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Update 01.030 - Missile Turrets, Redesigned default structures, Ship gun fire mode

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, May 15, 2014.

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  1. wasteland.soldier Trainee Engineer

    Great update devs! Pleasantly surprised to see missile turrets after last week's "focusing on bugs" announcement.

    "Air jets" may have been a simplistic way to put it, but it didn't warrant your response.


    I don't think adding a second, non-destructive thruster type should be a priority since it will open up a whole new can of worms (propellant), but it makes sense to have eventually.

    From your responses, I don't believe you've taken physics beyond a 101-type course in university, or thermodynamics at all.

    And the person who posted the link on RCS did so because RCS systems often use cold gas thrusters. The space shuttle did, in combination with monopropellant thrusters. You should look into RCS since it may help you with "attitude control".
  2. Brenner Junior Engineer

    Good update, keep up the great work!

    Turrets still shoot decoys mounted on the same ship though - this is less than optimal, that way you can only have decoys OR turrets on your ship.
  3. celem Trainee Engineer

    Nice work guys. Liking the rework of the stock ships to use the new features, a bit disappointed you didn't take the opportunity to fix up the easy start 1 miner a bit though, its over-thrusted being based on the fighter and over gyrod too for its weight, its not really controllable at all for me without 3 of 4 gyros off and the last at 50%. At least you conveyored it and it got a new lick of paint ;)

    Awesome with the turrets, just awesome. I dont much care that they dont shoot the right stuff half the time, shooting is a start
  4. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    I was just bitching in a video I made earlier about the lack of a 90 tube :)
  5. kopd Trainee Engineer

    You suggesting he needs to cool his jets?
  6. celem Trainee Engineer

    Also just noticed a stealth fix, turrets no longer fire through the floor when tracking with no LoS
  7. Vandius84 Trainee Engineer

    Thanks devs, love the improvements to targeting.

    As for the astrophysics debate, i do believe you could start a new thread to continue this. This thread is now 11 pages long when it should only be about 5 if you take all the stuff actually pertaining to this update. The devs need info, good and bad, so they can address issues accordingly. If you can't let people have their opinions what good is a community. Also, we are not all college graduates, who majored in astrophysics and work at NASA, so lets try not to bite someones head off if they say something that may be wrong in your eyes. We will not always agree, but let it go, and give the devs your opinion of features. Also, SE is a mixture of realism and science fiction. For example we have gravity generators that only affect objects with an artificial mass block. Nough said.
  8. wasteland.soldier Trainee Engineer

    No comet....

  9. RazorBeam Trainee Engineer

    Great work. I love this game more than any other and it keeps getting better.
    I agree with adding air jet propulsion for maneuvering. It is very discouraging to see people calling others "retarded" for something that is actually used by NASA. Too much star trek/wars in their ideas of space travel. Watch 1 episode of the battlestar galactica reboot and watch for the vipers. What happens when they change direction? Maybe, little spouts of gas shoot out. If you only take sci-fi as your reference, there it is.
    Once again, great work. I hope you don't finish the game soon, because the more you work the better and better it gets.
  10. Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    Most awesome update!!!
  11. jetstream01 Apprentice Engineer

    People complaining about the fact that they only added a few things in this update need to CALM DOWN. The most important thing they could ever possibly do with an update is fix game-breaking bugs, which they did. A ton of them. In case you haven't noticed, for the last week it was near impossible to play a multiplayer game without it crashing every hour or so...this is now fixed.

    Thank you devs for another awesome update!

    I find it incredible that we have a developer that not only fixes bugs promptly, but releases new content every week. I challenge you to find another developer that treats its customers this good.
  12. MotherbrainJr Apprentice Engineer

    Finally turrets! Thanks guys.

    But can we have a manual turret control mode that takes you in third person outside your ship
    so you can aim all the available turrets with the mouse?
  13. Crewman87 Apprentice Engineer

    I'm with Jetstream. These devs are actually very satisfactory. They are very quick to release fixes for bugs, and like Jetstream said, also add new content every week. This is the type of effort I like to see in an Alpha game because it allows me to feel assured that they can and will fix problems, and mold this game into something epic. Also I'd like to include Phand for being one of the most efficient moderators and constantly working hard to make sure we are happy. You don't find this a lot, and I'm so glad I have found it in a game that I felt I have been waiting for all my life (being a space/sci-fi junkie).
  14. AdventuringRobot Trainee Engineer

    The Age of Missle Turrets has come *trumpets blaring*
  15. Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    You do realize a non-programmer can do this right? So it's not exactly wasted time, but additional time. Besides, they've already stated future updates would focus on bugs and optimization. Frankly, I am suprised by the amount of content in this update!
  16. Flyingfirepig Trainee Engineer


    Say you've got a 1000KG spaceship starting from rest. (I'm going to use round numbers). The spaceship also has 100kg of gas on-board. Say you then eject that 100 kg of gas at 30 ms^-1. Conversation of momentum states that the sum of momentum remains the same in a closed system (Space is often a good example of a closed system)

    The system's initial momentum is (1000+100)*0 = 0

    Once the gas is ejected, you can model it as 2 bodies -

    The spaceship is travelling at X ms^-1, and the 100kg of gas is traveling at 30ms^-1

    So, 1100*0 = 1000*X + 30*100

    1000X = -3000

    |X| = 3 => The spaceship would travel at 3 meters a second in the opposite direction of the gas.

    I'm slightly concerned that you didn't learn this in your Astronomy and Aerospace course, they teach this in maths courses for the very first year of college... As far as I'm aware, Ion thrusters work in the same way, they accelerate small ammounts of gas to very high velocities using electromagnetic fields, then eject them in the opposite direction to where they wish to move.

    On topic:

    Nice update! New collision sounds if I'm not mistaken, and trying to get back to my ship after I switched my 30 turrets onto "Shoot movement" mode was a laugh!
  17. dekul Trainee Engineer

    In fact, compressed gas systems as an effective propulsion method are only limited by modern materials. In theory, you can carry just as much mass of compressed gas as you can rocket fuel, rocket fuel is just generally more efficient in modern craft because they reach higher pressures and therefore higher exhaust velocities which uses the propellant more efficiently. Plus in order to carry a large mass of gas at high pressure requires a very strong tank, and with modern materials, strong tanks are heavy.

    In a futuristic scenario, where a ship has (comparatively) unlimited energy from a fusion reactor and could possibly create very light gas tanks from advanced materials, possibly supplement their strength via magnetic fields generated by your electrical system. If you can get the pressure high enough (for instance, equal to that in the rocket's combustion chamber) and keep the weight low enough, (with advanced materials, and the lack of a need for things like pumps, ignition components, thermal management), your compressed gas jet could be more efficient than an equally sized rocket.

    Actually, since expelling compressed gas removes a lot of heat, this could be one possible explanation to where all that waste heat from your reactor is going, instead of turning you into a barbecue.
  18. sroloff Trainee Engineer

    another awesome patch BUT another patch with no dedicated server -- so the +1 i would normally give is again a -1.......... multiplayer would be so much more if it was dedicated >< :mad:

    i know im not the only one that feels this way :(
  19. Quickdraw6 Trainee Engineer

    Dedicated servers, dedicated servers, yadda yadda yadda.

    This game is in early alpha. Look at the version number. 01.030. While the devs may need to step the patch number up a bit (really, it's been increasing in very slight increments, and I feel the game has enough components to at least be in .05, and even then that may be an underestimate), it's still early in the development and dedicated servers seems like something that, while everyone wants it, may be better off if other things were dealt with first. Combat is not even close to being finished, with protection from attacks still only going as far as heavy armor and some ingenuity in armor design and turrets attacking the very player that built them (provided they are set to attack moving objects). Factions (which I hear will be coming soon; can't wait) are greatly needed in a dedicated server update, among other things as well.

    For instance, with the update introduced as of today involving the 'shoot anything that moves' setting, players could easily set a ship that comprises of little more than weaponry, put tons of ammo into it and then set it to attack moving targets and leave it at spawn as well as exiting the server. In a dedicated server, anyone that joins and/or spawns would effectively be screwed if they so much as moved an inch, all because of one troll player.
  20. supermassimo Trainee Engineer

    but, how do we assault cargo ships now? like the military ones and stuff
  21. DarkDragon Apprentice Engineer

    HAHAHA ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? The words "compressed" and "air" do not appear anywhere in that wiki. Jesus people, ACCEPT KNOWLEDGE INSTEAD OF TRYING TO DEFEND YOUR IGNORANCE. What a bunch of children.[/QUOTE]

    True while it doesnt say anything about compressed air on that wiki page anywhere that doesnt make it a false thing, the RCS Thrusters dont use air itself:

    "Each RCS consists of high-pressure gaseous helium storage tanks, pressure regulation and relief systems, a fuel and oxidizer tank, a system that distributes propellant to its engines, and thermal control systems (electrical heaters)."

    Just an excerpt from: http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/shuttle/technology/sts-newsref/sts-rcs.html

    Whilst the initial info was wrong in their reply and suggestion I will point out the original Idea has merit.
    An alternate to the main thrusters is needed to stem the destruction to surrounding ships/stations and components.

    Why does this always need to be a flame war on whos right in facts and whos not... took me all of 2 seconds at the base of the Wiki page provided to find this out. from what ive seen here and within the suggestions forums this community, and it is a small amount of people not everyone, needs to ease up and stop trying to tell the devs of this Game what to strictly do. I know this will get some flamage and hey i really dont care. People need to remember this is a game not real life, realisim is good for games but too much can ruin it. Whilst in development the plan can change for strange and random reasons. Whilst i commend people trying o keep it to the realism point of view there are more than a few great ideas getting shot down because they are classed as not realistic when there are things being used or developed to support they are. Just try and enjoy the game as it is or as you see it.

    On topic: This update will add more challenge to the game so players wont get the free resources from the cargo ships to add with the traps that can be disabled with thruster damage turned off. I also look forward to the space battles that are undoubtedly going to start now that the systems are mostly in place for it :)
  22. Blues Trainee Engineer

    Thanks a lot for this patch, makes the Cargo Ships so much more challenging. The weapons still need some tweaks i think, but its really nice already.
    *off to add heavy armor to my capturing ships
  23. DarkDragon Apprentice Engineer

    This will now require some strategic thought :) if you managed to catch one before this update and havent modified it too much from the original design you can use that to find blind spots if need be.
  24. Chrispin Trainee Engineer

    We need a way to synchronize our inertial dampeners to moving objects so that your ships don't slowly float away when parking next to moving ships.
  25. Igneous01 Apprentice Engineer

    So, its possible now to make basic CIWS system for large ships :D all we need now is guided anti-ship missiles and auto-cannons
  26. Hovis Trainee Engineer

    Best patch in a long time, fixed all my sound/performance problems, and provided a brilliant new challenge, just how are my friends and I on our survival server going to capture and recycle passing ships that return fire?

    The ship that can approach, disarm, lock onto, disable, retrieve and reprocess a fully armed and operational Military Transport will be one hell of a craft- and I intend to build it. In survival mode while dodging meteors, of course.
  27. Daniel Oliynyk Trainee Engineer

    Did anyone notice that your turrets shoot down your own missiles if you have it set to shoot at missiles? This means that you can't be shooting missiles and defending your ship at the same time. :(
  28. Chaosrex Apprentice Engineer

    Now that ships have working defenses, and boy do they hit hard, got blasted in the skies 3 times by a military transporter..., can you guys take out the booby trap warheads?...

    On my third approch, i tried to take out the missile turret on the side to pass and i hit approx where the second warhead is...half the ship is now gone, wich is a reall annoyance.
  29. sroloff Trainee Engineer

    lol its easier to get dedicated servers up early then it is to wait till the code is bloated... thanks for your input though
  30. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    epic update is epic
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.