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Update 1.192 - Economy

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Aug 22, 2019.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers!
    The last couple of months were busy in Keen. We were working on another major update, which we are releasing today. Many of you have participated on our public tests, so you probably know that the update is about the new economy system we are bringing into the game.

    Regarding existing feature polish, we have addressed a record amount of long term issues and bugs, so many thanks to our incredible community for their continuous support and patience. There really is something for everyone in this update!

    All new game features related to the economy are free of charge. The free update includes the economy code updates, the safe zones, all the contract features and long term fixes. For players who wish to support the further development of Space Engineers, we have created a Pack which consists of cosmetic items designed to enrich your game. The price of the Economy Deluxe pack is $3.99USD, or your regional Steam equivalent. So if you wish to support us, check out the Economy Deluxe Pack on Steam.

    Marek's blog post: https://blog.marekrosa.org/2019/08/space-engineers-economy-update.html

    Main features
    • NPC Trading Stations - AI controlled store and contracts
    • Contracts - generated and player made
    • New Blocks - Store, Contracts, and Safe Zone
    • New items - Datapad, Zone Chip
    • Faction Reputation
    • Ingame Currency - Space Credits
    • Player to Player Trading
    • New Admin Tools Features - for trash cleaner and for economy
    • Consumables - Medkit and Powerkit
    Economy Deluxe Pack
    • Vending Machine - a variation of the Store block supporting new direct UI
    • ATM - a variation of Store block supporting only withdraw/deposit of Space Credits
    • Miner suit
    • Soldier suit
    • Disco armor skin
    • Glamour armor skin
    • Silver armor skin
    • 14 Safe Zone skins
    • 32 faction logos
    Free Additions to existing DLCs
    Our community is very important to us and as we were working on this release we’ve decided to surprise you by one decision: we are adding new things to already existing DLCs. Everyone who owns particular DLC will get the following things for free:

    Additions to Space Engineers Deluxe Edition
    Additions to Decorative Pack
    • Corner couch
    • Toilet version with the door entrance
    • Desk without chair (straight and corner)
    Additions to Style pack
    • Retro suit
    • Ghillie suit
    • Wood armor skin
    • Moss armor skin
    New Features and Changes
    • Economy
      • Star System custom world with turned on economy and changed the settings for that gameplay.
      • If you want to play it in an older world, you have to turn it on in the world settings (Advances Settings in game, Dedicated Server UI for multiplayer).
    • Store block
      • AI generated store content for NPC Store block
      • Player can buy items, gas or ships from the NPC Store
      • Player can sell items
      • Support for player created store items
      • Cashback feature for withdraw/deposit ingame currency as physical item
    • Contracts block
      • AI generated contracts for NPC Contracts block
      • Support for player created contracts
    • Contracts
      • Hauling contract
      • Acquisition contract
      • Escort contract
      • Search contract
      • Repair contract
      • Bounty contract
    • Generated contracts for every NPC Contracts block
    • Safe Zone block
    • Safe Zone coloring and support for new visualisation of the safe area
    • Added more Safe Zone features
      • Allow convert to station
      • Allow landing gear lock
    • Space Credits - new ingame currency
    • Medkit consumable - gives health when used
    • Powerkit consumable - gives suit energy when used
    • Zone Chip - item for Safe Zone block
    • Datapad - content item
    • Package item for Hauling contract
    • Faction reputation
    • Player to player trading
    • Added factions filter
    • NPC trading stations
    • Generated NPC Factions
    • Faction logo
      • New UI for selecting faction logo
      • Client side script for the LCDs to show your faction logo.
    • Faction background and icon colors
    • Faction bank account
    • Cargo ships changes
      • They can spawn as one of the NPC factions
    • Support for multi grids (cars etc.) for Console block
    • Added terminal panel anyone can use checkbox for Doors, Store and Contract block
    • Trade mode for Connector
      • This allows you a safe way to access other grids and disables power/gas transfer. Also connected grid can not manipulate items through that Connector.
      • After disconnecting there is an interval when player can not connect again.
    • Timeout feature for Connector
      • Player can set timeout when connector auto-disconnects connected grid.
    • Ore deposit HUD icon color was changed to khaki to be more visible with several beacon/antenna icons at the same time.
    • Trash cleaner new features
      • AFK Disconnect - disconnects player after a certain amount of time when player is inactive.
      • Stop grids after a certain amount of time when player is not connected.
      • Remove Old Identities feature.
    • Admin features
      • Ignore PCU feature
      • Ignore Safe Zone feature
    • New world session settings for dedicated servers
      • For ore deposit - amount and size on asteroids
      • For drills - new harvesting ratio multiplier
      • For economy - you can turn off Bounty Contracts, change economy tick, set station generator ranges
    • Added reset Good.bot hints button in the options.
    • Added two new achievements - Millionaire Club, Friend of the Factions
    • Updated Russian, Chinese, French and Turkish localization.
    • Fixed Air Vent displaying yellow error lights when depressurizing in open air.
    • Fixed assigning ownership of any block.
    • Fixed mods failing to create terminal controls (error included).
    • Fixed highlighted inventory item loses selection when mouse moves to blank area.
    • Fixed NPC behavior that attached to remote control is not reset after built in projector.
    • Fixed rare cases of inventory desynchronization.
    • Fixed large amount of hydrogen thrusters causing simulation speed drop.
    • Fixed an ALT key issue when looking around in first person and messing up camera.
    • Fixed issue when controlling non moving ship and jumping around when ejecting floating objects.
    • Fixed Interior/Corner light with high offset causing flickering.
    • Fixed Build Planner reporting "## component(s) could not be deposited" incorrectly.
    • Fixed removing voxel mod breaks the world.
    • Fixed issue when player is unable to weld/grind Cargo ship's block in multiplayer.
    • Fixed issue when checking Add to Favorites joined server.
    • Fixed issue when Alt-Tab changed the HUD mode.
    • Fixed armor slope 2x1x1 pattern.
    • Fixed astronaut position changing after save/reload and switching view.
    • Fixed autopilot on huge ships in atmosphere failing to reach a single GPS waypoint.
    • Fixed camera not resetting when pressing V.
    • Fixed issue when admin could not change sharing of the enemy block with turned on Access to all terminals feature.
    • Fixed issue when character on ladder was being moved around with the grid.
    • Fixed character status while climbing ladder is desynced after reconnect.
    • Fixed client desynchronization after merging grid.
    • Fixed crash when using Jump Drive with a grid with connector in yellow state.
    • Fixed damaged small armor LOD1 holes.
    • Fixed deformed interior wall visually detaching from surrounding armor.
    • Fixed FPS drop when pasting ship with scripts.
    • Fixed Good.Bot AI oxygen alert.
    • Fixed half armor blocks texture pattern.
    • Fixed half armor slope shifted UVs.
    • Fixed issue with hands keeps shaking when grinder stops for other players view.
    • Fixed icons for air vent actions are not being saved in multiplayer.
    • Fixed issue that player could not die due to suffocation in a Safe Zone area.
    • Fixed issue in Learning to Survive scenario that Good.bot task disappears after save / reload.
    • Fixed issue when merging can stop atmo-thruster animation.
    • Fixed missing thumbnail when creating new blueprint from clipboard.
    • Fixed issue when multiple pasted asteroids could not be edited by voxel hand.
    • Fixed multiplayer desync issue with ore boulders.
    • Fixed missing warning when using disabled voxel hand.
    • Fixed issue when PCUs in Info tab of Terminal screen were not updating properly.
    • Fixed planet yellow filter switching on and off.
    • Fixed Round Armor Slope texture pattern.
    • Fixed issue with rubber banding when jumping.
    • Fixed issue when activation of activated ship drill would stop animation.
    • Fixed ship drill not moving after /save command.
    • Fixed small landing gear and small decoy LODs.
    • Fixed issue of some armors having wrong texture scale.
    • Fixed issue of some block inventories not updating grid mass.
    • Fixed issue when turret does not target grid in range after reload in multiplayer.
    • Fixed issue when unpowered or turned off Programmable block LCD was still on.
    • Fixed issue when using CTRL+V with empty clipboard in survival changes your viewpoint.
    • Fixed vulture drone behavior.
    • Fixed wrong armor skin being highlighted upon returning to color picker screen.
    • Fixed several AI issues when controlling ships.
    • Fixed desync when switching landing gear status through toolbar while it is attached by autolock.
    • Fixed missing settings for 1x1 small battery - PCU, particle effects, sounds.
    • Fixed C# language regression from the last Major update. Supported language is C# 6 or lower again.
    • Fixed issue with #pragma warning. This directive is prohibited to use now.
    • Fixed various English language bugs.
    Hotfix 1.192.020

    • Fixed a crash caused by Mod Pipe Conveyor Extension
    • Fixed a crash in voice chat
    • Fixed a crash related to Trash removal admin feature
    • Fixed a crash when image of a banner and of a highlighted banner were the same
    • Fixed inability to start drilling with Hand drill when clicking too fast
    • Fixed Light Armor Slope not being skinnable with Moss Armor Skin
    • Fixed missing emissivity on displays of Economy blocks
    • Fixed new Corner couch still having mount points of original couch
    • Fixed ship not reacting on Y-axis when controlling it from a turret
    • Fixed turrets not shooting at neutrals when they were supposed to
    Hotfix 1.192.021

    • Fixed issue with possibility to enable Safe Zone on dynamic grid
    • Fixed issue with tools working without energy
    • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.GUI.HudViewers.MyHudMarkerRender.DrawLocationMarkers
    • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyTerminalInventoryController.RefreshSelectedInventoryItem
    • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Lights.MyLights.RemoveLight
    • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Multiplayer.MyFactionCollection.CheckPlayerReputationAchievements
    • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.SessionComponents.MySessionComponentTrash.UpdateTrash
    Hotfix 1.192.022

    • Fixed an exploit
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  2. Helaton

    Helaton Apprentice Engineer

    Fantastic. Thank you very much!
  3. Cyber Cheese

    Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

  4. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    I guess the fact that the in-game server browser has no new options related to the presence or absence of the economy system indicates the economy is primarily or exclusively intended as a single player feature ?
  5. FidelCastor

    FidelCastor Trainee Engineer

    Did someone else have a huge memory usage?
    My Server takes 28GB of RAM.
  6. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    3.99 - the cheapest vajazzle around!

    I do like the extras, but I may be passing up the DLC this go around.
  7. chrisb

    chrisb Senior Engineer

    This update plus the block designs are really good, well worth the small amount of cost.
    I have a problem that the wood and the moss don't work at the mo, but I assume that could be a bug. I bought the packs 'economy delux' and 'delux', so look forward to having to build many ships again. But that is o.k. because with those metal type texture blocks both silver, gold and even the disco and glam block can be turned into something really special using lighting, I have been experimenting and it's really eye opening what kind of combo's can be achieved.

    Hope the wood & moss get sorted, I restarted steam, plus my pc, but neither worked.

    Great update KSH, I've yet to tinker with the economy but am looking forward to that too.

    Keep bringing these small cosmetic block dlc's out, plus others. They are adding so much to the interior's of ships. Is it possible to have a chair in one of the future packs, these sofa's make the old chair look odd, unless it's on a bridge or something. Relaxing wise it doesn't measure up now.. ;)

    As said.. Great Update & work.
  8. MrTrilby

    MrTrilby Trainee Engineer

    After multiple statements saying no more functional blocks in DLC, you add two functional blocks to the DLC, ok one is a cut down version of a store function, but you explicitly stated you would not do this.

    Other than that gripe, good work KSH and thanks for the freebies
  9. joebopie

    joebopie Apprentice Engineer

    seriously... out of the 10 people I know who have SE nobody wants this update... Pointless. maybe if the MP code you picked wasn't the one that has built in LAG then this would matter to them. Thinking about the amount if wasted time is depressing.
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  10. SileniusFF

    SileniusFF Apprentice Engineer

    This is a very impressive list of features, fixes and decorative stuff.
    Great work guys!
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  11. Sarekh

    Sarekh Senior Engineer

    funny, out of the gazillion folks I know that play space engineers at least six of them plus me love the update - thinking about the amount of win we get from this is awesome.

    Seriously, friend. It's okay not to like everything in the update-pipeline - but there ARE different opinions out there. Take a look at the subreddit and tell me you ten folks make up a majority :)
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  12. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    This one caught me by surprise. Like in the good old days in early access... thursday is update day!
    And really a long list of things done.
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  13. [XGN] XLency

    [XGN] XLency Trainee Engineer

  14. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    Only the second time ? You must be new here :D
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  15. [XGN] XLency

    [XGN] XLency Trainee Engineer

    Oh no, they fucked up a lot more. I lost interest in the game after the "Multiplayer Update" back in August of 2018. They fucked up the game so hard there. Then they fucked up anti-missile targeting which is ASTONISHING considering it's such a basic game mechanic. After they fixed that, I stopped playing for a while and then came back to witness yet again another wonderful heap of bullshit on behalf of Keen. It hasn't even been two fucking weeks since I started playing again and then this shit happens. I'm getting reaaaally sick of this. It's like they don't even test their shit, and that's hysterical for a company that does public testing as much as they do. All I want to do is host a dedicated server at home, run it with 20 mods or so, invite a few friends, and FUCKING play it. I can't even START the server now because of this update. So again, not my first rodeo, but at the same time this was obviously coming. That doesn't make it any less infuriating.
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  16. Kham

    Kham Apprentice Engineer

    You're using Torch, so there's zero point in posting the crash log here as Torch is a community made project.
  17. [XGN] XLency

    [XGN] XLency Trainee Engineer

    And even they were doing better than Keen, which says something. The official message I get from the default server console that's garbage (which is WHY I use Torch) says that "This world cannot be loaded. It has been created in a new version of the game or in a different branch of the game." I've been looking for fixes, and so far I've found a few that don't seem to work.
  18. MrChoke

    MrChoke Trainee Engineer

    So can someone explain how these new NPCs and factions work? It seems only a couple of custom worlds have "undiscovered" factions. But where are their bases and ships at? Do they spawn in after a period of time so I can encounter them??
  19. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    On the plus side, even if you do not own this DLC you can still use the blocks, you just can not build them yourself. :)
  20. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    PSA : If you are playing offline there are now new hoops to jump through :

    Whether it's a bug or a feature is a question that only Keen can answer if they choose to, but since yesterdays update when Steam is offline the game saves are loaded from and saved to a different folder from that which is used when online.

    Open an explorer window to %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\Saves and you will see (at least) two folders, one named with your Steam ID64 number, where all saves were previously stored, and now an additional one with a shorter numeric name (in my case it was 1234567891011) which are those accessible when offline.

    You can copy the saves from the Steam-linked folder to the other one and they can then be loaded with the game offline. - obviously this is a kludge and if you play both online and offline there are issues, which could be worked around by using a directory link or junction and having a single copy of the saves accessible from both modes.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  21. mccorkle

    mccorkle Trainee Engineer

    I feel like I need to say something to balance out all the nay-saying.

    This update adds some important new mechanics to the mid and late game that have never been able to (easily) exist before it. This gives people a way to protect their bases in SE, while still encouraging people to visit and interact with one another (thanks to commerce and user generated contracts). Added to that -- the ability to mod in new types of "contracts" opens up a whole new world of content creation as well.

    And yes, this release changed the modAPI and broke a lot of mods (both local and on servers). I've posted some details on the support forum and I hope that Keen can deploy a fix it in the game code to make this a "deprecated feature" instead of a broken one to give mod developer a hot minute to get updated. In the mean time, I'm hunting down my favorite mod developers and offering them help by providing logs with the errors along with my setup details.

    At the end of the day, this is a game -- and yes, it is in flux, and sometimes that flux breaks our experience (both for modded experiences and occasionally with the vanilla one). Relax everyone. This isn't the power grid or nuclear launch systems. If it's broken for a day or two, nobody dies.

    And with all that said, I challenge anyone here to show me how the Space Engineers we have today isn't more feature and content packed (and more fun) than the one we had 5 years ago. If I wanted a static game, I'd buy a Switch and play some Zelda or something. Space Engineers is exactly what I signed up for and I try to report and help debug any bugs I run into.

    For me personally, I am super happy that Space Engineers is still growing, and I support their efforts, even when it breaks my favorite mods or blows up the dedicated server that I've been running non-stop for the last 3+ years.
    --- Automerge ---
    I'm not 100% on the factions yet -- but the basics as I understand them is:
    * check the factions tab -- lots of new ones to discover in SP and MP
    * traveling around, the game will randomly spawn in factions near you (like it does with encounters)
    * go interact with the faction. Do some contracts. Buy stuff, sell them stuff.
    * you can buy ships and rovers from some of them. when you buy them, it spawns right there near the protection area and is set to be owned by you. Congrats on your new ship!
    * get a hauling mission and the destination will be another factions station
    * go find the new faction and continue the journey

    All along the way, you have reputation with factions (including pirates). You can pick a fight with factions. I don't know if they will send ships & drones after you, but I'm betting they will.

    I also believe that you can get datapads with hints on how to find factions, but I personally haven't experienced that yet.
    --- Automerge ---
    You said it yourself -- the interactive blocks are just alternate versions of existing blocks. This is the same design that they had previously with the cockpit -- as it is just a third cockpit with exactly the same functionality as the first two cockpits. I don't get why these blocks are making people so salty.

    Buy them if you want Keen to be able to *afford to pay their developers and artists to continue to work on Space Engineers*. Keen is a business, and they have to keep the lights on. DLC is part of how they do that. If you have a better suggestion for them to make money, please post your ideas on the forum and direct message me because I'd love to hear them for my own game design plans.

    If you don't want to buy the DLC, you absolutely can do everything in the game that someone who did buy them can do. To me, this is clearly in the spirit of cosmetic DLC.
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  22. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Ok I could not resist...I bought the new DLC for myself and a friend.... lol.

    I just gotta be one of the "cool kids". :)
  23. Blitzzz333

    Blitzzz333 Keen PR Guy Staff

    You're very welcome. :)
    --- Automerge ---
    Thanks for being one of the "cool kids". ;)
  24. Tobias Brandlehner

    Tobias Brandlehner Trainee Engineer

    Hello all,

    my Dedicated servers are broken and maybe someone know why.
    On all of my Servers the planets are gone.
    Also when i create a new Dedicated Server with Solar System and without any changes to the rest of the config my Server starts without any planet.

    Thank you all and a nice weekend.
  25. captainbladej52

    captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    I've discovered a potentially nasty freeze that can occur with the new update. I loaded up a test world for the first time since the update and the world updated to the new format as it should. Upon loading in I was able to play around with the new economy blocks and slap them down as normal, even setting up a safe zone. after about an hour while I was building, my game locked up as though i had hit the pause button on a single player world. I couldn't move, I couldn't interact with anything, or get unstuck. I pressed the pause button to see if I had accidently hit it and there was no effect. the only way to regain control of my guy was to save and exit the world. About an hour later it locked up again. On a hunch I checked the settings and the economy feature was actually disabled, yet somehow I still had access to the blocks. I checked off the box and loaded into the world and so far it's not locked up on me again. So far I've only experienced it with one world but will keep an eye out for any other freezing.
  26. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I've been away a week on a business trip. Can someone, in 1,000 words or less, explain whether the new DLC is useful for single player mode? My impression is that economy mode is only really meant for cooperative play, but I'm just too lazy to figure it out for myself.
  27. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    The DLC is just optional eye candy and a way to contribute a bit more to keep the devs in vepřo-knedlo-zelo and beer. It's cheap fun. The new economy system is... a curate's egg, at best, especially in multiplayer.
  28. zachusaman

    zachusaman Trainee Engineer

    Economy update adds vendors, quests, and currency to the single player experience.
    Also medkits/batteries to charge on the go, and datapads to write stuff in (I imagine your campaigns will love this!)
    Also factions are useful now, and other decorative stuff.
    Good video summary here, feel free to cancel your business trip.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  29. Stardriver907

    Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Hey, you got to play for two weeks :D

    Anyone that did not expect problems after a major update has to be new.

    Yesterday after the update dropped I could not load my previous save, which I had also published. Couldn't load the published version, either. The game would go through all the loading motions, then I'd get an error message. The message said I had to check the log to find out what happened, but there was no log.

    But, after 9000 hours of playing this game I knew that the worst that could happen was that I would have to rebuild all my creations, perhaps from scratch. It wouldn't be the first time. Or the second.

    Or the third or forth.

    Except, I didn't have to. I shut down the game and walked away. Hours later I decided it was time to start rebuilding. I clicked on my last save and it loaded. 300 mods and all. As if nothing had happened.

    This isn't directed to anyone in particular, but it seems like some people try really hard to have Space Engineers work like some other game, or they have some misconception about how the game should work. They want to force the game to be what they want rather than play the game that's actually there. There is also the mindset that any game that you can load is "finished" and should perform flawlessly. When they don't they go to the forums and use cuss words to show everyone that they are really mad. The kicker is that even though thousands of people are playing, there must be something wrong with the game because it's not working for them.

    This is not the kind of update that breaks mods. They added new features and fixed some bugs. Folks should really check their setup before concluding that Keen fucked up. If Keen did fuck up, show them what they did and they will fix it. They want their fuck-ups fixed more than you do. Don't advertise how pissed off you are that your server is down because no one here cares. In my personal opinion, it's still way too early to be hosting this game on a server. There is so much that will still go horribly wrong. This was a single player game that has been mutated into an online multiplayer game. You're lucky it works at all.

    I've been having this problem for about the last couple weeks. I don't think the update has anything to do with it.

    Actually, it appears to me that this update is primarily intended for Single Player. It will give a single player "something to do" and a "reason" to go places. The DLC is not intended to be "useful". You're not going to "need" it for anything.

    I'll have to admit, however, that my quarters would look better with the wood texture.

    Too good for the crew, though ;)
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  30. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Thank you, everyone, for the information. Although I have yet to play and won't for several more days, I've chosen to buy the DLC if only to support further development by KSH. I truly enjoy playing SE and by far have gotten my money's worth out of it. I'm looking forward to what the new content provides for single player mode since I've yet to lock into a consistent multiplayer environment/experience (i.e., until now I've played with other players, but only very sporadically; I'm hoping to find a multiplayer server looking for an additional player and whose primary goal is not to destroy everything in sight).
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