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Update 02.056 - Critical Stamina Indicator, Quick equip for torches

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    This week we applied some changes to the stamina system and how it will affect combat.
    We added a vertical line in the Stamina bar showing the critical value. This value has several functions. If the value is below 25, your attacks will not deal as much damage, attack damage given is reduced by 50% and successful block will block only 70% of taken damage, so the rest of the damage will be applied to your character when you are blocking.
    When you hit someone or block someone's attack, stamina regeneration will drop significantly for 5 seconds.
    Another change for stamina is that when you are sprinting, it will deplete all the stamina after some time. And you have to wait till the stamina recharges to more than the critical value to start sprinting again. If your stamina drops below critical value, you won't be able to flee quickly from a fight.
    We also changed the behavior of torches. Now you can press L key to equip the torch into hands. The same key will unequip the torch and equip the last item you equipped on your toolbar

    - Critical Stamina Indicator
    - Quick equip for torches

    - jumping over obstacles from spot is now possible
    - fixed a problem with placing blocks with one mountpoint on the terrain
    - character stats can now show critical value on progress bar
    - torch equipping added to the [L] hotkey
    - added torch to default toolbar in survival
    - added regeneration effect amount multiplier to the stamina
    - added the possibility to specify minimum amount of a stat needed to activate ability
    - added effective multiplier for tool actions
    - tweaked some more stamina constants
    - fixed dummy on RoofTileOddHay and WoodStairsSlopeBottom to fix problems with placement
    - added more logging to get more info on a crash (System.AccessViolationException_SharpDX.Interop.Write[T])
    - fixed crash in MyCharacter (System.NullReferenceException_Sandbox.Game.Components.MyCharacterSoundComponent.FindAndPlayStateSound)
    - fixed a crash in Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCubeGrid.UpdateAfterSimulation100
    - fixed several crashes in audio
    - minor shader performance tweaks
    - fixing second stage of a few generated models
    - rotation of character camera is now assigned the same way as in SE (the [ALT] key)
    - removed hammer from characters back
    - fixed double sound when picking floating object
    - fixed catapult stone fly sounds
    - added a new catapult swish sound
    - changed the axe hit sound
    - sound volume tweaks (falling sound, fire sound, tool hit sounds)
    - changed the wording on the crafting screen
    - removed SE icons from the ME content
    - selection of 1st person/3rd person view is now remembered in case of respawn
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  2. crazymattyh

    crazymattyh Trainee Engineer

    First! By a total accident!
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  3. Thermonuklear

    Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Nice batch of fixes!
  4. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    If you equip the torch with L, then manually switch to another block, will pressing L switch back to the first block, or reequip the light?
    (Sorry, just a bug check question).
  5. Captaindan

    Captaindan Apprentice Engineer

    Good Job with the new Staminachanges!
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  6. KingdomBragg

    KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Thanks as always :D
  7. entspeak

    entspeak Senior Engineer

    So, now, a successful block of an attack is only a somewhat successful block? You can eventually be killed even though you successfully blocked the attacks?
  8. d3x0r

    d3x0r Apprentice Engineer

    can we please have a way to change the key that switches hotbar? I really miss the shift-key and there's not even a setting in the files for it. Even if you don't add it to the configuration screen, it would be nice if there was SOME way to configure it.
  9. Oxraider

    Oxraider Trainee Engineer

    Wow a nice lot of fixes here too ! :D
    Let them come ! :D

    Also, nice feature with the torch :)
    Quite handy when I'm going to build at night ...

    Dark times these ages ... :p

    Nice work Keen !

    Grtz Oxraider
  10. PsicoPato

    PsicoPato Senior Engineer

    Humm, awesome update. =)

    Hope one day we weil be able do dual weild a torch and a sword. =)
  11. Oxraider

    Oxraider Trainee Engineer

    That would definitely be insane ! :D

    Or maybe a shield and sword too, now that you're talking about dual wielding :D
    That would be so amazingly medieval ! :D

    Grtz Oxraider
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.