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Update 01.170 DEV - Physics and Render Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jan 12, 2017.

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  1. DON78 Trainee Engineer

    this happend before the patch too. adding a block to one grid makes it look good again until you move it once again :/
    Merging with rotors on the same grid still dont work ... because two blocks occupied the same space (i think this is the rotor himself)
  2. Harrekin Master Engineer


    A skybox.

    Such hypefail.
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  3. GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    prior to this patch, i couldnt merge sub grids at all, so its an improvement, and I did in fact try the "just add another block" trick and it made it move, but not back to where it should have been.

    And yes, rotors can be finicky when it comes to merging them, if you post a picture of your set up i can tell you if its a rotor problem or a bug...
  4. Lt. Yankee Apprentice Engineer

    UPDATE STABLE PLEASE !! This fixes will lower the pain and riot...
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  5. FFAxVilheim Trainee Engineer

    Most likely, it's your mods. Whenever there is a change to the ModSDK, it can break a lot of mods so those mods will need to be updated to reflect the changes.
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  6. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    The new skybox:

    First, it's looks fantastic. Wow.
    Second, however, I'd like an option of a less nebulaic one. Simple black with stars.
    I look forward to trying it out either way.
  7. entspeak Senior Engineer

    With the materials changes, will cloud texture modding be coming? Or maybe soon?
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  8. Lithorn Trainee Engineer

    Was the memory leak fixed? Its really taxing when SE uses 15g of memory and crashes. I dare not even use mods.
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  9. Saphi Trainee Engineer

    we really need fixes in the stable branch
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  10. peso Trainee Engineer

    Export in this build still does not generate correct .obj file. Please fix this.
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  11. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Same here!
  12. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    time to land the respawn atmospherics lander and LOCK its landing gears in high hopes........it doesn't float away.

    Hope they have fixed that bug its grown far too old.
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  13. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Going to have to play some with merge blocks and see how they behave now. Some useful fixes on the list...and a very nice looking skybox on the way.
  14. posthy Apprentice Engineer

    That skybox in the teaser looks gorgeous,
    I don't know how much work to create a skybox, but why stick to one? You should add multiple skyboxes to the game and let us choose at the world generator. That'd be really awesome for a campaign / scenario-chain, making the impression that we're visiting more parts of the universe!
    (I probably should open a new thread in the suggestion forum about this if there's no one yet)
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  15. Outfrost Apprentice Engineer

    Oh god, another skybox lit up as bright as a Christmas tree... I mean, don't get me wrong, it's very pretty, but (1.) realism, and (2.) you're not gonna be able to see a damn thing on that kind of backgruond :/
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  16. alexis Trainee Engineer

    Nice Update Keen Thx!
    [LCD broken] One bug still on the road: LCD dont updtate after being welded. You need to restart your game to update it
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  17. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    several months later of weekly patches


    wheels work!
    wheels sink into the ground and explode
    wheels look fancy and no longer sink into the ground!
    wheels are extremely slow to break
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  18. chemicalscum Apprentice Engineer

    Sweet update!! And a nice skybox, looks very good. I'd say the nebulas are a tad on the bright side though. But then again, I always think nebulas in skyboxes are way too bright.
    --- Automerge ---
    I have to agree with this. :)
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  19. Asylumdown Trainee Engineer

    Considering that the peanut gallery jumped right up their *%$es the last time they pushed dev content to stable too quickly, and considering that there is a near 100% certainty that at least something in this update will require hot fixing, and considering that this exact same peanut gallery will jump just as far up their *%$es if those as yet undiscovered issues get pushed to stable, maybe we can all just forgive Keen for having figured out that there is actually no winning with this crowd regardless of what they do and sticking with the schedule they've probably already laid out.
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  20. gordon861 Apprentice Engineer

    I'm sorry ... It's just that I wish they would fix what they broke in STABLE as a matter of urgency.
  21. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    If the skybox has a very high resolution it works. I'm using insane res Milky Way from the workshop and it does exactly what you're looking for.
  22. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I would imagine using a grain method would mean not needing such a high resolution texture.
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  23. Brocily Trainee Engineer

    Awesome update, haven't tried multiplayer yet. Hoping to get more multiplayer optimisations next :D
  24. heartlessdeath Trainee Engineer

    I can finally look at a planet without massive drops in frame rates!!!! THIS has been the update that I have been looking for.
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  25. nubeees Trainee Engineer

    Holy Clang! Subgrids can merge now! Thanks Keen!
  26. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    I find it difficult to believe that after all this time there remains a fundamental misunderstanding of how the update process works.

    Folks, when Keen says they fixed something, that only means they fixed it on their machines. Whatever they fixed now works for them. That gives them the confidence to release the fixes in the update, but they know they're not done. NO TWO PC'S ARE ALIKE. After they have tested the game on their machines, which are all probably similar, they then have to do the "real world" test, which is us. WE are the only way they can find out if something is truly fixed. Imagine how frustrating it must be to believe you have fixed something, only to find out that the fix only seems to work on their machines.

    Add to this the fact that the fixes seem to work fine for some and not others. A lot of bugs mentioned in this thread already I have not experienced, and I am currently running SE as I write this. That is not to say that my experience is bug-free. For instance, right now I have to deal with invisible blocks and some occasional strange grid behavior. Still, since the first day I loaded the game there's always been something. I'm used to it. I expect it. I play in spite of it, as so many, many other players do.

    I think their priorities are fairly well sorted. Marek Rosa wants a finished triple A game on the market, therefore I'm sure some jobs are at stake. I don't know how you can presume to speak for all players with respect to the type of experience they are having. I generally have a great experience and I'm playing the same game everyone else has (and I play develop branch exclusively). You may laugh at the server play experience, but there are more people than ever streaming SE on Twitch and the vast majority are playing on servers. I don't know, but when someone streams a game for six hours without a crash and generally do whatever they want it's hard to believe they're not having a good experience. It's usually never a flawless experience, but the problems seem to pale in comparison to what multiplayer was like before beta. That's not a fact, just an observation. Your experience apparently differs.

    As for the skybox, it does look nice but since it's so easy to download a skybox you REALLY like I don't see the point in making the standard (vanilla) one so flashy. I personally don't care for a skybox that has any unreachable celestial objects, especially when so much of the world is virtually unreachable anyway (remember, it's over 500 million miles across). I kinda like this guy's idea, though:
    Especially since no one skybox will please everyone.

    Well ok I'm going back to my game now. I need to fix all my ships because Keen broke all my mods.

    Heh. Still having fun, though:carlton:
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  27. lordreaver Trainee Engineer

    Could you PLEASE stop to just comment 1 out of 100 changes you made? I mean I was just flying around with my mining ship on the planet mining some uranium. Then I wanted to throw out stone like I always do... whole server starts to slow down, some sparks... and suddenly I'm lying in front of my ship... dead. And oh yeah my ship EXPLODED like EVERYTHING does in this game.
    Why why why why WHY I just don't get it -.-

    Oh and they have changed the range of your "use item". Before I could easily enter my cockpit from in front of my ship... now its rather tricky to get close enough... thank you very much - NOT!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2017
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  28. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, thats a nice update. Amazing Skybox! Interesting competition too.
  29. dstruct2k Trainee Engineer

    Still no fix for projectors in multiplayer? When they create a new ship from a blueprint using automated welders, the created ship can't be interacted with in any way until you disconnect/reconnect.
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  30. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Uh... no....

    It's not a misunderstanding of how the update process works. There's a lack of attention to the fundamental idea of even cursory testing. Code changes but there's really not much done in terms of some basic checklist stuff... you know... like "does gravity work?"

    This isn't a "my machine... your machine" kind of problem. Unless gravity works differently on your machine in your universe.

    Here's another great example: thrusters burn through blast-proof blocks. That's not a coding issue. That's an XML issue with someone updating the .sbc files or substituting the working ones for a copy that's not been verified. There are many, many instances of errors of this sort that just break the game but do not stop it from compiling.

    Calling them out on it doesn't mean anyone is ignorant or even angry. But if they are forever fixing problems they created by careless errors then we'll forever be checking those rather than IMPROVING the game and optimizing it.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.