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Important Update 0.7.1 - Major Overhaul of Audio, Visuals, & Blocks

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 14, 2019.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    ME _ Update Banner - 0.7.jpg
    Hello, Engineers!
    We’re thrilled to announce that the 0.7 update has arrived and it’s filled to the brim with tons of exciting new features and enhancements! Whether you’re looking for updated block visuals, new blueprint building in survival, improvements to multiplayer or modding tools, there are plenty of fantastic new additions to experience in Medieval Engineers!

    We are extremely proud of the work that has gone into the design of 0.7. The models -- and many aspects of building in the game -- have been redesigned from the ground up. Today we unveil this, and leave 0.6 behind. We recognize that with such a huge change, there will still be bugs, errors, imbalances. But given that Medieval Engineers is still in Early Access, we wanted you to jump in, see how it works, and help find the things that don't work right. If it ever becomes too much, you can switch back to the stable 0.6 branch as always!


    Block Visuals:
    We have remodeled and retextured almost everything when it comes to blocks. You’ll notice that there are no longer any hard edges. We have introduced parallax shading to bring more depth to the blocks without increasing the triangle count, ensuring the performance does not degrade. Additionally, we re-added some old blocks that got lost (wall with double-window with a pillar, etc.).


    Updated Trees:
    The trees in Medieval Engineers also got a makeover. There are new pines, new spruces, and oak trees!
    Tree cutting has also been tweaked, so go check out those new oaks and don’t forget to yell timber when you cut them down! ;)

    07 TreeComic.jpg

    Female Engineer:
    The female engineer is looking better than ever, as we’ve incorporated some of the features from the Space Engineers female engineer. Likewise, her body proportions look much more realistic.

    07 Cabin.jpg 07MaleFemaleBlocksTree.jpg

    The grids in Medieval Engineers have received a lot of updates, as we overhauled the entire grid codebase, removed multiblocks, optimized adding and removing blocks (grid splits and merges) on very large grids, simplified many systems, fixed small grids not sticking to large grids, improved block placement along with structural integrity and stabilized physical constraints (ropes, catch blocks, etc.).

    Grids 2.jpg

    We have upgraded the multiplayer behavior, especially with regards to the grids, to ensure they are sent over the network quicker, and fully connected, to prevent grid desynchronization, ropes getting cut, and other horrible scenarios that would cause clients to freak out. Serialization is now much faster in multiplayer. There is also better entity grouping to ensure grids load in together, which combined with lots of minor fixes, should significantly improve bandwidth.


    Blueprint Building to Survival:
    With the simple click of a button and a few swings with your trusty mallet, players can now add large buildings, such as castles to a survival world, as well as small constructions, including catapults, which are ready for action! Plus ropes and connections are now saved in blueprints. Blueprints now automatically store, and display, which mods are required, so you can always see what you may be missing when you place a blueprint. It also checks for research, shows you the resources needed to build it, and provides an easy way to check your progress. You can now work together with your friends in building your town!

    Blueprint Building 022.jpg Blueprint Building 05 2.jpg

    World Chunking
    World chunking is a new system that unloads objects that are very far from players. By doing this, we managed to vastly accelerate world loads, particularly for really large worlds. Dedicated servers should also see a reduction in memory usage. On top of this, it removed the need for abandoned grid decay, abandoned grids are usually not loaded into the scene, and thus do not consume any performance anymore. You can go explore servers and discover all kinds of ruins and structures left behind by people!
    This vastly accelerates world loads, saves and unloads entities that have no players nearby, thereby reducing memory usage and performance loading. It also removes the need for abandoned grid decay; abandoned grids no longer take up any performance.


    Be sure to check out the new main menu, blueprints screen, crafting screen and medieval master screen. Every other aspect of GUI has been retouched to fit this new style for the game. It’s not only visual, every screen also had careful thought put into it about what we want to show, in order to improve the flow of user interaction.

    GUI 02 (1)2.jpg

    Medieval Engineers has never sounded so good! Lots of places that were missing sound now have sounds. We also improved the sound quality in many instances, and we added effects and filters, such as reverb and low-pass filters.

    Under “the hood” of Medieval Engineers, there are rendering Performance improvements and GPU particles. There are also better visuals for sunsets and sunrises, and improved logging behavior to help us catch more bugs.


    For our amazing community of modders, we have a nice list of new tools for you:
    -Crafting system refactored to support world chunking and more, see this guide for more info:
    -ModAPI dialogs
    -Dynamic environment system access
    -Added support for underground and inside checks to environment rules
    -Programmable animation layers (thanks to Equinox)
    -Navigation mesh session component (thanks to Equinox)
    -Seedbags now support seeding on non-farming voxels and can plant non-farmable items.
    While we are working out the kinks in 0.7, it may be worth creating 0.6-based copies of your mod so servers that want to remain on 0.6 for a while longer are able to continue playing without too much disruption.

    Last, but certainly not least, we have a voxel hand that obeys landscaping stakes. This was a highly requested feature from the community to fix trouble spots when landscaping.
    We hope you enjoy all of these new additions to Medieval Engineers, as we know that we’ll enjoy seeing what you create with them. :)

    Thanks for reading!
    Keen Software House team

    Hotfix February 15th - Medieval Engineers version
    - Crash fixes! \o/
    - Added checkbox to audio to disable some of the advanced audio features we introduced but are causing troubles on some systems. You can find it under Options -> Audio.
    - Respawning should now put you at the proper position when reconnecting.
    - Corrected a big issue with claimblocks getting disconnected from their claim when they were built on a grid and another block was added to the same grid.
    - Improved performance when walking close to grids with large amounts of blocks.

    Hotfix February 18th - Medieval Engineers version
    - More crash fixes!
    - Various claimblock fixes.
    - Backups are working again.
    - Reduced overall nighttime darkness.
    - Plow block particles no longer left behind.
    - Found missing tooltip on lockable catchblocks.
    - Default compounding mode now initialized correctly.
    - Deer no longer telekinetically try to eat your crops.
    - Fixed one case that could cause the game to hang on exit.
    - You should no longer hear players open their inventories many KM out.
    - Stick Fences moved to Crop Production to make it easier to keep the deer out of your farm.
    - Plow, Seeder, and Harvester block should now remain functional after placing them on a grid.
    - Resolved an issue where parts of a demolished cart would stay in the world and not get cleaned up correctly, causing server crashes.
    For modders:
    - Setting a local mod in the mod selection screen no longer tries to load the workshop mod instead.
    - Fixed StateTimer component, on state transition it can automatically transition to another state after some time.
    - Added StateEvent component, on state transition it can fire an event.
    - Added support for Inventory components to initialize with default items.
    - Whitelisted Nullable.
    - Whitelisted the following namespaces: Medieval.Entities.Components.*, VRage.Entities.Gravity.*, VRage.Game.SessionComponents.*

    Hotfix February 19th - Medieval Engineers version
    - Stick Fence unlocked by farming quest.
    - Wooden Mallet can build palisades again.
    - Grass Ambient Occlusion is working again.
    - Fixed a dedicated server crash related to catch blocks.
    - Backups no longer have a chance of corrupting the main save.
    - Mining with partial stacks of ore will now merge ores correctly.
    - World Chunking more robust to loading entities twice by accident.
    - Fixed an issue that would cause MP packets to get corrupted internally.

    Hotfix February 20th - Medieval Engineers version
    - More crash fixes. :)
    - Updated models for blocks to correct various texture issues, etc.
    - Tweaked bot spawning to reduce the barbarian/deer overload around players.
    - Changed detection algorithm to make it easier to aim at signs placed on a stone cube.
    - Mechanical crafting stations now require power again.
    - Mechanical crafting stations now damage their toolheads again.
    - Re-added missing door locked sound on large round stone wall with offset doors.
    - By popular request, barbarian loot bags and random dropped items decay after 5 minutes again.
    - Closed a loophole allowing people to place blocks in enemy areas.
    - The windmill is now easier to place.
    - Slightly tweaked official blueprints.

    Hotfixes February 21st - Medieval Engineers versions 0.7.1BEB834 and
    - Drawbridge placement fixed.
    - Trash removal now works correctly with dynamic state setting.
    - Missing particles on mechanical crafting stations were put back.
    - Crafting stations with a long queue no longer continuously restart their sound effect.
    - Various block placement issues resolved with wall walks, palisades, and roofs.
    - Various crash fixes, as always. We're seeing the crash counts drop a little now!
    - Various fixes to the game saving and loading should help reduce the number of missing grids.
    - Copying a large grid while aiming at a small grid now properly copies the large grid.
    - House banners now offset properly.
    - Blueprint building should now work on dedicated servers.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented people from placing blocks on dedicated servers.

    Hotfix February 23th - Medieval Engineers version
    - More crash fixes.
    - Various particle effect fixes.
    - AI no longer flood the worlds.
    - Spiral stairs compound properly again.
    - Resolved an issue that could cause saves to not save properly.
    - Added maximum blueprint size test; this is necessary to prevent people from building blueprints into enemy areas. The size is about one area large. Enabling admin mode allows you to override this behavior.

    New update, February 26th - Medieval Engineers version
    - Updated diagonal timbers. Now coming in all sizes!
    - Added mechanical stamp mill, it smashes your ores and stones for you!
    - Added searchbar to crafting screen, find your recipes more easily!
    - Re-implemented ctrl+click to queue 5 items at once in the crafting screen.
    - Addressed more roof issues, but more remain, so we'll fix some more tomorrow!
    - Fixed more crashes we collected from the logs over the weekend.
    - Resolved three more issues with saving, this should help solve the missing grids issue.
    - Fixed mechanical blocks not looping their animation correctly when it is stopped.
    - Searching for blueprints by name no longer has the spinner get stuck.
    - Deconstructing with a full inventory now drops the items on the ground nearby.
    - Barbarian should no longer push you around.
    - Training dummies can be picked up again.
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  2. Eol

    Eol Trainee Engineer


    I mean, actually speechless, didn't see that coming :O
  3. ibisgrunk

    ibisgrunk Apprentice Engineer

    i am #2

    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  4. boromir

    boromir Apprentice Engineer

    Yay!!!! Looks gorgeous!
  5. Tenzo

    Tenzo Apprentice Engineer


    I forgot this is where the changes are announced, I haven't posted here in so long - hurray!

    Congratulations are in order, I left my thoughts in the general section so I won't spam them here, but to sum it up, good job guys!

    Also, off the top of my head, since we can plant trees now, any chance we can plant grass or yellow grass as well? I think it would really finish up the landscaping part of this update really well. You won't worry so much about how much nature you ruin since you can just do landscaping in survival now. Being able to plant grass would really round up that landscaping toolkit really well, I think.

    Cheers on a great update!

    What a difference.

    Keep this up and you will all be wearing gold plated diapers. Never question Bruce Dickinson.
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  6. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Just hope Crab Grass is not added! :)
  7. TownWitchdoctor

    TownWitchdoctor Trainee Engineer

    I thought I was gonna have to wait longer for this. No 3rd beta? :p Looking really cool. New SDK update too
  8. MorshuArtsInc

    MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    Wha- whaaaaaaat
    It's Thursday (or was)
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  9. Thales M.

    Thales M. Senior Engineer

    "Dynamic environment system access"
    what is this?
  10. Vim Razz

    Vim Razz Trainee Engineer

    I find the new crafting interface pretty annoying. It forces you to work in much smaller batches of everything at a time, and makes a lot of chores far more tedious to complete.

    Aside from that gripe, I've pretty happy with the update in general.
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  11. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    I highlight this "fixed small grids not sticking to large grids" as someone who does a lot of small grid construction - gotta love it. And much will have to be experienced and appreciated one step after the other, like the new trees.
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  12. J-Cataclism

    J-Cataclism Apprentice Engineer

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  13. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    oh damn this is some good stuff
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  14. Ljorius

    Ljorius Trainee Engineer

    looks good, but the lastest patch messed something up.

    doors now cannot be opened anymore, only the door frame is highlighted and when activated with F, i see my personal inventory, funny part, when i deconstruct the door down to 50% it becomes usable again.

    - i deconstructed twice and reconstructed again - same issue

    since the server i am running, i also experienced some performance issues. due to some unknown reasons, the server or the movement speed at some point decreases and it only can be fixed by reconnecting. (Ping 1, i can connect directly onto the server from my network)

    the client itself, crashed 3 times before the current patch, log sent to KeenSoftware and after the small patch 2 times, log sent as well.

    the training dummy cannot be deconstructed, because when you go near it, even with a hammer, the combat mode activates.

    small log storage etc. before the patch you were able to crush them with the hammer, now every object ends up in your inventory.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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  15. Tenzo

    Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    I can't make an account on the support site because it says the website is down when I have to click the authentication link.

    So I want to report that the large round floor, cannot be placed on the large round wall. The stones go through the floorboards slightly on the outer edges, maybe that's why it's detecting an invalid placement.

    The night sky now moves and you can follow the stars at night. I guess it's a dynamic skybox now.

    But I would rather we had weather like rain or snow. Snow on top of building pieces would be really cool. :)
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  16. -=Ripps=-

    -=Ripps=- Trainee Engineer

  17. Ljorius

    Ljorius Trainee Engineer

    our playing community currently face time to time lags, the performance decreases and after some time it recovers
  18. MorshuArtsInc

    MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    I hope there will be a patch coming tomorrow, some things badly need fixing.
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  19. ibisgrunk

    ibisgrunk Apprentice Engineer

    it's all good, a couple tweaks here and there and it all comes together! rough seas for a little bit but after that storm a better metaphor will be said...
  20. Rakkeyal

    Rakkeyal Trainee Engineer

    Can there please be a post in topic when hotfixes are released?
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  21. edjon2000uk

    edjon2000uk Trainee Engineer

    Yes I would also like to know when hotfixes are released and what they have done if possible, like for example there is an issue with certain doors not working unless the frame is deconstructed to 50%, are you aware of the problem and have you fixed it yet, that type of thing would help greatly.

    You may have already posted this information on places like Twitter or Facebook neither of which I use, but it would be handy to have the information available on the forums and steam.
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  22. CptTwinkie

    CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    Hotfix patch notes have been added to the bottom of the changelog for the benefit of Medieval Forum Engineers!

    If you want the patch notes instantly, or if you just want to chat with the community and developers, join our Discord server!
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  23. edjon2000uk

    edjon2000uk Trainee Engineer

    That's great, thank you
  24. Thales M.

    Thales M. Senior Engineer

  25. edjon2000uk

    edjon2000uk Trainee Engineer

    Hmm, seems like the latest update has fixed a number of problems I have been having, Thanks again
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  26. ibisgrunk

    ibisgrunk Apprentice Engineer

    point of order, this has been said but needs to be said again, the word hotfix is indeed HOTFIX and this word is yelled anytime it is written or read. HOTFIX is a lightning bolt word causing much excitement and fervor. so when someone types hotfix i read it as HOTFIX and yell it out loud immediately. consider this notice. my neighbors like winter because my windows are closed... Keen shall not take the word HOTFIX lightly, it is a ripple in the player continuum.
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  27. edjon2000uk

    edjon2000uk Trainee Engineer

    Not sure whether you are joking or not so just to soothe your ruffled fur I have edited my post ;)
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  28. CptTwinkie

    CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    More HOTFIXES added :D
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  29. edjon2000uk

    edjon2000uk Trainee Engineer

    Ah thank you Cpt Twinkie just got the HOTFIXES err updates ... I'm so confused :)
    --- Automerge ---
    Actually, quick question, has the ability to douse things like Campfires, Ovens, Furnaces, Kilns, e.t.c been removed from the game?
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  30. Thales M.

    Thales M. Senior Engineer

    Well done, fast hotfixes!
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