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Update 01.173 DEV - New Skybox

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 2, 2017.

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  1. Bunnysnake2 Trainee Engineer

    I cant play now because of the sky box requirements. I feel like it should be changed to be optional, and its automatically turned off if you don't meet said requirements.
  2. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    The only reason they cited was "new players" walking into the welders while they were on. I honestly don't think Keen even understands the significance of physics-based damage in their game.

    They've never indicated an awareness of the fact that a tugboat hauling a giant lump of rock can destroy any fixed base or slow ship. I don't think they know enough about PMWs to try to nerf them.
  3. lihkan Trainee Engineer

    Me, and my friends, bought the SE more than three years ago. We never really interacted with community or multiplayer much, we just played local private gladiator matches in creative mode. And we have been doing so for entirety of said three years, minus the times where game was too broken to play.

    My specialty were self-repairing ships and kinetic weapons of all sorts. I have invested hundreds of hours to invent and design such ships and weapons. Now, after three months of stuyding for my final exams, I got back to the game, only to find out more that two years of my work has been erased, just like that.


    HUNDREDS of HOURS. And I am back to square one. Nothing works. All my ideas and weapons that none of my friends were able to overcome, are gone. That feeling is really gut-wrenching. Sure, its just a game, I am gonna play something else, we all will. But I bought this game, I invested lots of time into this game, and I personally persuaded at-least three other people to buy it.

    Is there at-least some mod fix?
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  4. Killacyte Senior Engineer

    Remembered seeing a link earlier in the thread. (Thanks @Antichton )

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  5. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    just a nitpick: I would hope that the core code of the game does not rely on other parts of the game being broken. it's a little different than an addon work breaking due to engine changes; indeed some mods for Space Engineers also did
  6. ATMLVE Apprentice Engineer

    I actually have reported bugs before, one main one was several people were unable to play the game due to crashing on startup (after just another update). After about a week and a half, someone figured it out, the fix spread around, and the reports died. We solved it ourselves, no word from the devs.

    Every single update, literally almost every one, adds some new irritating bug to the game. Your insults and critism show quite a lack of an ability to make a half decent argument (your actual baseless arguments aside). I merely asked a question, 'how do the developers expect to finish the game if each update breaks as much as fixes?' You then go on a tyraid about how bugs work with other bugs, and how ungrateful I am. Your only explanation as to the prevalence of new bugs was that they work together, so it was actually extremely logical of me to assume that was your only excuse for Keen. Of course, once you realized the weakness of such an argument, you had to give an example, which turns out to be third party software for a different game written in another language. Nice.

    You say they respond to bug reports. They don't. So many they don't. Look through the bug report section, they don't. Your entire random argument about how years ago, it took ages for patches to come out, is entirely irrelevant because this is years after that and now that they know exactly what the bugs are they are still just adding new ones. Your argument on 'congrats, I've played other games without bugs', I mean seriously? This is the only game I see like this, where each update breaks new stuff. I'm not guessing here. I am bringing facts and logical arguments up and you are calling me a brat for being disappointed that a game I payed for has no end of bugs in sight, while you yourself are citing third party software for a different game written in another language.
  7. Kidnoslo Trainee Engineer

    I'm a welder in real life and my welders have adjustments. Why not put an adjustment for heat range. Increase the heat and increase the radius. As far as new players go, I learned to "mount" my welder from the rear so that if I hit the wrong key and get ejected, I'll end up at the rear of my weld ship clear of the welders.
  8. GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    Why did you bother to necro a thread that was a literal year old....?
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  9. I23I7 ME Tester

    I like Necromancers.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.