to Sandbox.Game.Replication namespace.
    - Added access to VRage.Network namespace.
    - Added access to VRage.Components.
    - Added access to new definition manager (VRage.Game.MyDefinitionManager) with much improved API and simplified usage.

    Medieval Engineers 0.5.1.C8FC7B:
    - Fixed the main client and DS crashes that we received over the night! Thanks for the bug reports! Special thanks to X_Wing_Ian for the DS issues.
    - Fixed mod uploading not working, now you can upload mods again. Special thanks to Stori3d_Past and Phoenix84 for the mod publishing issues.
    - Fixed an issue preventing many worlds from loading.
    - Fixed mouse motion stuttering.
    - Improved lodding on trees, providing some FPS gains for people with lower end systems.
    - Fixed Barbarian trying to be a gangsta, and now he holds his mace properly again.
    - Fixed landscaping stakes not having correct research and resource costs.
    - Fixed ore stockpile constraint not working.
    - Fixed missing tooltips on the mod screen.
    - Fixed rope crafting in survival.

    Medieval Engineers
    -added tool and weapon descriptions

    -added more tool-related stuffs to the modapi whitelist
    -added obsolete tag to use object furnace
    -added tag handling to area inventory item spawning

    -repealed the marek tax for safe areas
    -fixed barbarian weapons
    -fixed the trebuchet blueprint
    -fixed inventory issues
    -fixed banner issues
    -fixed many crashes
    -fixed toolbar not saving on DS
    -fixed bad version check on DS

    Known Issues:
    - There is a bug with the GUI while building on DS. The GUI will incorrectly say you cannot build it even though you can. Just hit it with your hammer and it will build fine. We'll fix this soon. :)
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  2. Sanfard

    Sanfard Apprentice Engineer

  3. zeronio

    zeronio Apprentice Engineer

  4. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  5. Paul Bambury

    Paul Bambury Trainee Engineer

    Let's get digging!! :tu::tu:
  6. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Props for massive modding support!
  7. MorshuArtsInc

    MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    If I didn't have my final exams tomorrow I'd play the crap out of this! *demi-hype*
  8. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    new challenge: attempt to build mostly a voxel castle.

    great against everything but an engineer with a thing for mining voxel walls.
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  9. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    ATTENTION MODDERS: There's a bug where you can't update your mod. It always uploads a new one.
    Devs are aware of this.
  10. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    Didn't even know there was something like a 'Miner Wars Font'.
    Anyway, this one is a big one for sure. The modding fool (me) has no idea about opportunities being unchained for modders, but I sure tremble with excitement to see them do magic with the announced new freedoms.
    As always a pleasure witnessing KEEN guys at work.
  11. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    very nice, I'm looking forward to trying it out when I get home tonight :)
  12. Fluzard

    Fluzard Trainee Engineer

    Great !
  13. G4mer4ddict

    G4mer4ddict Trainee Engineer

    Oh just shovel it keen ..... see what i did there huh huh!

    REDSHEILD Junior Engineer

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  15. Thermonuklear

    Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Wish I had time to dig in the game again ;P
  16. Bogus

    Bogus Trainee Engineer

    very great upgrade ;D Thanks for that Devs specialy Deepflame ;D
  17. torgo

    torgo Apprentice Engineer

    I dig it!
  18. Karranos

    Karranos Trainee Engineer

    Yeah! It works perfectly :D Time to dig a hole! Diggy-diggy hole! ... But i'm confused ... I restarted a new survival save ... and i don't know how to dig rock and minerals :'( I can't create a pickaxe and i can't make the researches that requires rock ...
  19. Ghostickles

    Ghostickles Senior Engineer

  20. protokore

    protokore Trainee Engineer

    some of my mods are totally broken and my community save for 15 euros/month freshly hosted is broken too...
  21. MongooseCalledFred

    MongooseCalledFred Trainee Engineer

    Engineers finally swing their axes horizontally when chopping trees? Woo! Here I was thinking we were on the verge of mechanical blocks. Oh well. This might be enough to get me to play before they show up.
  22. protokore

    protokore Trainee Engineer

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  23. captainbinary

    captainbinary Trainee Engineer

    Very nice!!! Time to start building a dwarfen keep underground... See you all next year lol
  24. Bad Humour

    Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    I dig the shovel, I dig it a lot. ;)

    Is it just me or does the game run hell of a lot better now too.
  25. torgo

    torgo Apprentice Engineer

    Not thrilled that my personal inventory and all my skills are gone. Had to kill off most of the mods, but my world did load. Also have the tutorial back in my face again. And it also doesn't recognize me as the head of my house in my single player game.

    But still, overall pleased with the update.
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  26. Jananton

    Jananton Trainee Engineer

    Nice, going to try this out tomorrow for sure. ;)


  27. GrimL

    GrimL Trainee Engineer

    Love the update but i can't figure out how to get large stones now that i can't use my axe to dig the ground. Any idea
  28. Merandix

    Merandix Junior Engineer

    Dig deeper. You now need rock in stead of dirt.

    Awesome update, will check it out when schedule allows it :woot:
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  29. boromir

    boromir Apprentice Engineer

    I'm having trouble getting my server stood up. This is the error in DS log: "This world cannot be loaded. It has been created in a newer version of the game or in a different branch of the game. You can change the branch, before launching the game, in game properties." Anyone else after downloading the 0.5.1 update? Please help.

    EDIT: DS instance, no mods (vanilla). I get this error with other instances I have as well each are vanilla. The DS Manager is stuck saying 'start pending' as is Windows' Service Manager ("starting"). The instance was last played and saved against 0.4.20. This is the version of the backup created before updating to 0.5.1. Here's my instance startup log. Startup hangs at the end of that log (about 15 minutes ago). Here is my DS instance. One the other instances I have was last saved as 0.4.19 before it was started against 0.5.1. It also hangs on startup with the same error message, same log content (let me know if you want me to upload this as well).
    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  30. Concomitant

    Concomitant Trainee Engineer

    So is the rope tool disabled in survival? I can only make plots in creative...
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