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Update 1.186.1 - Beta Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 8, 2018.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers! We bring you huge load of improvements and fixes as usual after every major update. And thanks again for all your feedback - it really helps us to make Space Engineers better!

    If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to solve your problems. We would be also very happy if you can submit your feedback at our Space Engineers Steam store page and encourage us to do better. We welcome both positive or negative comments, it helps us to create better game for you.


    • added Extreme Shadow Quality
    • optimized textures loading
    • Elite rifle damage balanced
    • fixed crash caused by memory leak on planets
    • fixed missing dark areas indicating ore
    • fixed sim speed drops with Landing Gear and Artificial Mass combination
    • fixed View distance implementation
    • fixed player without administrator rights being able to move Time of day offset
    • fixed any player in the vehicle was able to to make all other occupied vehicles jump by pressing X
    • fixed using handbrake in custom MP game causes all cars to use handbrake
    • fixed Handbrake and Suspension jump working while typing into chat
    • fixed jumping out of cockpit after merging together
    • fixed Sun shinning through voxels
    • fixed low quality model preview being used on big grids
    • fixed trees not rendering after changing graphic options
    • fixed trees and parts of ground getting lit up in the night
    • fixed shadows of trees at Low settings
    • fixed personal lights being visible in 1st person view on the Flight Seat
    • fixed particle effects for all damaged blocks being displayed at 0,0,0
    • fixed environment probe (reflections) containing pink LCDs from cockpits
    • fixed deleted skins not disappearing from the inventory until the game restarts
    • fixed skin being displayed even when it is not selected
    • fixed Engineer's boots missing emissivity
    • fixed positioning of small ship Welder flare
    • fixed Ctrl + Backspace and Ctrl + Delete not deleting whole words
    • fixed extra space on the end of the lines when pasting multiple lines into the Programmable Block
    Fixes (Player Reports):
    • fixed raycast debug draw
    • fixed small jumps in gravity lower than 0.3
    • fixed fired missiles being subject of the cleanup settings
    • recycling of new skins for the tools
    • fixed visible gaps in the Airtight Hangar Doors
    • fixed rotation hints cube being offset
    • fixed Sound Block looping
    • fixed block limits message and ownership transfer not being right
    • improved behavior when scrolling list inside another scroll-able list
    • optimized speed of text cursor moving using arrow keys
    • fixed control panel ignoring search string in some cases
    • fixed pressing of [ and ] in K menu acting like K menu is not opened
    Hotfixes 1.186.101
    • various crash fixes
    Keen Software House team
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  2. Ironviper42

    Ironviper42 Trainee Engineer

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  3. McVoy

    McVoy Trainee Engineer

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  4. DrakoZ

    DrakoZ Trainee Engineer

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  5. stfalx

    stfalx Trainee Engineer

    what about fixing the ore detector ?
  6. Ondřej Nahálka

    Ondřej Nahálka QA Lead Staff



    what's wrong with with the ore detector?
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  7. Jarcek

    Jarcek Trainee Engineer

    Nicely done.
  8. Foogs

    Foogs Apprentice Engineer

    Fix voxel glow pls!
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  9. Krienas

    Krienas Trainee Engineer

    didn't experience this myself, but sounds hilarious :D
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  10. stfalx

    stfalx Trainee Engineer

    I've submited a bug report in the bug report section, let me find it. Found it: Here it is: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/1-186-033-ore-detector-antenna-problem.7399821/

    Also i've just started a new survival world and dark ore patches aren't back! :( I have every setting set to high! Thank you!
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  11. DutchFox

    DutchFox Trainee Engineer

    It says the ore patches has been resolved but I'm still missing mine after the update. :(
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  12. Asylumdown

    Asylumdown Trainee Engineer

    Would this update adress the super low quality rendering of planets from a distance, or is that a graphics setting I need to change?
  13. Krienas

    Krienas Trainee Engineer

    if you are going to fix this, can you make it optional? I mean configurable from world settings. I like the fact that have to put more efforts to find ore, those patches always felt like cheat.. So, am totally not sure do I really want it fixed :)
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  14. Killaim

    Killaim Trainee Engineer

    unsure if mod - but after a while unable to get into fighter cockpits randomly.
  15. stfalx

    stfalx Trainee Engineer

    I don't think you are much of a miner in eve but survey scanning helps a lot a fellow miner! :D
  16. Forgi LaGeord

    Forgi LaGeord Trainee Engineer

    Still no fix for crooked gravity, sadly.
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  17. Thrak

    Thrak Junior Engineer

    Clang be praised! This was one of those I thought would never be fixed. O me of little faith, it seems.
  18. Sitharen

    Sitharen Trainee Engineer

    ON THE ORE DETECTOR: I discovered the same issue mentioned above where the ore detector wasn't picking anything up. Turns out in control panel, you can adjust the range of it now.
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  19. 16geley

    16geley Trainee Engineer

    Imagine you are chatting with a friend in your brand new RV. You turn to your friend and ask: "Have you seen The Lorax?" Since you pressed the X key, the entire vehicle suddenly leaps up into the air, somersaults onto its back and slams back to the ground. And then you realize it didn't only happen to you, but to everyone else in the convoy. Speak the forbidden 'X' words, and your vehicles would attempt suicide. It was terrifying.
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  20. captainbladej52

    captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    A bit of good news is my Ram and CPU usage are back to normal ranges. Still seeing some massive spikes in GPU usage that will go from 15% usage up to 100% and sit there for awhile if I'm doing so much as normal activities. SE used a good bit of my GPU before but never maxed it out to the point of stuttering like this until this major update. As it sits right now the stuttering from the GPU usage spikes are the biggest issue I'm experiencing.

    Also on a minor note, it seems that when a damaged solar panel is repaired it's still showing the lightning/damaged animation for a good 5 minutes afterwards at least. Eventually the damaged animation did go away but just took it awhile. I don't have anyone to help me test this so don't really have an easy way to confirm it, but it appeared very briefly like the light from welding was actually giving power to the solar panels.

    Props for the fixes so far folks, tis greatly appreciated.
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  21. stfalx

    stfalx Trainee Engineer

    That's not it. The lander's ore detector is already set to max range, if you deconstruct the beacon and build an antenna to the lander you culd have walked around, without being in a cockpit / control station and still se ores location. etc.

    Now, sometimes you see ore locations sometimes you don't it goes like on and off with intervals of 2 minutes or so.
  22. Braethias

    Braethias Apprentice Engineer

    No folders for blueprints?
  23. Outfrost

    Outfrost Apprentice Engineer

    WHY :|
    Could we at least get an option to disable those in world settings? It was so beautiful without dark patches.

    Thank you ;DD
  24. XCanG

    XCanG Trainee Engineer

    That sounds very scary :stare:
  25. Robert Murdock

    Robert Murdock Trainee Engineer

    it was hilarious but after about the 10th time of building and rebuilding rovers it got old lol
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  26. macgeifer

    macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    +1 for making dark ore spots optional
    think this one was a good bug :woot:
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  27. Meridius_IX

    Meridius_IX Trainee Engineer

    Was hoping the AutoPilot/Gravity bug would have been fixed today :(
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  28. Zhiila

    Zhiila Tester Staff


    here are some pictures of how ore deposits look like now. It has different color on different surfaces.

    SpaceEngineers_2018-02-08_19-53-50.jpg SpaceEngineers_2018-02-08_19-55-08.jpg SpaceEngineers_2018-02-08_19-58-19.jpg
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  29. Thrak

    Thrak Junior Engineer

    Agreed. Would be a nice option... hopefully something implemented as part of an overall Survival fix (though I daresay Multiplayer needs a little love, first).
  30. Xelo

    Xelo Trainee Engineer

    A lot of very nice and needed fixes and improvements.
    Thank you!
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