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Update 0.6.4 Patch 2 - Minor Update

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers!
    Today we have two things for you: A developer diary, and some bugfixes! In today's developer diary we discuss a rough overview of the development process of the 0.6.4 update, the main ideas behind our combat system, as well as a collection of other features that were part of this update.

    The bugfixes focus on solving crashes, balance issues, and various other issues reported by you. Thanks for sending us the reports, keep them coming in! In addition, we updated the mod and blueprint uploading process to give a more helpful message when the thumbnail exceeds Steam's regulations.

    Enjoy the update!

    - DirtSteppe is now plowable.
    - Tweaked crossbow stamina behavior.
    - Slightly increased adrenaline maximum.
    - Changed battle music inside claimed areas.
    - Removed mountpoint from top of wooden gate.
    - Small stones now allowed in large stone stockpile.
    - Fixed a crash when typing /amessage without content.
    - Blueprint previews no longer create physics constraints.
    - Tweaked max charge timing, it now takes 0.4 seconds less time.
    - Right arm wound now drains more stamina during crossbow reload.
    - Right/left arm wounds are now applied correctly for charged attacks.
    - Fast traveling with Medieval Master enabled no longer consumes food.
    - Report a bug on the main menu now takes you to the new support site.
    - Fixed whitelist entry for MyHandItemBehaviorBase.StartActionResponse.
    - Typing /help no longer lists commands that shouldn't be available to you.
    - Fixed a crash when trying to quick-reply when no-one sent you any messages.
    - The minimum viewing distance on DS is now limited to no less than 100 meters.
    - Fixed a crash when hammering a block with incorrect generated model settings.
    - Selecting a block on your toolbar now always activates the block placer correctly.
    - Equipping a torch no longer blocks the picking up or dragging of dynamic small grids.
    - Clarified an error message when uploading mods and blueprints to Steam and the thumbnail is too large.
    - Fixed one of the crash-without-a-trace crashes people have reported. These are both NVidia driver issues, but no workaround was found yet for the second crash. We recommend updating DirectX and NVidia Drivers.

    Keen Software House team
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  2. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

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  3. Thales M.

    Thales M. Senior Engineer

    This was the most annoying, thanks for the fix: "Selecting a block on your toolbar now always activates the block placer correctly."

    "Small stones now allowed in large stone stockpile." How? I still can't put small stones in to stone stockpiles?
  4. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    I tried to quick-reply without anyone having sent me a message, and it made me third in comments. :)
  5. Grandpa Canuck

    Grandpa Canuck Trainee Engineer

    Glad to see a weekly return to small patches. Also very pleased to see the Dev Diary video. Having you show/explain things is key to some players and a return to more than the text in the patch notes is great!

    The vanilla game is progressing well and the mod community has done dome impressive things. In particular peacman with his AI Defenders and his Water mod. Can you tell us/hint even if you intend to add some of these great mods to the standard game...….AI Defenders, water, brewing, more decorative blocks etc.
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  6. MorshuArtsInc

    MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    Can we take a moment and appreciate how the changes are sorted by sentence length?
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  7. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    Second that.
    While I think this is SOOOOO important that we will have to wait for Marek Rosa to have a look and do a verdict. I'd say it is a treasure found on the street, so if I'd be him... I'd grab it.
    --- Automerge ---
    And - welcome back Deepflame in the 'update video series'...
    Edit: (huh - it's no 'update video', now it is 'Dev diary video')
    Two questions: do the barbarians also leave footsteps behind (very cool thing by the way). Does the elegant two-window-stoneblock ever get back? This was Keen's own example mod until it became obsolet with upgrade 0.5 I think. Miss also tile roof blocks with integrated windows which we had...
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  8. Wastefield

    Wastefield Trainee Engineer

    Just noticed something today at least about the previous update, probably still with the newest as not listed on changelog: (damn what a long lead-in...:p)
    Mechanical Sawmill doesn't turn (Palm Tree) Logs into planks anymore. Logs are only consumed by Timber Toolhead, only timber consumed by Plank Toolhead.

    It would be a reasonable change since it probably should take up to 12 cycles to be balanced... But the tooltip still states Plank Toolhead takes Logs and Timbers?
    I used Palm Tree Logs, don't know if regular ones make a difference.
  9. ibisgrunk

    ibisgrunk Apprentice Engineer

    i would like to do a shout out on the Sound... i find ME to have my favorite environmental sounds in a long time...

    [Question - there is a chime noise sometimes when walking around, i cant tell if its when you come up to a mine-able resource or if its something stamina/food related, anyone else notice a chime sound (not like when you equip and unequip a weapon but similar) when walking around?]

    i think due to the success of the last patch and mod work that its time to introduce two things to ME: micro-transactions and battle royale. discuss... don't its a trap!
  10. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    Its been a while since I'v posted, just wanted to say that its great to see the ongoing support for Medieval Engineers. I'm am truly excited to see what keen has in store for the future of this game!
  11. CptTwinkie

    CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    I checked the definitions: The crafting recipe requires Tag="Log". Both the pine tree log and the palm tree log have <Tag>Log<Tag>. In other words, it takes both. Is it possible you have a mod or something that is redefining the pine tree log definition? Try a modless world and see if you have the same issue.

    Our team has been working really hard to create realistic environments, most recently with sound. It has been an uphill battle in many ways so I'm glad to hear that it's improving.
    As to the chime sound. My guess would be that it's the vigorgain sound. This plays when you gain vigor which happens every 10 minutes, if my memory can be trusted. If you eat some healthy, vigor-boosting foods, you'll probably hear the chime a few times as your vigor slowly increases. I think it's still a little awkward. Vigor was decided to be a background system that we would eventually list in some kind of character statistics but idk where that's headed now. I'll have to consult the design team. Feel free to make suggestions at support.keenswh.com
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  12. LeonserGT

    LeonserGT Apprentice Engineer

    Are you sure? Just checked that on steam version myself, it's all fine:
    I think you're talking about vigor gain sound, that indicates your vigor increased after nice meal. You should also have a green stat effect icon with strong guy during those sounds? Respectively, there's also a sound for vigor loss when you're eating raw food, it happens immediately and sounds similar, but with pitch going down.
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  13. Wastefield

    Wastefield Trainee Engineer

    No mods involved since I haven't even tried any mods for ME yet... It's a new world started after 0.6.4. I can try to get some pine tree logs to see if it takes any logs...

    And about the vigor I've been wondering, how does it work exactly? The numerical values listed in foods have vigor: 0,5 or 2 or 5, is it a per-second rate, an immediate increase, does it stack? What's the "well fed" bonus of just (over-)filling the hunger meter with Salad in comparison? Many times if I'm close to starving, I'll first fill with cheaper foods and then eat one Goulash as the last one - thinking the bonus is an over-time growth rate that is overwritten every time you eat something?
  14. CptTwinkie

    CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    OK, I'm not sure about any of the specific numbers below and I don't want to look them up this morning.

    We wanted vigor to be a slow-changing stat so what we ended up doing is creating 3 stats: vigor, vigorgain and vigorloss. When you do something to affect your vigor it is added instantly to vigorgain or vigorloss. Every 10 minutes the system checks the values of these stats. This is the tricky bit but it makes sense. To keep things slow, there's a maximum vigor change (i think it's 5 but it's been a while since I looked at it). The vigor component will try to reduce each stat by the maximum value. If it can reduce both by that amount then they cancel out. If there's a difference, more of one than the other, then the difference is what gets applied to vigor. If it's positive then you get the chime.

    For example: if you have 12 vigorgain and 5 vigorloss it will work like this.
    1st update (10 minutes): -5 gain (7) and -5 loss (0) = 0 (no change)
    2nd update (20 minutes): -5 gain (2) and 0 loss = +5 vigor (chime)
    3rd update (30 minutes); -2 gain (0) and 0 loss = +2 vigor (chime)

    This system is not the most elegant thing in the world but it just slowly ticks away in the background doing exactly what we want it to do. If you have only vigorgain your vigor will increase relatively quickly. If you have mixed gain and loss then you'll be stuck for a while. It's actually difficult to have only loss unless you just go around eating raw pumpkins or starving yourself. Strangely enough, some players manage it. Btw, I'm pretty sure starvation adds vigorloss. Check out MedievalEngineers/Content/Data/Characters/StatsAndEffects/*.sbc for the complex web of stats and effects. Those exact numbers are in there somewhere.
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  15. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    I think we are all glad Ibisgrunk did not happen to hear chimes because he was on a 'walk of atonement":

  16. Wastefield

    Wastefield Trainee Engineer

    Great info, thanks! And sounds like "the leftovers" if gain is over 5, are simply postponed so probably no need to worry about wasting a potential bonus...

    And btw, yesterday I checked the sawmill again and it's working fine now! I brought two Pine Tree Logs and added also two Palm Tree Logs, and that time the Plank Toolhead processed all 4 into planks without issue. Don't know if it was a hotfix or if the sawmill just got "stuck" somehow, requiring a game restart (I had something like that happen with the millstone-counterpart by putting too little wheat at first, then adding to that it still wouldn't start milling, but removing the toolhead and putting it back fixed it in that case).
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