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Update 01.106 - Pistons performance improvements, Bugfixes

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Oct 30, 2015.

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  1. Vicizlat Apprentice Engineer

    A whole lot of pink boxes...
    For the moment I can see them on every conveyor tube, both old and newly placed. And on small hydrogen thrusters.
    Also, Keen, don't you think if there is no glass in conveyor tubes, they shouldn't be required to build them? I mean they were always above the red line, but still now there shouldn't be any at all...
    And also, loving the piston locking. Is it possible to get a slider to change at what speeds it locks or a simple button to lock it in place manually?
    Thanks for the great update!
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  2. Mobiyus Apprentice Engineer

    y u no shoot?!? Good for you they're so easy to evade tho
  3. Phlunder Trainee Engineer

    Do I have to start a new world to fix invisible voxels? My existing worlds still have invisible asteroids, or invisible parts of asteroids. :(
  4. Fisk Hextail Trainee Engineer

  5. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Good solid update...On paper.

    See when I'm in-game. Last time it seem to cause more issues than it fixed. Still thanks for keeping at it Keen.
  6. SamAzing0 Trainee Engineer

    I like to keep this handy... for close encounters.
  7. Stormtrooper Trainee Engineer

    Awesome patch can't wait to try the new stuff
  8. Visvires Trainee Engineer

    Space Spiders! No can hear you weave!

    Hoping to see them invading on Halloween. Give me a use for my rifle.
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  9. denoflions Trainee Engineer

    Asteroids rendering is still completely broken on DX11 for those wondering.

    This is just a tiny bit game breaking. I was really hoping this would be a priority fix...
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  10. M1stery Apprentice Engineer

    Awesome patch cant wait to test those pistons, BTW just asking can we catapult spiders to an enemy camp?
    Tnx for your hard work keen.
  11. Cmdr_Forge Apprentice Engineer

    wow...nice work with the attempted jump-scare there, lol. I suggest from that video that mining be a 2-3 man operation. 1 or 2 mine while the other(s) stand guard. Now...can we please have personal flamethrowers?? :)
    Also, is there any way at all to unlock support to sub grids for blueprints? its really annoying that it can't recognize there are blocks there when its just on the other side of a rotor head.
  12. Lithorn Trainee Engineer

    What good is increasing hydrogen storage... IF ONLY THE SHIP CAN USE IT? Hydro bottle don't charge jetpack.... Medbay conncted to hydrotank dosent either... HRM..
  13. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    That video was great; and oh my gosh, the ending. EEEEK!
    If this is true, then you folks have resolved one of the all-time biggest problems with Space Engineers. I said before that SE can work as a game with or without planets, but it can't work without other things. One of those other things is "engineering that doesn't explode." Obviously we need to test this FOR SCIENCE!, but if true, this is as big for SE's future as planets are.

    @RotalHenricsson, you must answer the call, and see if your nemesis has been vanquished!
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  14. Harintosh Trainee Engineer

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
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  15. andrew.evins Trainee Engineer

    The only thing I was concerned about was the invisible voxel layers. Great job devs. I am so impressed with this game and it's community.
  16. schneiderdriverp Trainee Engineer

    I still have mysteriously cloaking asteroids when I get closer to them. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

    Edit: Really makes my game unplayable.... for the second week in a row :(
  17. Barfbag Trainee Engineer

    Asteroids still bugged. need to wait another week to play survival properly :(
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  18. CptNuts Trainee Engineer

    Ok, that explains why one of my attempts to build a new mobile base had parts spontainously detaching. I thought it might had something to do with the pistons but could not figure out whyt exactly happened, good to see that this is fixed now. Good update, bugfixing is always appreciated. The Bug Tunnel Teaser though ... well, I probably should start working on some kind of heavy armed, heavily armored digging truck. Just because I probably won't be able to set fire to the whole planet to get rid of all the bugs.
    I really love how this game turn out now, great work :D.
  19. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    You're not getting me to put Rotors back into the Tapping THAT easily, fiend!

    But even so - their terror will forever live on in my memories. You don't just kill off a great villain.
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  20. DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks guys for staying up late, and also for the fixes!

    I've checked the rotors on my model.
    They still shake just as heavily like before when they're in a straight mirror configuration.
    Is that just the underlying physics of the game, or is that fixable in the future sometime?
  21. Xakthos Apprentice Engineer

    While I appreciate the thought of fixing pistons I think I'll give it a few months before I rely on them to do ... well anything honestly. I adapted everything to remove them and rotors and while I'd love to have them back I just can't quite get over the horror.
  22. TinfoilChef Trainee Engineer

    Spiders? I hope there's an option to disable them and if not an option, then a mod. I *SO* don't want spiders.
  23. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I take that back... pistons are still not fixed, they still explode when turning at max speed................
  24. malteins Apprentice Engineer

    How do your asteroids render? I'm having an issue with the rendering too.
    a) I've noticed that when close by, certain patches of the terrain ( asteroid ) don't render so you basically can see through to the other side. This happens on asteroids of 1km and above.
    b) Also the LODs on the Asteroids look strange because the don't hold the same shape as the hi-res ( close by ) version. So as you get closer to an asteroid you can see the shape changing, and some parts popping up.
  25. Drivenbydiamond Trainee Engineer

    haha Aliens reference
  26. [GEEC] Ecen Cronzeton Trainee Engineer

    - fixed connectors exploding in MP

    Thank you! :D
  27. Kilroy 2 Apprentice Engineer

    i think i speak for everyone when i say


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  28. Trozzo Apprentice Engineer

    so... all small ship love. Small ship gone large got a huge love. Air vents, Inertia dampeners still 10x, 4x hydrogen tank capacity... perfect for Planets landing!
  29. Teladus Trainee Engineer

    This update is pretty good...but the wireframes on asteroids...is not fixed...pls keen... fix in the next week the wireframes on asteroids pls....:)
  30. denoflions Trainee Engineer

    On DX11 they don't render at all when under 5k from them unless you're at very specific angles, and even then only part of it renders. They also take a crap on your FPS despite them not rendering.

    On DX9 the LOD bug is still there. The asteroid itself renders fine, but all of the LOD layers show up at the same time and only the bottom most one updates when you mine. So every asteroid has a non-collidable wrapper around it permanently.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.