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Update 1.189 - Respawn Ships Help Needed

Discussion in 'Questions and Suggestions' started by Kieran, Mar 1, 2019.

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  1. Kieran Trainee Engineer

    I am having many problems getting the ship working on a dedicated server...

    The part that I am having the most issue with the rate now is getting the ship to come up in the respawn list.

    Could someone provide a list of files and folders I need to used to set the prefab up?

    I don't need long lines of code but if you link to it to paste bin or some site like such where its easier to read then here that would help more.
  2. Koder Apprentice Engineer


    I have made a variety of respawn ship related mods (Vanilla only, though). The following files in the folder of your mod are the relevant to the respawn ship mod you need. The bolded ones (using an example prefab filename) are related to your question.

    \thumb.jpg (Thumbnail image for the Steam Workshop)

    (These files are maintained by Steam, and do not need to be modified)

    You'll need to modify RespawnShips.sbc to have an entry that references the name of your Prefab.
    - If you want to add a ship to the list, copy one of the <Ship> sections that resembles the SubtypeId you are going for, and modify the <Prefab> name to match the name of your Prefab.
    - If you are replacing one of the existing ships, than just modify the <Prefab> name in one of the existing <Ship> entries.

    Below is an example of replacing the default drop pod with a custom pod called "NameOfYourShip".

    In \Data\RespawnShips.sbc:
    Before: <Prefab>RespawnPlanetPod</Prefab>
    After: <Prefab>NameOfYourShip</Prefab>

    In \Data\Prefabs\NameOfYourShip.sbc (towards the beginning of the file):
    <Prefab xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_PrefabDefinition">
    	<Id Type="MyObjectBuilder_PrefabDefinition" Subtype="RespawnPlanetPod" />
    <Prefab xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_PrefabDefinition">
    	<Id Type="MyObjectBuilder_PrefabDefinition" Subtype="NameOfYourShip" />

    Also In \Data\Prefabs\NameOfYourShip.sbc (towards the end of the file):
    Before: <DisplayName>Respawn Planet Pod</DisplayName>
    After: <DisplayName>Name Of Your Ship as it will appear in the respawn menu</DisplayName>

    Hope this helps you out.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.