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[US-SOUTH] Armageddon Hardcore Survival - 5-2-2-2-2 [PVP][Custom spawn ship][NOGRIEFING]

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by cfriedman, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. cfriedman Trainee Engineer

    [​IMG] ES3-Firefly Economy Shuttlecraft by Unknown Squid

    Welcome to the Armageddon Hardcore Survival Server!

    This is a dedicated server hosted in Kansas for the fastest US ping times. The server is open 24/7 and the admin is available in the evenings when most people are playing. Daily routine maintenance is provided to ensure your drilling days are lag free!

    Server Stats:

    1Gbps connection

    Quad Core Xeon E5

    128GB RAM


    Server Settings:

    Survival 5-2-2-2

    Hovering names enabled

    No Meteors or Cargo Ships

    Beacons required on all ships that want to be kept!

    No X/Y/Z - use newly updated antenna system

    Noob spawn is right next to the main astroid field

    Custom RespawnShip ES3-Firefly by Unkown Squid!

    Ramming = ban when seconded (someone needs to second your motion to ban)
  2. cfriedman Trainee Engineer

    Reserved for additional updates.
  3. Unknown Squid Apprentice Engineer

    Hi cfriedman. You apparently have PM's blocked so I couldn't reply that way. So replying here instead. :woot:

  4. cfriedman Trainee Engineer

    Enabled messages! Thanks! I know new comers and the regulars are going to love it.

    Noted on the cargo contents!
  5. dunka Trainee Engineer

    I dig this server, that starter ship is pretty nifty. I think as you got feedback already the starting mats are a little light, pretty much need 2 ships to get going, but not horrible. When is the normal maintenance? It's down now :(
  6. cfriedman Trainee Engineer

    Normal maintenance is around 8 am every morning. I've also added .25 of Uranium to make it a little bit easier to get started.

    Last nights crash was due to the netcode. I saw your post come in while I was out and couldn't restart it right away so I've made it so I can access it from my phone.

    Hopefully it will be updated soon, evenings are prime time!
  7. cfriedman Trainee Engineer

    One of the first servers to update to the piston patch! I also ran a quick clean of random floating objects.

    On another note a backup of the SE files are made every day at 7am/12pm/12am! Build your empire knowing that your hard work won't totally disappear!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.