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Update 0.5.4 - A Cautionary Tale of Castle Security

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, May 30, 2017.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers! This week we've got some good bugfixes for you again. Additionally, we have a Cautionary Tale of Castle Security for you; don't leave large carts outside your walls, don't leave rope hooks exposed on your castle walls, and absolutely don't leave your doors open. ;)
    Amongst the bugfixes, we have a fix for the blocks not always connecting to each other correctly, a fix where building blocks would randomly consume small grids in the area, improvements to the crossbow aiming, and the return of the impaled skull.
    For you modders out there, especially those who program, we have a nice DLL for you guys with all the whitelisted code you can hook into. You can add this DLL as a reference to your Visual Studio project to link against, and you will be able to see what you have access to in an easy way! It can be found in the ModTools folder in the Medieval Engineers Mod SDK.

    - Fixed issues where grids would sometimes not merge correctly.
    - Fixed issue where building would randomly consume small grids in the area.
    - Fixed issue with crosshair icons activating outside the tool's effective range.
    - Fixed an issue where stones could spawn in weird places while mining with a full inventory.
    - Fixed an issue with basic ropes not stacking correctly.
    - Fixed issue where zoom would not disable when switching to another tool from a zoomed-in crossbow.
    - Improved crossbow aim in first and third person.
    - Added notification for trying to pick up damaged small blocks.
    - Added notification for claimblock interaction while the area is still claiming.
    - Re-added the impaled skull block for all your macabre entrance needs.
    - Moved bandages to the correct crafting station.
    - Re-organized stonewalls with doors and windows; it should now be less difficult to find the right variation.

    - Created single dll file with all whitelisted classes, structs, etc. It can be found in the ModTools folder in the Medieval Engineers Mod SDK.
    - Refactored use of Tuple to MyTuple in MyCubeBlock RazeBlockInCompound call.
    - Created new modding example guides:
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  2. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    how does it work?
    hazazah magic! :D

    edit: I like this with info like this it'll make castle engineers build better castles.
    that one did look awesome but i like how you used his features against him.
    feels like......the game Rust
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  3. MongooseCalledFred Trainee Engineer

    The magnetic pull on my gaming hours is getting stronger...
  4. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    Very cool!
  5. OmEgA_StOrM Apprentice Engineer


    does somebody know what they are planning for the next major updat ? Mechanicalblocks?
  6. Cetric Junior Engineer

    I have a very cob-webbed, dusty memory of windmill block and a treadmill in my otherwise also uncleaned brain...
    Not sure if I stay eternally *TEASED* or it has transformed into halluzinations.
  7. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  8. Köbi 2 Apprentice Engineer

    That sounds nice for modders... but:

    Will you bring out some kind of roadmap? You don't need to call dates. It is just hard to commit to modding for an alpha, when you dont know if it is just a waste of time. I mean you made wheat after the mod, you made arrowslits, because it had a mod, you made storage crates, after the huge popularity of that mod...

    I love that you made ME so modable, but I think if someone would put a lot of time in making for example a horse... You would release real horses the day after.

    Can you somehow communicate, what you are working on? Or what modders should not work on? Or at least what will not be on your plans before 2018?

    P.S. I kinda have the same problem with building. I cannot remove some parts without major collapses, and put arrowslits in... So my castle will be forever "old". So why building, if that happens. And not wait? I abandoned all mechanical builds and wait (and hope) for the mechanical upgrades. (Because all old machines will propaply be toast then.)

    At this moment I just dont know, if it is worth building and playing... (I feel like I would prefere an "all 4 months" upgrade at this time.)

    P.P.S Yes, I remember the treadmill hamster-wheel too. Thats propably why I see no point in wasting time in building mechanical things...
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  9. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    I'm hoping we get the mechanical blocks soon.
  10. schmidtyc Trainee Engineer

    I really hope we get some proper transitional blocks from orthogonal to diagonal, especially with platforms and battlements. I like to build castles that aren't based on purely square or round designs so it would be nice to have that flexibility!
  11. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    Why hasn't this been done for SE yet? :p
    Specifically a ModAPI one and an ingame script one.
  12. Slider Baine Trainee Engineer

    Köbi 2
    You mean you didn't realize that the modders are where they get their ideas? They wait for us to make mods then steal and make their own little version!, haha
    I like it either way, the only problem i had was pasting the blueprints other people made with rotors, couldn't do it cus the game wanted the rotor close to the ground or on a block....
    So i fix it myself, got tired of waiting for them to fix it, now i can play with rotors again.
    But i dooooooo wish they would make some more mechanics, mainly i wana see a pully, soooo many uses, but the way they have ropes working it will nvr happen.. sigh.... :)
    P.S. Alot of these fixes they have been doing are quick fixes, why must they make us wait till every Tuesday for them? grrr....
  13. Cetric Junior Engineer

    I would not call that "stealing". After all, it is KEEN's baby, in the first place. Better think in terms of "cooperation" than "stealing". The modders contribute to the result and saving efforts for a brighter outcome is in everybody's interest.
    People who are absolutely ignorant of programming and subsequently modding as me, the Modding Fool, are rather glad when genius mods become inherent part of the core game.
    What Köbi criticized, is, he would like to know what comes next in vanilla so he (or the modders altogether) could concentrate on things which are definitely not on the roadmap. So just work isn't done in vain, or rather, becomes obsolete after getting "stolen" (your word). I don't think he dislikes the integration of a mod idea, he just means it's frustrating to have made a mod which becomes obsolete thereafter. I can understand that. Instead he figures he should concentrate on something entirely off the roadmap.
    On the other hand, there is a developer diary which has been started this year. For reading the roadmap.
    If Tim would go into all detail saying "this X will come in y weeks and Z will come when U is done" it might help modders to avoid superfluous work, but heap expectations on Tim and that isn't nice. Because everybody will judge his team for coming up with announcements or not and start ranting if expectations aren't met. As we are beginning now to remember there was a teaser about treadmill and windmill mechanical block some months ago. The team works more relaxed when there are not too many promises hanging in mid air. That's better.
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  14. Jananton Trainee Engineer

    Nice fixes, I specially remember the crossbow weirdness where you would hold your tools in a strange way after forgetting to zoom out before switching. ;)

    Good work again guys, keep them comin'. :tu:


  15. Taemien Apprentice Engineer

    If I were the owners of that castle and found it was sieged by the developers:

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  16. Köbi 2 Apprentice Engineer

    Yup Cetric Thanks.

    That is what I meant. I would actually love, if the devs go over mods and "clear them up" and then integrate them in the game even more. For example additional Blocks, those nice windows, the working gears, the "stone timbers"... Tons of stuff! And I dont think there is a mod that has an idea that is stealable. All ideas have allready been suggested at one point.

    I think integrating mods would be a great way to get more content faster and cheaper. Also modders would be proud and the community would know.

    Also I looked up ME sales. My guesses were exaggerated. And therefore my expectations. (Four times to high.) You go when you go!

    You could throw some hints in the developer diary, but you dont need to. :)
  17. Slider Baine Trainee Engineer

    Amazing how many kids these days take things literally.

    And Keen/Devs good work on the shovel guide, luv it.

    BTW anyone have a link on how to make my changes into a actual script mod for steam workshop users?
  18. Cetric Junior Engineer

    We live in times of "alternate facts" and a kiddo as POTUS. We have to take things literally or just drown in confusion and hate this growing irresponsibility brings with itself.
    Later, another argument came to my mind:
    It's in fact very preferable a mod gets integrated into official code because when it stands firm within the whole thing it should, being smoothed out, work better with other mods "still out there". And getting updated as the game proceeds, while as an independent mod, there is always a risk the author drops out and loses interest, his work gets obsolete over time.
  19. Slider Baine Trainee Engineer

    This is very true, RL can mess up a modders plans, while the devs can keep working on it.
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  20. Köbi 2 Apprentice Engineer

    Sllider Baine, you could just download one of the latest script-mods in the workshop, then go to your mod-folder and copy the mod. (Look for the download-date, they are unnamed.) Paste it somewhere and change its name to .rar. Then you can open it and take a look on the script.
  21. CptTwinkie Moderator

    They are zip files. some apps may be able to open them even when they are named rar but it is not certain.
    I have the same problem when I want to make a mod that I can't figure out how to actually set it up. The programmers here unhelpfully tell me to look at an existing mod. So I figured it out by myself eventually.
    1. Make a new folder inside %appdata%\MedievalEngineers\mods
    2. The name of the folder is the name of the mod
    3. The inside of this folder is treated as an extension of the game's content folder. (c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MedievalEngineers\content\)
    4. So you just have to make the folders you need the same as the game's folders. So if you're modding something in the data folder or adding something that should be there, you need to make a data folder like the game has. These are case sensitive, btw.
    5. Which files you need to have, what you need to change, etc depends on what you want to mod and what is able to be modded. Technically, anything in an sbc file can be changed. At this point, only trial and error will tell you if the changes will work properly.
  22. Slider Baine Trainee Engineer

    CptTwinkie, all that i know, i guess i should of asked how to upload those script changes to the workshop for others to subscribe to and use. :)

    Ok, scratch that question, just found that the publish will light after u get all into your folder, lol Just had to mess around a little more, now to stabilize it some.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2017
  23. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Thanx KEEN!!
  24. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

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