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Update 02.053 - Bug fixes

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jan 26, 2016.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    This week we are introducing a new batch of bug fixes, improving gameplay in both creative and survival modes. We improved sounds, resolved interrupting animations during melee combat, prevented the GPU from overheating by limiting the fps in the main menu and loading screens, and more.

    - better spawning of items from inventory (larger distance checked)
    - limited the FPS in main menu and loading screen to prevent GPU overheating
    - render thread cap increased to 120Hz
    - improved cube grid draw performance
    - improved the crafting texts
    - improved deer sounds
    - removing the relationship between stamina and character mass
    - servers are now refreshed when clicked on cancel
    - added cooking food sound
    - hit sound no longer played when character walks over a weapon
    - trees now have better sounds when they fall on the ground
    - fixed a problem with being able to disintegrate objects (e.g. catapults) by putting them into chests
    - fixed manipulation tool cleaning when manipulation failed to start
    - fixed a bug with the crafting in fire not working
    - fixed a crash in MyFloraComponent.BeforeStart
    - fixed a bug with barbarians interrupting their animation when hitting you
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  2. Martinineter Senior Engineer

    Nice fixes
  3. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  4. Dan2D3D Moderator

    Simspeed OK (1.03) I can play now, well done thank you keen team for the fixes. :tu:
  5. Hanfree Apprentice Engineer

    ... what is this the bug fixing and no content again? oh no in the bug fixing period they fix less bugs...
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  6. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    thats because the little amount of content :woot:
  7. Bloody_Kain Apprentice Engineer

    Too bad, again no patch against the "White Light" Bug ... :(
  8. Timotei~ Apprentice Engineer

    Good bugfixes are always welcome. No new content now always mean better content later. :)
  9. KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Always nice to see bug fixes. Thanks :)
  10. tharkus Junior Engineer

    Nice update :) allways good to have fixes
  11. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Not much, looks like simple fixes this time, alright. Very nice Castle map
  12. Sacman Trainee Engineer

    No stamina hit for inventory seems utterly unrealistic but I am soooo happy they changed that.

    I hate needing one more timber to build something and so I run up to the forest because all of my peasants of killed themselves while hauling logs. I already have on timber in inventory because I am working on the 3rd floor where I can't 'see' the ground and I get halfway to the forest and stamina out... The wife is yelling at me that it is late and she wants to watch Gotham and I just need one more timber!!!! But now it's the slow crawl there and back again and Tolkien might have said..

    I will say the only real new content I wish they would work on would be doors and windows that function. Looking at the Angular options in the tools like the turn handle, it looks like they almost have everything in place to allow us to mod it. I think I could make a door that closed or opened once but not sure I could ever get it to go the other way. But working out the pivot point would be a nightmare of loading and reloading. The other concern I have is that opening the door with the current physics would probably destroy everything around it :)
  13. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Awesome, cant wait to play! Please find a fix for the N-vdia white light bug.
  14. Sacman Trainee Engineer

    They didn't mention this but the game now pauses with the ESC key. This was on the roadmap and it seems to have been quietly added.
  15. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    ...... Plz.... Plz..... Plz.... More bugfixes, like that one that causes the world to vibrate :baby: And more content... Larger worlds... Those tiny whiney worlds we got now... Insufficient play room for a longer period of time.
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  16. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    gimme my patch
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.