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Update 02.054 - Highlights & Bug fixes

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    This week’s update introduces a new element that helps you identify objects and items by highlighting them. Highlights are applied to all floating objects for now, and in the future will be visible on all interactive objects.
    We also made browsing the blueprints on SteamWorkshop work faster by showing you all the items as a list with thumbnails. Instead of waiting to load details about all the blueprints available at once, we load details just for the blueprint you choose to make the selection faster.
    Also, in this update are new bug fixes described bellow.

    - Highlights on interactive objects
    - Faster blueprints loading

    - Fixed audio volume bug
    - Fixed crash in MP replication code
    - Redesigned tool sounds (axe, pickaxe, hammer, mace) and crafting tools destroy sounds
    - Changed the error sound
    - Fixed missing PlayJump sound
    - Tree sounds improved
    - New sound design for a horn announcing new barbarian wave
    - Added a gear swish catapult sound
    - Bonfire cooking sound now stops when the there is no fire
    - Fixed a sound bug during crafting
    - Fixed barbarian blood particles not showing on server
    - Fixed a problem where the stats were fully replenished after load
    - Fixed a serious security issue in ModAPI (dangerous calls in script didn’t fail on check)
    - Toolbar tab switching moved to CTRL+NumX
    - Fixed merging of grids in line/plane build modes
    - Added information telling the player when they ran out of stamina
    - Enabled battlement constructions in survival
    - Deer doesn't glitch so much now, has new actions (PlaySound & IdleDanger) and new behaviour, runs faster and has bigger alert radius
    - The houses/factions are now on a keyboard shortcut
    - Fixed collision on BlankTowerEmpty
    - Crafting screen opened by default in character inventory now
    - Wooden table has been renamed to Crafting table
    - Fixed DS crash without a log
    - Fixed HouseTimberFloor_Construction_1
    - Fixed a crash in MyCubeBuilder.GridPlacementTest
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  2. Sapphiro Trainee Engineer

    My first first!!!! Yeahhhh
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  3. Silen Apprentice Engineer

    Can't play this game untill performance is improved. I could run first versions at high with no problems, now I lag on ANY graphical setting, and weird fact is that if I lower graphics it lags even more!

    I'll keep waiting... and by the way, I have an AMD card.
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  4. Hanfree Apprentice Engineer

    Deactivate highlights in confing is possible?
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  5. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    woooh fixes.... Wooh wooh... Now... Nextweek... Fixes and content... Thatd be epic...
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  6. Jugbot Apprentice Engineer

    Please change all highlights's color to white.
  7. Frigidman Apprentice Engineer

    Please, change back that hard-coded key binds for toolbar access back to shift-#. I see no reason why you changed this, and do not allow us to rebind these under keybindings.

    Its like walking into someones home, and saying "you want your steering wheel on the left? TOO BAD, we are moving it to the right side... tough"
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  8. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Those highlights make the game look like Lords of Uberdark! :D
  9. OmEgA_StOrM Apprentice Engineer

    - Highlights on interactive objects

    Nice new feature. I think it would be a good idea to make it possible to switch it on and of in the game options because it is helpful but could break immersion for other people
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  10. Slang Trainee Engineer

    Welp, that highlight system totally broke the game. Can't pick up anything anymore. Also, as Fridigman said... WTF did you change toolbar access keys?
  11. Frigidman Apprentice Engineer

    Well I tried to do with the ctrl-# for toolbars, but that hurts my hand too much. It was already hard enough stretching from shift to 8 9 0... but ctrl, having to wrench sideways, then stretch to numbers. AUGH. No go for me. I'm gonna have to put this on the side burner until all key remapping is added to the controls UI.

    Oh, and the highlights are ... uhh... yeah that needs works. Granted I didn't care for the yellow overlays obscuring my whole vision when using a crank, but the highlights seem to be going haywire.
  12. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    more bugfixes... and more content.... plzzz..... we needs....
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.