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Update 02.064 - Blocks research, Progress spinner

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Apr 12, 2016.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    In this week's update we are bringing research on blocks and a progress spinner for picking up small blocks to the survival game mode. From now on, you will start your survival journey with knowledge only about a few basic blocks. If you want to build more advanced blocks, you will need to draw the schematics on a scroll on a crafting table and learn it (use with right click). After you have the knowledge, you can build more advanced blocks. Schematics scrolls can also be given to other players who will learn them by using the scroll themselves.
    We have also improved the object pick up notification. A small piece of information will appear every time you pick up an object. Keep in mind that these are just first iterations, so let us how you like it!
    Research is fully moddable and players can add their modded blocks to research, should they want to. This feature works for tool blueprints, too. This means that if you want to make research for a blueprint of your powerful modded sword, you can now do so.
    We have also added a support for layering icons. We use the tech to create schematic scroll icon by putting scroll icon on a background behind icon of block. This will work for any modded blocks as well and you can layer unlimited amount of icons.

    - added research to be able to enable new definitions during the gameplay
    - added scrolls that allow you to research block definitions
    - rotating wheel with a countdown feature for picking up items
    - possibility to have multi-layered icons on a definition

    GUI & Tweaks:
    - added error message when trying to place an invalid item into a toolbar slot
    - ammo count is now shown in the top right corner instead of bottom right
    - item quantities are now displayed consistently on the bottom left side
    - tweaked definitions to work with the new research system
    - improved small grid building by removing the necessity to define a special component
    - improvements to the camera code, tweaked the camera spring
    - removed unnecessary crafting recipes from crafting table
    - tweaked mace build cost

    - fixed MyFixedPoint.ToIntSafe() giving incorrect results sometimes
    - collecting a variant of a small block now gives you the original block
    - fixed wrong mesh on HouseStoneRoundedDoor
    - updated icons and fixed components of TimberDiagonal
    - fixed origin position on Axe_OneHand
    - fixed Lock Catch Block not being placeable into toolbar in survival
    - fixed respawning in the air for modded terrains
    - fixed some blocks being not available in survival despite being craftable
    - added compound dummies to HouseStoneStairsCorner
    - fixed drum and rope ending having wrong crafting results
    - fixed crash after suicide
    - fixed character head matrix on DS, which caused problems e.g. with picking of items
    - fixed inventory replicable not getting removed when parent is removed
    - fixed missing localization of blueprint classes
    - fixed porters bugging out on stones
    - fixed highlighting on LockGearBoxSmallCogWheel2_1.
    - fixed a bug that prevented you from loading and starting a game from a workshop world
    - fixed wrong names of turnwheel and wheel

    Hotfix 02_064_008
    - Lone blocks can now be picked up without a delay
    - Fixed crash in contact sound callback
    - Fixing crash during respawn
    - Fixed crash in MyToolbarItemUsable
    - Added stone pillar research
    - Fixed bonfire icon showing when you picked up stone
    - Fixed wrong timers in G-screen
    - Fixed not being able to build large blocks which required Timber10
    - Added reporting for removed items in the inventory
    - Enabled small projectile in G screen
    - Fixed weight components
    - Changed price of a weight block
    - Fixed simspeed drop with manipulation tool
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  2. noname42 Trainee Engineer

  3. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    Technology! That would be great for Space Engineers as well!
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  4. RayvenQ Moderator

    Sadly, this is the second update In 3 weeks that I don't like.
    You ostensibly lowered the grind by simplyfying the inventory system (much to pretty much everyones dislike, altering something that was a core draw and somewhat vital thing to the game) and now you've still left that out, but added the grind back in.

    The schematics sound cool, until you realise you have to put time in to gather the resources just to spend time to craft something to unlock a particular block, unlocking them all is going to add an artificial and uneeded time sink into the game, and, from the video at least, so is the spinner, artificially inflating the time you need to put in by making people wait to pick things up, all to cater to a problem that isn't actually present if one learns to play the game.
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  5. OmEgA_StOrM Apprentice Engineer

    It is a nice update but the game is still lacking some proper gameplay Features to give a reason for playing this game for a longer time
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  6. Timotei~ Apprentice Engineer

    I thought that the ability to tear wooden constructions apart with my bare hands was actually a bug. Now we have the confirmation that it was intentional :(
    I still hope it will get fixed. I believe in you guys:tu:

    As always, bugfixes are welcomed :)
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  7. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    It is hard to pick up a rolling log after cutting tree with new rotating wheel system.
  8. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    I agree, but especially if you could learn something by grinding it down (perhaps not completely learn something, but learn part of it). That would give a great reason to find derelict space craft and bases, and not blow them to oblivion until you've learned what you can from their design.

    Would be interesting in ME also, if you could try to capture a castle instead of destroy it so you can learn from it's existing architecture.
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  9. KevusBorus Trainee Engineer

    I have an idea for the research, but i don't know if it is doable:

    Add an extra page to the menu or create a specialized block for the research, which has a sort of tech-tree.
    Every new item/block is unlocked via a new ore, let it be gold or something like that (kind of a currency). Aside from mining this resource it is dropped by barbarians, so that they become more important

    I think this might be too much like an RPG, but it's just a quick idea how you could give that new feature more depth :)
  10. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Nice, does this mean more blocks upcoming? Mechanical blocks? :)
  11. AedanXaelan Apprentice Engineer

    Anyone else unable to build anything that requires timber in survival? I have plenty in my inventory, but when I go to add it to an existing block, it says I have none.
  12. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Hmm...if scrolls could be used to share blueprints?
  13. Coggernaut Trainee Engineer

    There is a RPG mod on the steam workshop that uses very simaler system =P
  14. MechanizedIT Apprentice Engineer

    I do like the research system, however I'd like to see it involve more than just sticking some mats into a research table. I could see NPC's that spawn like barbarians and show up at your location that you can then hire, trade, buy, sell to, and there could be Engineer NPC's to buy blueprints from, or to hire to do R&D for you, and if you feed and protect them, over time they generate new blueprints, and if you have more than one Engineer, there could be a multiplier that generates blueprints faster, or more advanced blueprints that require more Engineers to discover.

    As for the spinner, I personally don't like the idea of it. I'd rather if small blocks are connected to other blocks, then the player should have to hit it a few times, like before, to disassemble it and collect it, which would do the same thing as the spinner, but is way more immersive. As for dynamic, individual, small blocks laying around, there should be no delay to pick those up.

    Otherwise, great update, glad to see the research system and all the fixes.
  15. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    Group schematics into multi-block collections. Research one schematic, get a set of multiple blocks.

    For example, a "Basic stone structures" schematic that includes many blocks (stone walls, floors, whatever there is).

    This is how for example KSP does it (you research one "subject" which will then get you a bunch of related parts).
    It makes for interesting player decisions (as you cant just research on a item-by-item basis, but have to consider every block in the set), and also increases discoverability (as youll also sometimes get blocks new to you, when you research a group with a specific familiar block you want).

    You could also offer more fine grained block sets, and ones with a larger amount of block, for a different value for money. For example, an "Everything" schematic would be cheaper than individually researching everything (reward players for long term thinking and saving resources instead of spending them the instant theyre able to)

    Schematics should be learned automatically when you craft them, if you have to put it on toolbar its going to be annoying.

    Additionally, I would give players a set of initial schematics for many basic things, and try to make schematics come from multiple activities/sources (not just from workbench, thats lame).
    For example, maybe you spontaneously "invent" through experience (lots of building, surviving long, killing many barbarians...). Maybe barbarians drop weapon schematics.
    That way, youre not forced to play a particular way. Someone can get schematics with pure resources, another player through fighting, another through long play time...
  16. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    research good...
    big stuff in your pocket bad... its not the way it was marketed to be... the engineering aspect of the game is being minimized this way.
    also give us long-term food stuff like grain.
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  17. SU]Nujuju299 Trainee Engineer

    That progress spinner looks too big and long to be for what it's used for. It should be half or a quarter of a second, not one second. And for that half second cooldown it's probably too big and visual to be worthy, I'm sorry to say. I like the spinner and all for loads and research but I don't see a spot for it right now, unless it's "Hey, you WERE building something at this table, but you forgot," to help remind you that you left a project elsewhere.
  18. ToXeye Trainee Engineer

    I wonder if KSWH have fixed that the blocks appear below voxels when you try to build them.
  19. tharkus Junior Engineer

    I like the new research feature, maybe i would like to research blocks in a specialized workstation like a desk with papers and chemistry stuff :p
    the same i would like something like this in S.E. but with a machine that consume energy, components and time to unlock new blocks.
  20. Androox Trainee Engineer

    Ennemies can just spam E to unbuild important parts of drawbridges and catapults.. Can you add a ownership system with flags please !?
  21. Hanfree Apprentice Engineer

    "your powerfull sword mod"
    Start to make your own content not the costumers content...
    This is sad see how the company sell a game but in reality only sell a game engine where only the people can enjoy if they got mod skills to complete the lack of content.
    Mod your game simulator
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2016
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  22. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Technology progression, this will probably end up in Space Engineers in the near future, maybe not today or next thursday but its most liklely on the horizon. Its an interesting idea. Like all the fixes, thanks Keen.
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  23. souleyp Trainee Engineer

    Since the new update, it's now impossible to change the wood size with the mouse's wheel.
    Wood is only "1x1" .

    What is the new button to do it ?

  24. Thales M. Senior Engineer

  25. souleyp Trainee Engineer

    It's look likes a new bug.
    Sometime, I can change size with the wheel, but often, it"s impossible !
  26. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    ok... guys... idea...
    give us a teaser about what the heck is being worked on over there... i know i know "look at roadmap"... thats not going to help at all... tell us... show us... give us...
    also... fix those damned compound blocks and revert to old inventory system... or at least make it toggleable
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