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Update 0.6.2 Patch 6 - Minor Update

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Administrator

    Hello, Engineers!
    Another week, another update! This week we've implemented some code to prevent the grid coordinate system from getting into a corrupted state when deconstructing blocks that cause a building to split in half. This fix applies retroactively, and should fix some issues with the placement of larger blocks like battlements on walls. Additionally, we implemented a nice error message when joining someone's private game. The load world screen now opens again, even when you do not have any saves, so that you can load worlds from the workshop. Renaming worlds correctly updates the directory, and vsync now saves the setting from the display settings.
    Enjoy the update!


    General Changes:
    - Grid coordinate system no longer gets into an invalid state when deconstructing blocks that causes a building to split into two buildings.
    - Clicking Join Game from the Steam friends list while the game is running no longer fails quietly when the game is set to private.
    - Load world screen now allows access to loading workshop worlds even when you do not have any local saves.
    - Renaming a world in the load worlds screen now also renames the save folder.
    - VSync can now be enabled again in the menu.

    Modding Changes:
    - Re-whitelisted TimeDefinition. It was erroneously lost in the 0.6 release.

    Keen Software House team
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  2. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  3. Adam Spencer Trainee Engineer

    Awesome! - will this fix grids that totally disappeared? I logged onto my DS last night and saw EVERYTHING had been deleted #bummer

    Cheers for the update as always! :D
  4. Deepflame ME Director Staff

    No, also, that sounds like a really strange situation.

    Grids should never just disappear, there's only three intended causes:
    1. Large grid becomes dynamic, over time it will fall apart and get cleaned up. This behavior can be disabled by deselecting Ruin Decay in the world settings.
    2. Grids are considered abandoned (i.e. no-one visited them for many weeks and they were in an unclaimed area) are automatically cleaned up. This behavior can be disabled by setting Abandoned Castle Decay to 0 in the world settings.
    3. Someone with admin level access removed them.

    If you believe something happened erroneously, please give us your world backup, hopefully still with the grids, and the one directly after. Maybe we can reproduce the issue and resolve it.
  5. Ales Horejsek Trainee Engineer

    Unfortunately this is not a server bug but it happened on most servers after a previous update disappeared all the constructions from the servers please repair
  6. Deepflame ME Director Staff

    Can't repair unless we have more details. "My grids disappeared" doesn't provide us the data we need to analyze and reproduce the problem. :)

    If it's something related to 1 it means the grids became dynamic for some reason, this could be a server start-up initialization bug. For analyzing this, we would need a save right before it happens.
    If it's something related to 2 it means the abandoned check is not working correctly. For analyzing this, we would need a save right before it happens.
    If it's something related to 3 it means you have to talk to your admins.
  7. Ales Horejsek Trainee Engineer

    It happened on my server and on a friend server as well as on a foreign server. The server I regularly visited the claimblock has always been paid. No one knows why this happened so I'm telling you that it was after the last update We do not know what changed for the files you know just you
  8. Adam Spencer Trainee Engineer

    Hi Deepflame,

    Just checked my dedicated server and ruin decay was enabled with a time of 168 :(

    Looks like my grids (and all grids in the same area/planet) were also removed. I checked all my backups and they also show the grids as removed.

    Thanks for your explaination though - very useful.

    Also would Keen be interested in sponsoring a DS video guide? I run my server on actual server hardware here at home and wondered if this would help anyone? :)
  9. Deepflame ME Director Staff

    How long ago did you last visit your grids though? The 168 hours (7 days) don't start counting until your claimblocks expire, so if you had your claims paid it should be okay.
    Do you keep any long term backups? I spoke to another admin who had it happen to him, but he already threw away the world and logs, and loaded his 09:00 morning backup.

    From him too, I got the information that, occasionally, the server loads up and after a few hours someone connects and finds no buildings, but he was unable to verify if anything specific happened.

    I believe that there's a chance there's a bug, and I'd like to figure it out, buildings sporadically disappearing is a pretty major problem for the game! ;)
  10. MorshuArtsInc Trainee Engineer

    Hmmm... Maybe, just maybe, this solves my issue not being able to upload certain blueprints to the steam workshop?
    I will have a look at it when I get home on Friday.
  11. Adam Spencer Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for your response!

    I've not logged into the server for a few days so it possible the grids were removed (and my claim block expired).

    I did overwrite my save data with a backup (which I was certain the grids were there) and found the same thing. I'll do some more testing and will come back to you once I've updated the game with the latest update :)

    Really appreciate the time to respond though and I will do my best to help find the cause.

  12. Jabuds Trainee Engineer

    Thank you so much for this update! Been having this issue with blocks for so long and I am so glad I finally sent a request to get it fixed. You guys are truly awesome.
  13. Ed Frost Senior Engineer