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Update 01.179.0 Major - New HUD and UI

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Mar 23, 2017.

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  1. flexx SE Asst. Producer Staff

    Should be fixed by now, can you try? :)
  2. Nacon Junior Engineer

    Cool. I wonder when true multi-cores support are coming? (mostly importantly with AMD support, it only uses 2 cores at the moment, not more.)

    (this isn't matter of being late, it's asking the proper question.)
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2017
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  3. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    I like the new HUD, but I'd like the right side displays to be completely gone when I'm not in a ship.
    --- Automerge ---
    What are you referring to? SE is already multi-core. They've been pushing out updates for that for the past several months.
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  4. boumans.m.j Trainee Engineer

    Space engineers is the reason why I bought a pc in the first place. Thank you for all the hard work.
    I wanted to ask if you noticed that the laser antenna was or is broken. I can plafe it but not weld it. And i can fly through it
  5. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    The HUD is nice, but I'm not sure the rest of the UI qualifies as new when it's just a reskin. However, it does look awesome. :)

    Things I hope we get in the near future:
    • New chatbox - Current one is useless without a scrollbar. Its way too easy to miss what people have said when you're digging through an inventory in the meantime. It also won't accept input until its done fading in, which causes a lot of skipping characters.
    • New inventory screen with collapsable/grouped inventories
    • More inventory list options (sort by capacity, type, alphabetical, etc)
    • Comms tab moved to a tabbed chatbox

    Also, why are the old item icons back? :p
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2j7vf46gjcexrl9/old icons.PNG?dl=0

    EDIT: This is not too great (and very minor), the chatbox overlaps the new HUD:

    EDIT 2: Animated block rotation appears be missing the option to disable it after the update. I originally had it disabled...

    EDIT3: Seems like the warning voiceovers are missing too.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2017
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  6. MrEvan312 Trainee Engineer

    I honestly like how the game is progressing, it's getting so much smoother and better looking. I do hope that they will reinstitute the model exportation feature. For months is has been broken and now pressing Ctrl-Alt-E does not do anything at all.
  7. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Whilst the HUD takes all the glory.... the little things like the words...'slider for intensity of lens flare' makes me happiest
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  8. Nacon Junior Engineer

    It only uses 2 cores at the moment. Not quite multi-cores.
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  9. Bruce LeedleLeedleLeedleLee Junior Engineer

    K, got feedback for you right away^^

    when i disable the hud with tab, the crosshair remains
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  10. vymasteny_pankac Apprentice Engineer

    good now, but WTF?
  11. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    This. We need folders most of all.
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  12. mikeloeven Senior Engineer

    You mentioned that the new HUD is fully modifiable but my question is at what point will cosmetic mods be separated from game-play altering mods. My main issue with cosmetic mods are that you have two choices to get them working in multiplayer A: you contact an admin and get it added to the list B: you have to extract the mod and install it directly into the data files. This is less than optimal and with a fully modifiable HUD there needs to be some changes to how the client handles mods allowing for cosmetic mods huds overlays re-textures to be loaded client side without needing server-side support.
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  13. Konscience Trainee Engineer

    Multi threaded programming and concurrent computing are some hellish stuff my dear...
    Having 2 threads on two separated core is already a good start.
    Having two core used both simultaneously and efficiently is the hardest part.
    Did you know you could loose performance by setting up multi threading in a bad fashion?

    I too, would like to see the game run better, but for now, the GPU is more likely to be a bottleneck than the CPU as some youtuber demonstrated that recently, i could provide you with the link if interested.

    PS: I just realized, what issue do you have with AMD CPU? I'm using one, and wasn't aware about issues, maybe I could help
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  14. Nacon Junior Engineer

    It was almost good enough but that was before Planet feature came. Now it's not. Which is why I'm asking now.
  15. gchristopher Apprentice Engineer

    Is there any way to use a modded HUD in multiplayer without forcing the same HUD mod on everyone on the server?

    I guess the mod would have to extend the UI to include per-player options for changes?
  16. doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    I like the new look, but there's a direction I'd like to see this go.

    A moddable HUD is one thing, an in-game customizable HUD is another.
    I'd like to see a technique to modify the HUD in-game. Through which, a player can make each grid have it's own HUD and UI color scheme and arrangement for info.

    Let the HUD be another part of grid design, not just for modders.
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  17. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Thanx KEEN!
  18. Merandix Junior Engineer

    HUD looks great. UI is, as said before, mostly a reskin. I'm severely hoping for a functional update on the ingame UI, especially inventory and control panel menus. Also, ingame customisation for the HUD would be great, as mentioned by @doncdxx
    Still missing a lot of essential flight information like altitude, heading etc.... We're not a flight-sim, it's awesome we have a SEVERELY simplified artificial horizon now, but I'd love to have some more info on it, and be able to make it a bit bigger. Also some options on customising the hud depending on what type of vehicle (station, ship, wheeled vehicle) you are on.

    I would love to be able to make folders (as a separate option next to groups), I'd love it even more if the game would automatically try to determine which grids make up a single ship/station/base and group those objects together. If the game screws up, players should be manually able to sort it.

    Example 1: If I have a base and I dock three ships to it through connectors, I'd love to see those three ships as collapsible entities attached to a (collapsible) representation of the station in the control panel AND inventory screen.
    Example 2: I have a ship consisting of three parts connected by rotors. The control panel recognises that those parts aren't detachable, so it determines that grid 1, 2 and 3 are in fact a single ship of vehicle.
    Example 3: A collapsed inventory is really represented as the TOTAL INVENTORY CAPACITY of a ship. So we can quickly and easily drag and drop from one ship to another ship.

    Stuff like that would make for amazing Quality of Life updates.

    Also, slight point of criticism, it's not directly clear what everything on the HUD means right away, especially because we use numbers without units. We have 30000 fuel... 30000 what? Sheep?
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  19. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    I have a really old AMD processor from 2008/2009 (Phenom II x4 3.0Ghz 945), it runs SE with no problems at all.

    Multithreading came a long time ago, but they've been massively improving the usage of it over the past few months. In multiplayer with 2 - 3 players and EEM installed, I hit between 50 - 80% cpu with plenty of ships spawned in and moving. EEM is pretty heavy as far as mods go so the game is doing a damned good job IMO. Especially on such an old CPU.
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  20. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    SE routinely maxes out all 4 of mine sooooo that might be a local issue. Actually it hasn't frozen my PC yet since i started having it running in the background; i should check if they fixed the freezes in Survival.
  21. jemccro Apprentice Engineer

    How about fixes for the broken parts of the last few updates?
    • Batteries
    • Small grid merges
    • Jumping-slide bug
    • Broken laser anntenae
    • etc....

    From a quick check the batteries appear to be fixed as in they do what the tick-boxes say they should do. The jump-slide bug was fixed in a hotfix earlier this week.
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  22. Foogs Apprentice Engineer

    From a quick check the batteries appear to be fixed as in they do what the tick-boxes say they should do. The jump-slide bug was fixed in a hotfix earlier this week.[/QUOTE]

    All bugs still present =C
  23. Acolyte Apprentice Engineer

    I like that the keys for the helmet and other functions are shown on the screen. Plz don't remove when (not if) someone asks you to ;-)

    Also, I like the extra info shown compared to the old hud, and the inventory bar will be a massive improvement over squinting at the bottom corner while grinding on the move..
  24. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    Only partially. It still happens randomly when jumping between grids or different heights.

    Toggling jetpack or falling (or flipping gravity to make yourself fall) are good workarounds for when it happens.
  25. nathan2000 Trainee Engineer

    Ooh, I see an unmentioned bonus feature: the icons for oxygen and hydrogen bottles now are distinguishable again.
  26. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Very much like what I see so far...a great start at a better interface.
  27. Sektan Apprentice Engineer

    Why? Another complication for mods. :)

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  28. -=Ripps=- Trainee Engineer

    The new HUD is really nice and tempting me to start playing the game again, but I'm pretty sure this should be listed as a minor update, granted the HUD is an awesome and welcome new sight... but its like - I dunno... it feels still very much place holder art... You took what was a somewhat nicely drawn series of dialogue boxes and turned them into a single gray square with no details...

    While i can see that this makes it 'cleaner' its not exactly nice to look at it.

    A few things i was expecting was maybe a little more use of colour on the HUD, better crosshair and altitude and horizoner indicator (the central one, not the 'new one' on the toolbar, which is nice) and a curvier artstyle...
    from what i've seen the actual menus and UI remain pretty much exactly the same just with uglier graphics imo and i know thats just opinion.... but what is not is that there is no new functionality to the main UI elements.

    I'll come back next week and hopefully there will be a better inventory management screen or improved chat interface (like whisper, pm, memo).

    otherwise goodjob guys <3
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  29. SpecFrigateBLK3 Senior Engineer

    Modders, now that the HUD and UI are moddable, can someone please make a Star Trek LCARS-style HUD?
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  30. evilpla Trainee Engineer

    The new HUD is fantastic, but the unnecessary things that happen on every update are frustrating and unprofessional.

    Great update, thx.
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