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Update 1.181.1 Minor Beta Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by flexx, Jun 8, 2017.

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  1. flexx

    flexx SE Asst. Producer Staff

    Hello, Engineers! We’ve got a minor update for you this week after last week’s major update, and the team have been busy processing various issues reported by the community on our forums. For example we’ve fixed problems with connectors and block placement on dedicated servers. Small grid rotor displacement settings should now be saved in blueprints too. Additionally, a number of crashes were also resolved. It’s been great to read everyone’s feedback and to hear that many players have seen big performance gains in their worlds. Please do continue to let us know your thoughts and experiences with these weekly updates. In today’s work in progress section We would like to talk about the render optimizations showcased earlier this week. We demonstrated how a world with 16 red ships would run at around 45FPS on a system running the current version of game. In comparison, the exact same scenario was then loaded on a prototype version with the render optimizations included and ran at around 60FPS! One of the improvements which helped to achieve this was making the GPU be no longer limited by the CPU. You can expect these

    Next Monday we will be streaming once again at 8PM CEST on the Keen Community Network over on Twitch. This stream with Marek and members of the development team will mainly be focused on further optimization plans. In other news, this coming Saturday, Xocliw will be building the NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO set live on stream, here at the KeenSWH offices, which should be a lot of fun!


    - Added a counter of physical shapes to grid's info terminal screen.

    If you reach 99% of the limit, a warning should start appearing. If you exceed the limit any added blocks will not have physics. This is a technical limitation even if block limits are off, but we are aware of this issue and we are looking into possibilities, how to improve this behaviour.


    - fixed game crash when exceeding the block limit
    - fixed blocks are not being placed
    - fixed not working artificial mass
    - fixed not working connectors
    - fixed game crash when using connectors
    - fixed turrets view
    - fixed rotor (small grid) displacement not saved in blueprints
    - fixed respawning in medical room with the clone
    - fixed thrusters keep their lighting even after being turned off

    We are aware of crash with ship explosions and trying to resolve it. It should be pushed as a hotfix as soon as it will be fixed.


    - fixed crash when merging/unmerging grids
    - fixed collector crash
    - fixed another HAVOK MT crash

    We are still looking into the issues that you have reported on the bug report forum.
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  2. Acarii

    Acarii Trainee Engineer


    Edit: First
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  3. gimmilfactory

    gimmilfactory Junior Engineer

    Woo Second! lol

    So I'm still confused on how a minor bug fix update can introduce a new bug let alone that you guys haven't fixed it yet
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  4. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    Nice.....haven't played in a week to experience this stuff but....nice nonetheless.

    [I semi wonder about wheels but i'll wait til next update to see if anything happens with them.... :| ]
  5. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Having physics shapes will be very useful.
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  6. KevusBorus

    KevusBorus Trainee Engineer

    I'm happy you addressed the shape limit issues this fast, great job guys! The shape counter will come in a handy for people building big.
    Looking forward to further performance improvements
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  7. KingdomBragg

    KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

  8. 666Savior

    666Savior Apprentice Engineer

    No VST update? :( I guess i'll lurk and hope for one next week.

    Good job though on update this week:tu:
  9. Darian Stephens

    Darian Stephens Trainee Engineer

    It's awesome to see such huge improvements being made to the game. My main world, still being used since the inception of planets, was barely able to maintain 0.8 simspeed, but after the previous update, I was pushing 1.03, even after I re-enabled cargo ships!
    It's disappointing to see that particles are still instantly vanishing when they stop being emitted (Which kills the effect of a massive shower of sparks from tools and thruster dust plumes), but I can handle that for now if it means the overall game gets better.
    I'm excited to see the FPS improvements; my computer barely holds 30 FPS when looking at a planet, so I've... probably got my hopes too high right now, actually. It's too early to tell if planet performance will be affected just from the info provided to us, but grids will still be great!
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  10. capnbeef

    capnbeef Trainee Engineer

    wish there was real npc ships to fight. with space ninjas to battle on them.
  11. Sykel

    Sykel Trainee Engineer

    Thanks to the devs for all the hard work! This week they have costantly fixed most of the issues, Great GREAT work!
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  12. Herpaderpa

    Herpaderpa Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for the great work guys :D Really impressed with the progress :D
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  13. link8dragon

    link8dragon Trainee Engineer

    So... we can try to finish our construction? 'cause I haven't be able to play without huge issue since last update (to much piston, rotor, wheel and welder on my ship ^^, but it work great, when it work :woot:)
    And... I was thinking that their will be new block this week... 'cause, with the last update who broke most of things, it will be the date to release blocks and make improvement and bug fixing after... 'cause they will certainly create/reveal more issue/bug, no?

    And after complaining, good job team, most of us known that you will fix our issue with the game, and most of vanilla ship (ex: Red ship) works better without creating too much lag on server, but remember that Engineers construct badass system in singleplayer, so don't forget us (and local server too, if there is possibility to optimize them a little ;) )
    Thanks again, I have to try "this week hard working" on my game now, coming later to make a report ^^
  14. Lord Wraith

    Lord Wraith Apprentice Engineer

    ok so some small fixes, what about dealing with the main problems, rotors, piston etc still causing clang to visit you when you don't need it, looking forward to the new blocks (loving the wind turbine idea) so keep going guys and yes i have seen improvements to the game in MP so you must be on the right track.....
  15. Sumyunguy

    Sumyunguy Trainee Engineer

    Good job on the physics shape limit just disabling physics when exceeding it, instead of canceling block placement (If that is what the change log is truly saying). I know people who build extra large ships will be happy that they can continue construction of impressive crafts.

    EDIT: I'm getting more comfortable with the idea of switching our dedicated server off of 1.180.6 to one of the 1.181.X releases. Waiting for the hot-fix though. I hope the new multi-core processing extends to the dedicated, steam-less server so the old dual Xeon CPUs can start really singing.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2017
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  16. SaturaxCZ

    SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    So mean tease us with hydrogen engine and then say... we will focus on bugfixes and game improvements now :D
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  17. Birdy113

    Birdy113 Trainee Engineer

    Desync desync is still a Large issue we have a floating station and jumping around etc etc.
  18. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    and wheels....but thats ok im happy enough they're working on the game.
    I have to keep reminding myself its being made. "its a beta" i must keep reminding myself.
  19. Lé Grand Sárrazin

    Lé Grand Sárrazin Apprentice Engineer

    This is GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY!!!! Thank you so much team for addressing this problem so quickly!!

    Rotal's gonna lose her shit on this one!!!
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  20. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Last week i couldn't even put a single Cockpit on the Tapping. This week i can do this:


    I wouldn't WANT to because, seriously, who needs dozens of Antennas, but it's just a test to see if i understand the change right. Turns out i do, and i am pleased by it. What pleases me A LOT MORE, actually, is how fast this was fixed.

    (HUD colors next? :D )
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  21. Pharap

    Pharap Apprentice Engineer

    It's called programming and it's very difficult to get right.

    That was rude.
    If you care enough to berate them for not fixing it then you should care enough to go and make a proper bug report.
    Keen can't fix bugs if people don't report them properly.
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  22. kingkrieg

    kingkrieg Apprentice Engineer

    "- fixed not working artificial mass"

    Damn it, and here i was hoping it would have been a feature to stop physics trolling with gravdrives, why not limit it to small counts of block per grid?, this way people would either have to use the intended feature for torpedoes and the like or just make a homing missile block (teres already one on the workshop). pvp servers just swarm with gravdrives, and most of them arent finely tuned, so you have 40+ gravity fields overlapping each other, the calculations to move that much mass and fields just clog down sim speed.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2017
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  23. Zoladen

    Zoladen Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you for listening to our feedback. I personally greatly appreciate it, as I'm sure does everyone else.

    Feel free to float the question on what to do about block shape counts to the community. I'm sure people would like to help.

    @Xocliw Did you bug my computer or something? Your quote was my joke from a few days ago...
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  24. captainbladej52

    captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    Glad to see the block limit thing resolved as quickly as it has been. Hopefully the turrets being able to fire and the hydrogen drain in creative aren't too far behind so I can get back to work on a dreadnought refit.
  25. Thrak

    Thrak Junior Engineer

    Glad to see more fixes, and I applaud the recent performance improvements in general. However, despite the report "fixed not working connectors," connectors, rotor heads, and (I presume landing gears) still disconnect after using a jump drive, causing attached grids to float free when there is any change in velocity (despite connectors on both ends still showing green). This started after a hotfix to the last major update. Needs attention.
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  26. PeterTheEngineer

    PeterTheEngineer Trainee Engineer

    I would like to permanently remove this game from my library, but it is impossible. These updates killing my imagination and survival world. It makes me to throw a PC from a window at someones car. I will blame KEENSWH at court.
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  27. LocInt

    LocInt Apprentice Engineer

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  28. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    No, it isn't. Here's how.
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  29. DrakoZ

    DrakoZ Trainee Engineer

    Yes, actually with the FPS did not complain, it was always playable =)
    But the trouble is, there are a lot of bugs, then the ship turns over, then falls through, then it falls apart on the level ground. This makes the game generally not real and not playable =)
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  30. Selwyn Coy

    Selwyn Coy Trainee Engineer

    Glad to see things getting addressed quickly. Gonna have to check and see if our doors are still murdering us; if so, that tops my list for desired fixes. ;)
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