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Update - 194.3 - Experimental Mode!

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Kienata, May 15, 2020.

  1. Kienata Staff

    Greetings Space Engineers!

    Thank you for all of the suggestions and feedback! We appreciate your contribution to the continued development of Space Engineers!

    The 194.3 release addresses some of the most pressing community issues.

    Wondering what we are working on? We have a list of all the biggest community topics here:

    Read more about this update to Space Engineers on Xbox here ~ Xbox: First Update

    Changelog – Update – 194.3

    • Added Xbox Experimental mode, featuring:
      - more players in multiplayer (4 for OG, 6 for X)
      - higher PCU counts (100k for MP, 200k for SP)
      - unsafe physics values and shared inertia tensor
    • Added planets Triton, Europa, Titan, Alien
    • Added New planet scenarios
    • Improved graphics quality on Xbox One (Original and S)
    • Added Armagedon environment hostility
    • Added Select all function on keyboard (ctrl + a)

    • Chinese and Russian translations updated
    • Improved mining performance
    • Improved Ingame workshop browser
    • Removed Keep original ownership option from Admin screen
    • Removed Trash removal button from warnings screen
    • Removed Local category, its icon and tooltip mention from Blueprint screen
    • Fixed a number of crashes
    • Fixed a number of memory leaks
    • Fixed blocks falling through voxel
    • Fixed worlds failing to save (in some cases)
    • Fixed multiple out of cloudspace errors stacking on top of each other
    • Fixed cloud usage digits overlapping when cloud is close to full
    • Fixed incorrect sound when flying in jetpack
    • Fixed voxels not being removed after single click when deleting
    • Fixed Moon not being round for OG
    • Fixed realistic sounds being distorted
    • Fixed the inability of saves to be renamed
    • Fixed un-scrollable refinery block detail info
    • Fixed safe worlds being shown as experimental
    • Fixed a crash at MyXAudio2.Update3DCuePosition
    • Fixed the Death Wish
    • Fixed the Explorer achievement
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  2. AloneDev Trainee Engineer

    Multiplayer is still laggy and crashes quite frequently. It only crashes when joining someone elses world but not the host of that world. It seems to be rare fo someone to last in your world for up to an hour without crashing.
    Last edited: May 16, 2020
  3. SiHO colus Trainee Engineer

    So i believe you Developers dont test it enought, but i discovered few Bugs theyre still Exist:
    First, Blocks falling Trough Static Grids. My Ship glitches trough the Landing Platform what is Super Annoying!
    Second, the Bug exist few Version further in the Beta, if you set new Blocks, or Groups in Second, Third, Fouth Page etc., it nothing Happens. The Dpad site on the Toolhotbar is Empty. No Blocks or Groups. Congratulations keen, for Bring the Also Annoying Bug in the Final game. Great.
    Third, Are Block or Groups set in the Hotbar, the Ship would be Copied or Saved as Blueprint and THEN Placed Again, all configurated Blocks ir Grouos are not Usable anymore so the Whole damn Seat need to be Configurated AGAIN but now its not Possible Anymore, see Second Bug. THIS Bug exist since Release of SE for Xbox.
    Fourth point is that the Hydrogen Thrusters Randomly Stop Working. I dont adjusted on the Overrides, i have enough Hydrogen in their Tanks but it just happens that the Thrusters are Stop working and do nothing anymore. On Planets a Giant Problem! I tried to Repair them or Place new Convenyon Blocks, but its Just the Thruster Itself! After i Deleting these and Place New one, the Thrusters do their Duty. This Keen, THIS is unacceptable! Guys, me and Enough other Players Posted the Problems on the Forums Site for SE. You Said you will see what is going on but NOTHING happened! Im Glad you Added the Experimental mode and Improved much Bugs but the Bugs i Posted here is not an Excuse and because of This Problem is my Result that Space Engineers is Still unplayable! You Guys should listen more on the Commumity. Especially on the Bugs like mine here! So fix it already! I cant Believe it...
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  4. kingslycamben Trainee Engineer

    I heard frostbite would come out with this up date after all this is the may update and there is already a emote for it in there lol
  5. loopedcheetah Trainee Engineer

    hello, i have some question about the update, it is mentioned that the pcu has been increased to 100,000 unit in mp and 200,000 in solo, as well as the server goes from 2 to 4 player for the one s and from 4 to 6 for the one x, except that none of this has been changed, does that mean that it will be done the next update?
  6. Kienata Staff

    We hope you are enjoying the update!

    • These changes were made to the newly implemented Experimental Mode. You will only be able to use these new features with Experimental Mode enabled.

    • As mentioned in the live stream, Frostbite is still planned and on the way. It should be released soon.
  7. loopedcheetah Trainee Engineer

    how did you enable the experimental mode?
  8. kingslycamben Trainee Engineer

    Experimental mode is on but my pcu hasn't increased
  9. AloneDev Trainee Engineer

    PCU only increases on offline mode and not online.
  10. kingslycamben Trainee Engineer

    wow space engineers has been setting the games to public without me doing it i never checked that thank you
    Last edited: May 18, 2020
  11. EarthTramp Trainee Engineer

    Great work on the update, my gameplay has really improved and I'm loving the new visuals but I'm just wondering when you might be implementing the unknown signals
  12. AloneDev Trainee Engineer

    If you watch their recent livestream on their youtube ("Space Engineers") they talk about most of the questions that the community have asked them
  13. Tuneleiro Trainee Engineer

    Hi team,

    when can we expect a new update with fixes for the d-pad hotkey assignment for other "pages" than the first one? it's pretty annoying and making the game quite unplayable... :(

    pls let me know
    many thanks!