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Update 01.101 - Landing gear fix, Performance improvements, Small ship turrets

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Sep 25, 2015.

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  1. Ceztu Apprentice Engineer

    The only real difference between large ship and small ship is that on one you can put refineries and assemblers. Everything else a small ship can do for less materials, less weight and less size. Even turrets now.
  2. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    And Jump Drives. And Spotlights. And Interior Lights. And Doors. And windows. And the other windows. And Gravity Generators. And the other Gravity Generators. And Large Cargo Containers. And Airtight Hangar Doors.

    Did i miss one?
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  3. dispair Apprentice Engineer

    so I play on a laptop, i7 6gb of mem
    my stress world is a Jedi cruiser, just the frame 35,000,000,000 kg
    i was getting
    fps 14
    sim 1.00
    gc memory 750,000,000

    fps 13
    sim 1.0
    gc mem 830,000,000

    so for all practical considerations no change in my stress test world. So I am crazy, but I would like to get to the point where I can finish this monster. I am thinking that is just a little past realistic after beta is done, which is fine. It is a completely unrealistic goal. I like rather large builds, and they do well until the shooting starts. I sure that the explosions can be fixed with some work, any explosion more than 20 or so just needs to not spawn debris and get a simplified physics call or some slight of hand like that.
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  4. jdc017 Trainee Engineer

    hey all my stsions gatling turrents just became missile turrents is this a glitch or do I need to grind em all off n replace em
  5. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    I understand, but you said large battleships are now... useless?
  6. Ceztu Apprentice Engineer

    I didn't say they are useless. I only said that large ships don't have much going for them at the moment besides the "cool interrior" factor, which let's be honest, isn't a necesarry thing at all. They can feel like big block small ships at times. Especially when you want to make a smaller sized large ship.
  7. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Well, in my opinion, "cool factor" is all large ships have ever had going for them. Very few people here have resisted the urge to go big. I currently have a ship that exceeds 1 kilometer in length and over 200 million kg. It's a mining operations ship I built about a year ago and just recently revisited and even I am amazed at how big it is. It has to be, though, for what its purpose is.

    Sure, you might accomplish a similar task with smaller vessels, but if that were true, why did the Empire build the Death Star?
  8. Athalon020 Trainee Engineer

    Because Death Boulder didn't sound as intimidating, maybe?
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  9. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Ask Indiana Jones about that one.
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  10. Hyomoto Apprentice Engineer

    Well, for a single pilot a battleship is anything but pragmatic. I think compound blocks would help out a lot. The large blocks make sense to keep things more playable and for building larger structures, but once you get inside, the block motif is a limitation. I understand why people build intricate small ships, it simply isn't an option for the large ones. It can be a frustrating puzzle trying to figure out how to build a reasonable sized anything. Lights are the easiest to forgo, but you shouldn't have to choose between a light an a control panel or catwalk.
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  11. Ceztu Apprentice Engineer

    Compound block would help immensly. Just think that a single large block is 5x5x5 in small blocks. You can pack a lot of things in that 5x5x5 while with a large ship that is a single block.

    This causes large ships to be designed much more bulky than small ones, even if you built the small one with an interior, which also means the large ship will weight more and be less nimble than the small one, while on the small one you probably can even put redundancy in while still being faster, more compact and more light weight than a large ship.

    Because in the Death Star a sinle light didn't take up 2.5x2.5x2.5 space. :p

    ...or maybe it did an that's why they had to build it! To fit in all the lights! :woot:
  12. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Yes. But these are the easy, show stopping bugs. Now the entire group is focused on these bugs when they could have been routing out deeper issues. Unlike professional, paid play-testers we'll stop playing when we hit a show-stopper. A paid tester is going to finish the job as well as report back in an organized manner.

    The other thing to consider is that only a fraction of players even post on the forums. An even smaller subset posts bugs or suggestions.

    Give a small group of trusted volunteers a couple of days to go through the game and discover the first level of bugs, then report back. Then give the dev team a couple of days to decide what to do and possibly correct them. Then when the general group gets the release they'll report on deeper issues and not generate so much redundant reporting.

    Getting the bugs worked out on the current iteration is a challenge, no doubt. Once planets hits, there will be plenty to work out there too. I'd volunteer to play test releases if the opportunity came up.

    I totally get that there will be bugs and that's just the nature of the alpha. But that doesn't mean the way things are handled can't be improved.
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  13. Thomas_Jefferson Apprentice Engineer

    GTX 760 OC here on Windows 10 x64. No issues crashing with this build so far...
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  14. Bumber Senior Engineer

    Large ships hold up to damage a lot better. It's really small ships that are small block large ships with loss of functionality.

    Oxygen stuff. Flight seats. Cryo chambers. Catwalks.

    I think they do have spotlights.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2015
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  15. ZinuxGamer Trainee Engineer

    Well here is my experience of the latest patch, around 3 hours of play so I just keep it short to the highlights:
    Just started a Easy Start 2 world survival ... pulled in to the red and blue closer to the green base for defence againest pirate AIs 'ooo-arrrr!!' and reset all owner ship to me. Next was turning off all the interior and spot lights to save power and FPS on the ships and green base ... save game ... then got to modifying the small builder ship with 2 grinders for dismantling the part-built 2nd blue ship ... started grinding away and had it dirft away (oh shit moment!) ... ok reload game and grind down enough parts to build some merge blocks, used the blue ship to merge to with the part-build one and start grinding with builder ship ... within a few seconds one the grinders exploded ... wtf!! ok so lets just grind it down by hand which takes quite a while ... well after running back and forth quite a few times mainly due to low energy (also died a few times almost randomly) got the job done ... save game ... lets stick a connector on the green base and get the loot out of the builder-ship into the green base, but even a slightest touch from the builder ship, connector exploded! GRRR! Think now, hmm wonder how many hrs / days can the green base run for before it needs more fuel (urainium). Then get out of the builder ship and fly outside and have a look around notice there is a control bridge up the top ... die again almost randomly after what was like the lightest tap on the outside of the green base GRRRR! . respawn (with no energy yet again) and get back inside to the sort of central hall and find there is a sort of tube that takes you up towards the control tower ... starting flying up tap something with plenty of heath and energy dead GRRRRRR! ok lets respawn try it again, tap something again dead and give up out of furstation and rage quit :(

    Seems like the theme is with the updates recently is some things things fixed, but a lot more broken :(
  16. mikeloeven Senior Engineer

    My Reaction to Reading This Weeks Patch Notes
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  17. DS_Marine Apprentice Engineer

    Unable to weld a lot of stuff :(
    won't make an accurate list now, I'm pissed trying to repair stuff and being unable
  18. Drivenbydiamond Trainee Engineer

    My simulation rate takes a MASSIVE hit whenever I dock a small ship on a large ship. It only occurs if you are outside the small ship but still within the box of the large ship. Anyone else having this problem?
  19. Derpy Smoog Trainee Engineer

    my yellow respawn ship is now behaving like a small ship. when i bump it the ship goes flying away. i cant walk around inside without it spinning wildly out of control and killing me. so i merge blocked it ti a station and the same thing happened despite a combined weight of 4.7 mil KG.
  20. McG Apprentice Engineer


    Well, I noticed the claimed patch changes and thought maybe something significant to the mining lag issue had been fixed, finally.

    So I download and install game again, edit my map to not incude the pirat drones since I have no use for pirates or pirate bases, noticed lack of any check box to remove the existence of those bases from my map, or make sure they aren't added as my map was before these patches....

    Well load the map and pirate bases all around me. I just want to enjoy my little map and explore all by myself, enjoying the environment, but instead, the game is giving me 1 frame per 5 minutes.... I can't even move.

    Well I decide to bring up task manager.... Low and behold my little map with 1 small main base and small auxiliary base is taking up 5.7 gigabytes of RAM. This map used to be 4.4 gigabytes AFTER I went mining, and would keep increaseing, meaning the issue with lag after miing is a memory leak. I could close the SE application with task manager and the space engineers process would persist in the background growing in memory.

    Prior to mining my map would take up around 2 Gigabytes of RAM, and this increase in size doesn't change if i make it 256 floaters or 16 and I still get the memory leak lag. Also didn't matter what map I'd load, mine and memory leak lag issue happens.

    Now, without mining and just loading my map, and likely because of the amount of objects that these pirate bases are made up of, my map is 3.7 gigabytes larger. Now, I don't know about you, but when the data to be managed increases like that, the performance improvements are negated. Again, I am at 1 frame per 5 minutes. A friend contacted me in Steam, I had to end the Space Engineers process to be able to get to Steam to reply because the game was that lagged out it wouldn't even let me get to Steam, missing keystrokes etc.

    System specs:

    8120 AMD 3.9GHZ
    8 Gig DDR3 RAM
    Vista 64
    Nvidia 660 GTX 2 Gig DDR5 VRAM
    TA990 FXE Mother Board

    Never have had the game run this laggy before in my 1700 hours of game play. I am sure there are improvements by this patch, however, I am also sure that some things done, like leaving out a way to not have the pirate bases, is negating the benefits of those improvements, and, making those of us who may be considered with, what are not marginal systems to run the game, unable to run it after we've paid for it. Honestly the game ran so smooth before and now....I'm sorry it's just very sad, it used to be such a great thing to go out make things and just enjoy the atmosphere, occasionally with a friend, now the whole thing has been so significantly changed, and without even making sure the options are there for players like me, and that's not to mention whether (since there is no way for me to test it now like I was going to) they fixe the lag after mining issue. Think what you want but I played off and on for a while now and Keen's let me down in the game being in this state now. I hope they fix it but my hope is why I tried now, only to find it worse than it was before. Good luck to all others, I mean, maybe it works for most people, and game ran and loaded my map but as it is it's just unplayable, and no longer the environment I enjoyed in just making a map all by myself and playing survival mode to work for what I was making instead of like magic make it appear as it is in creative.
  21. BlackUmbrellas Senior Engineer

    Uncheck "Drones" and "Encounters".
  22. McG Apprentice Engineer

    Okay, did exactly what you said. Yes it helped, saved me 800 megs, yet same map that was 2 Gig, and when enduring mining memory leak starts to 1 fps at 4.4 Gig is now 5.1 gig without me mining or doing anything. It's still messed up, and, lag wise, without mining, barely playable. So for me, it's not performing better, that's for sure.

    Edit: Also, friend and I tried this on a map, not in server mode, but together on a map and we'd die and respawn with no energy, game lagging heavily and difficult to use med station at that point. I just had the same thing happen to me alone on my map prior to changing that encounter setting. New bugs hahaha
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2015
  23. DS_Marine Apprentice Engineer

    (big) gatlings are not pulling ammo?
  24. McG Apprentice Engineer

    Oh, and in multiplayer I put some interior lights on bottom of starter ship, I couldn't weld them after placing them.
  25. mauserflame Trainee Engineer

    This game has really come a long way! Still shaking with excitement for the planetoid update. :D
  26. kingkrieg Apprentice Engineer

    so you re saying:

    bad if it breaks, bad if it doesnt..?

    oh cmon people, make up your mind!

    "damned if i do, damned if i dont"
  27. Trozzo Apprentice Engineer

    Got a huge nerf on performance since last patch in DX11... gtx970. Really disappointed :(
  28. mrdavidbrown Trainee Engineer

    Nice work guys! Can't wait for those planets they're looking beautiful.
  29. acidmetal Apprentice Engineer

    We have to wait for a whole week until these game breaking bugs are fixed? :(
  30. Ramsey Trainee Engineer

    Bring your best small ship, and I'll bring my best large ship, and we will see how "useless" it is.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.