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Update Suggestion for Glass Panels

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by FatalPapercut, Apr 12, 2014.

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  1. FatalPapercut Senior Engineer

    First off, i've been loving the new glass windows, i practically ran through all my old builds updating them whilst giggling like a madman.

    However, i did notice one thing that dampened my maniac smile a bit. And that was actually figuring out which window i needed for the space i was filling in, the normal or inverted style. Even with the slight darkening effect when placing the outline, its still hard to tell if you've got it right until after its placed. While i usually build creative, i imaging this would cause lost time and some headaches for people that build survival.

    So my suggestions pan out thrice:

    One, add an arrow to the HUD when placing windows that shows which way you can look through.

    Two, update the model of the windows to include a small square on one corner that has an indicator light on either side, green for inside, red for outside. The box doesnt have to be particularly large, just a couple of inches square so it doesn't interfere with the openness of the view.

    Three, use the indicator light idea from #2, but remove all the "inverted" type windows from the selection menu. Now, instead of the light just being an indicator, it becomes a toggleable switch that allows the user to change the polarity of the glass at will. (Maybe even cycle through one way, both way or no way mirrors.)
  2. Beezilbub Apprentice Engineer

    Definitely!! I build in survival and this is hugely annoying. Unless I'm missing something I can't see how to see if you are placing a window with the correct side facing out until you have actually built it and if I get it wrong, I have to disassemble and start over. I definitely want to see this addressed.
  3. thestalkinghead Trainee Engineer

    also ones that are tinted on both sides and clear on both sides would be good
  4. darth_biomech Senior Engineer

    I definetely like the togglable polarity suggestion.
  5. RogueSteeler Trainee Engineer


    I like bold c:

    But ya, this sounds good, though I don't have that much of a problem with it. I just remember the direction. If it has an arrow, then I think, "Oh, that means it's clear on the inside," or "Oh, that means it clear on the outside" so I put it facing the opposite direction to have it with the tintedness.

    I also like how the farther away you get, the harder it is to see through it. Standing close to it will make looking at the inside easier than if you're standing on the ceiling.
  6. cherv-saper Apprentice Engineer

    Great idea!
    And may be some tool for tuning of some components (doors, lamps, also windows) - sonic screwdriver... So we can shrink that huge list in control panel, where should be only important devices.
  7. Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    +1 great idea!
  8. dex7491 Trainee Engineer

    This would address all the issues I'm having perfectly.
  9. Heat6560 Trainee Engineer

    +1 for polarity toggling.
  10. RFA Trainee Engineer

    +1. I'm a fan of glass, but it's usability is definitely limited and frustrating at the moment.
    If you like glass, give this thread some love too! http://forums.keenswh.com/post/house-of-glass-more-angles-more-shapes-more-colours-more-possibilities-6902456?pid=1282810742#post1282810742

  11. Rat Trainee Engineer

    I don't know about having lights on every window. I think it would look messy in larger projects.

    It would cut back on inventory clutter if we could just invert the windows with a hotkey prior to placing them.

    But the best way would probably be if windows were placed clear and we could paint the tint on afterwards. That way we have the option of clear OR tinted windows and which side the tint is on.
  12. FatalPapercut Senior Engineer

    Apparently everyone likes Option #3 the best...

    Anyway, the "lights" would really just be a small, dull colored square, not a blinding high beam. The entire point of the light indicator system is to be able to change the polarization after placement so you dont have to grind them back down and replace them in survival if you get it wrong the first time. Just placing it, then changing it after, as you suggest with your tint paint, is probably the best way to go.

    As for that tint paint, i really dont see how you can make that a game option that makes sense, unless you make the tint a new constructable item, but i think most people would enjoy having it be free, since its really just a cosmetic choice.
  13. HitryiPryanik Apprentice Engineer

    +1 to simple 3d arrow that shows direction of look (hey, modders!). Or colored surface on the one side. Because black can looks grey with the highlight or with different angle (try to rotate with Ins and you wil see it).
    +1 for painting tint (also there will be less items in the menu and colored windows)

    Pain in the ass:
  14. HitryiPryanik Apprentice Engineer

    Another one problem with glass panels (and interior lamps and other objects): they taking all cube in the grid, so it is problem to make some structures (small glass pyramid i.e.)
  15. sonix Trainee Engineer

    +1 to add a pol toggle or add the missing inv. versions of the glass!
  16. WhiteWeasel Senior Engineer

    Cool! The polarity option would make glass so much more fun to design with.
  17. DKSDevil Trainee Engineer

    +1 polarity. I'm always getting the side wrong then have to grind down the glass and pray I flip it the correct way.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.