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Update 01.154 DEV - Configurable Block Limits & Performance Warnings

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. Burillo Junior Engineer

    i have 32GB, that's more than enough to run three instances of SE at the same time. i still have crashes. it's not strictly related to memory consumption as much as it's related to something failing inside the game once some limit is reached.
  2. Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    This doesn't pertain the memory issues(or maybe it does who knows) but recently every time I try to extend any piston it crashes the game. The few times it does work however it starts behaving very strangely. It starts to rotate in a lopsided kind of way. What also might be related to this issue is a constant banging/clang sound I hear from a set of pistons connected end on end. Its as if klang has possessed my pistons :woot:.
  3. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    Its not the OS... its just the game.

    There are people with Win7 and even Vista trying to play SE with 16GB+ ram having it filled just by flying around. The game has more memory leaks than a sieve full of bytes.

    The poor content management doesn't help either. From what I've observed so far, it just loads every piece of damned content you have installed, instead of streaming them in when they're actually needed.

    Someone who joins a server that has 50 - 100+ mods is definitely not going to see every single thing those mods have to offer as soon as they spawn, and there's a high chance they won't ever see much of the mod content available, so its just a waste to preload it all.
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  4. eviltek2099 Apprentice Engineer

    but lets blame win 10 anyway. LOL. I'm glad I stayed on Win7 and only use win10 in vmware.
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  5. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    1) Happens from the start. The memory leak starts as soon as you load in, but the rate of the leak will depend on what is in the world/what is going on.
    2) All scenarios. Worse in worlds that have planets, worse in worlds where grids have been damaged or broken apart.
    3) 16 GB DDR3-1600
    4) I have two worlds at the moment with identical mod sets, one is a limited-radius empty-space world where I do creative building, the other is a solar system start world where I do testing of the things I designed in the creative world. In the creative world, despite having dozens of grids floating around (bits and pieces of ship designs, half-finished things, test platforms, finished ships that are being polished), I can spend several hours just placing blocks, building, etc and still have usage under 10 GB. However, in the creative world, if I paste in a ship, attach a bomb to the ship, paste in a target, drop the bomb on the target, then practice flying around the planet for 45 minutes, my RAM usage will be high enough that I have to restart SE. If I have a friend pop into the creative world, and we do some design testing (shooting guided missiles at targets, dogfighting, etc) then the memory leak will also worsen rapidly.

    I'm using a few simple block mods (armored thrusters, OKI turrets, small ship glass, etc), that I do not think would contribute to the problem. I will try and list all the mods I'm using that have additional scripting, as well as the PB scripts I am using.

    Mods with external scripting:
    DraygoKorvan's Holographic Radar <- This is in the worlds, but not currently being used on any designs
    Digi's Helmet Mod
    Digi's Build Info
    Digi's Paint Gun
    Digi's Aerodynamics
    Digi's Ladders
    Midspace's Admin helper commands

    PB scripts:
    Alysius's Floor Plan
    MMaster's Automatic LCDs
    Taleden's Inventory Manager
    Whiplash's Weapon Sequencer
    Whiplash's Artificial Horizon
    Whiplash's Rangefinder (unreleased)
    Whiplash's Fire Control (komodo version)
    Whiplash's Optical Guided Missile Script
    Whiplash's Planetary Compass and Bearing
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  6. TidusKlein Apprentice Engineer

    :eek: new tag removed! Hype
  7. omni772 Trainee Engineer

    My game also seems to suffer the memory leak, only happened after this dev update, heres hoping its fixed for todays update! really missing my realistic sounds
    anyway this was happening in an empty world in dev and a few mods (removing the mods had no change an hour managed to climb it back to 15gb and rising) where i was building a few utility ships to project into survival
  8. ZinuxGamer Trainee Engineer

    F5 squadrons to the ready!
  9. Outfrost Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not sure if my issues are related to this release (they've been there for a long time), but:
    1. From the start. Heavy freezing and high disk usage begins towards the end of the loading screen. By that time, VRAM and RAM are almost completely full.
    2. Mostly planets, although a freeze always occurs on the loading screen. If I'm in the void, empty or with asteroids, the game runs alright most of the time. Whenever there is a planet in the world (doesn't have to be particularly close), turning the camera, ship or myself around will often cause the screen to freeze at random moments. I haven't seen a time when that's not associated with high disk usage. It obviously gets worse when close to or on a planet.
    3. 8GB DDR2-800 RAM, 2GB GDDR5 256b VRAM, 12~16GB SSD pagefile
    4. Steps are usually just "make a world or load an existing one". Planets amplify the issue, especially when turning the view or moving around. Using mods makes it worse, but it's fully present in vanilla game as well.

    With the following mods on the following world, I've been able to freeze the game for a good few minutes while flying my ship about 1500~2000m ASL.
    Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758875997 (optionally Digi's Aerodynamics substituted for this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=571920453)
    World: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=760338546

    Also, when a world finishes loading and is fully rendered, and I'm not doing anything, SE's "private working set" of memory keeps increasing little by little, causing brief spikes of disk activity from time to time.
    As I said earlier, if you want, I can try to record a video (using my smartphone, not screen capture) of how exactly it looks. Optionally I can also record performance metrics on my secondary monitor, such as any tab of task manager, resource monitor, performance monitor, GPU-Z, SpeedFan, etc.
  10. lowrez Trainee Engineer

    Thank you all for the feedback, it was very helpful.
    The issue has now been tracked and it will be fixed ASAP.
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  11. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    Got any details to share? I am sure we are all curious as to the culprit item.
  12. Outfrost Apprentice Engineer

    Awesome! Can't wait to test the result :)
  13. lowrez Trainee Engineer

    Thank you for your patience, the memory leak is fixed in 155.003.

    It was related to the profilers - the main profiler, when disabled, didn't allow the "small" profiler's (introduced in 154) messages to be processed.
  14. Chuccoo Trainee Engineer

    i only play on Stable. i can't wait visual scripting... i really hope it could help me so much since i'm not a programmer and just a Gamer who want to have fun...
    my hope is, when using visual scripting, i could make battery and reactor as two main power separately... the battery only be charged by solar panel, not from reactor.
    And when the battery is less than 2%, the reactor is turned on to supply the system but not charge the battery...
    because i want the battery to be charged only by solar panel on my station.

    Block limit..
    talking about performance, once again i'm just a gamer, i have i7 4790k, gtx 980 ti, mem 16gb, ssd 240gb but still don't know what could i get from that hardware..
    so i think i really need a Button on option to set Low, Medium, High or Recomended settings for my Performance...
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.