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Update 0.6.1 Patch 3 - Mechanical Man

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers!
    We're continuing our fixes for 0.6.1 with another fix-filled update! Over the past week we've seen lots of amazing buildings being constructed, both by you guys playing singleplayer and with your friends.

    This week we have improvements for everyone. We have performance improvements for the servers, including a fix for the lag spikes when people would connect. We also tweaked the way the mechanical crafting stations work, they should be a lot more fun to use now. The Ancestral Torch can now be placed on your walls, so everyone knows you are the proud owner. We rebalanced the tools, fixed some crashes, and we whitelisted the crafting components again.

    Enjoy the update!


    Multiplayer Improvements:
    - Fixed lagspike when players connect to the server in multiplayer.
    - Fixed spectator camera not working in multiplayer.
    - Fixed tool durability not updating reliably in multiplayer.
    - Optimized some parts of the code, servers with a lot of grids should see some improvement in performance.
    - Tweaked deer spawning logic to ensure no-one gets stuck in the research without a chance for a deer spawning in their area in multiplayer.

    Block Changes:
    - Added input and output inventories to mechanical sawmill and gristmill, increased their sizes, and added log to plank process to sawblades.
    - Fixed Ancestral Torch not placable.
    - Fixed claimblock house sharing settings not saving correctly.
    - Fixed crafting recipe cost and deconstruction payback for several small blocks to ensure they are the same.
    - Fixed inequality in the cost for wall torch and torch stand.
    - Fixed Kiln not compounding with the floor.
    - Fixed large round wall walks and small stairs resource costs.
    - Fixed multiblocks still placing on collapsed structures.
    - Fixed sounds on all doors and shutters.
    - Tweaked palisade model to compound nicely with wooden support blocks.
    - Tweaked stick fence LOD model.
    - Tweaked wooden support compounding behaviour.

    General Changes:
    - Added deer to tropical forest biome.
    - Fixed bookmarks not saving in the search screen.
    - Fixed quests not completing when a schematic is consumed while its quest is active.
    - Fixed save-as on the main menu wiping the player data.
    - Fixed some missing blocks in two military research quests.
    - Fixed some missing localization.
    - Fixed spectator enabled checkbox resetting to true every time you open the advanced settings menu.
    - Fixed weapon rack accepting steel plow and crossbows.
    - Tweaked map piece drop rate on stone piles, plus they are now hidden in the arctic as well.
    - Tweaked mining output, a little more stone per mining hit and no more stone in normal iron ore.
    - Tweaked mushroom density, there should be a few less.
    - Tweaked durability balance on tools.
    - Removed Seedbag swish sound while seeding, it was getting a little annoying.
    - Unlocking Torch after crafting the Stone Axe in the tutorial for new players getting stuck in the dark.

    Crash Fixes:
    - Fixing a crash when backup runs on a system with UTF16 characters in the filepath.
    - Fixing a crash when hammering blocks while rapidly moving the camera.
    - Fixing a crash when hammering a block that is destroyed at the same time.

    Modding Changes:
    - Tweaked audio definition, Pitch now defaults to 1, Pitch Variation is no longer scaled, VolumeVariation is no longer scaled.
    - Whitelisting Medieval.Entities.Components.Crafting namespace.
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  2. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

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  3. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    Great fixes
  4. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    hooray for fixing hte lag spike on players joining...and now I can go kill a damn deer too I hope!

    really welcome fixes
  5. PurrfectBlinky Trainee Engineer

    Finally the inflation of Deer hide Taxes has stopped :D I will be trying this one out today for sure!
  6. JuStX2 Apprentice Engineer

    Very Thankful for

    - Fixed save-as on the main menu wiping the player data.

    Because I ran into that bug first hand while playing with friends in MP. Keep up the good work guys - you may not be the best at bug fixes but due to the current referendum i can say you certainly are a cut above the rest.
  7. MaxTheBuilder Trainee Engineer

    And once again, they improve the game with updates. Other game companies need to learn from you guys on how to update and make things better not worse.

    You guys rock! :carlton:
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  8. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Very awesome, folks! The seed-bag sound thing is nice in particular, I was not overly fond of that ^^
  9. ibisgrunk Apprentice Engineer

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  10. MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

  11. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Awesome, thanks KEEN!
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  12. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    *check calendar* oi! Its tuesday... UPDAAAAAAAAAAAAAATEEEEEEEEEEE
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  13. Dale Huntington Trainee Engineer

    How can I get my server information to you folks? It's Furbal's Server in the list. We are having that freezing problem a lot. I'd be happy to let you do whatever you like with it if it'll help figure out the problems. I use Ping Perfect for hosting if that matters.
  14. Bumber Senior Engineer

  15. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

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  16. Sanfard Apprentice Engineer

    This is precisely what the title reminded me of.
  17. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    Oh the memories
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