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Update 1.186.5 - Beta Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Petr Beranek Developer Staff

    Thanks for setting it to a right way. I didn't have much time to reply.
    Yeah, it is not a problem, it is not a bug. As I wrote there are limitations by-design. If all lights had shadows, people wouldn't argue here about SE being game/sandbox/platform. It would be slideshow. :D

    PS @Arcturus It is in fact a head one of the wire statues I created. I use it as my avatar. It has silver hair, but as I took it in bad lighting :D with old phone years ago, it is yellowish (behind it white wall).

    PPS @Cetric Well. Actually you are quite close :D Few weeks ago, after noticing few atrocities in code left by those-who-came-before I decided to create voodoo doll in which I will stick one nail per atrocity found in code :D (Partly from frustration about fact, that those things are left in code by people already not here, so there is no other way to to make my revenge after fixing it :D and partly as I needed another project as I have not been doing art things for too long time (I am creating it from chainmail fabric (it will last way longer than cloth) so it will take few more weeks to finish :D ))
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  2. Petr Beranek Developer Staff

    @Tenzo As I can't see the pictures (unreachable), I cannot reference to specific images, but I just wanted to ask one thing. What falloff did you have set for those interior lights? Even though it will make lighting unrealistic a lot, you can increase falloff to max, to make it more illuminating. With lower falloff you will need much more powerful lights.
  3. Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    @Petr Beranek Gah.... All the images broke. :(

    It took a long time uploading all of them. I don't suppose you can recommend a better image hosting site? Hmm.

    Well, I'll re-post the two most informative ones in regards to fall-off.

    This is comparing the default lights (not fiddled with) compared with the flashlight.


    I tried setting them with maximum intensity and falloff, and that does bump up the ambience, but I find it makes the alpha of the light a bit too bright. Though the default alpha is also a bit too bright for me, so I guess it's a good suggestion.

    I have lights on grey blocks that don't do anything. They look just like the ones on the dark colored blocks. See here...


    Thanks for the suggestion... Sorry about the broken links. I think I set an expiration date on them to 31 days, but I think the site just broke them. I had a more recent one posted (2 days) and when I checked back it showed up as an X.

    Weird.... it's a shame really, the layout of the site is quite decent compared with other more advertising-heavy ones... :(

    I hope these new links stay up for a bit longer than a few days... *crosses fingers*

    Oh, and before I forget... About the "alpha", it's the outline of the light. You can see it has a longer display range than the actual length of the 3D blocks here:


    That is a light that I have on top of the ship (the same lighting position as in the previous image). And in this picture I am flying up the side of the ship and the alpha of the light just stays in my field of view (you can see it through the blocks).

    A better view of the angle, before the light alpha renders through the blocks:

  4. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I wish SE just had higher graphics settings for lighting so light doesn't pass through objects... and that those interior lights cast shadows... Not all of us have potatoes.
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  5. Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not sure about the interior lights casting shadows is more about our computers than it is about the actual engine of the game. The engine itself might not be able to display them properly due to its nature as a voxel based engine.

    It's like traffic. Volume of cars versus speed of cars. You will get slowdown no matter how fast the cars are if you have a high volume of cars. (And that speaks to the engine of the game not being able to process that additional load/volume of computation. It is not a conventional engine for displaying 3D environments. It's not designed for that.)

    Can you do a port of Skyrim for Flash Player? Even if you have a NASA computer, it would still run like a slide show, because Flash Player is not able to handle that. :)