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Visual Inventory Blocks (With Pictures and Functions)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Cyborg_Leopard, Apr 7, 2018.

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  1. Cyborg_Leopard Trainee Engineer

    So here is a suggestion that I think is both realistic and could bring a lot to SE. ME has visual inventories for a lot of things with their ore storage, shelves, tables, log stockpiles, etc. This is one of my favorite features of ME because it adds a lot to the game for being able to see your resources.


    (These are pretty lame drawings I made but they're enough to get the point across. Also Palette is spelled wrong with an A instead of an E. Please ignore that...)

    The Palette would hold components and display them visually. Obviously there would have to be some rendering trick to get large numbers of components without lag. (Like for steel plates just a big brick with some cleverly textured sides to give the idea that it's a big stack). It may also only have four or five "stages" of filled in each quarter for each component to further cut down on lag, but how exactly the visual aspect of the inventory is handled is beyond the scope of this post. Though as more components would be added thin guide rails would ride up the palette and straps would hold them in place.

    It would have the benefit of if you were within about (uhh lets say 25meters or 10 large blocks) and attempted to weld something, if you needed a component and did not have it in your inventory, the component could be pulled from the palette instead. This would be very useful for bulky components (I'm looking at you, Large Steel Tube) that you sometimes need a lot of for certain builds. So not only would it be a great aesthetic addition to hangars and dockyards to give an industrial feel but would alleviate a lot of headaches with playing on low inventory settings.

    The Palette would have a conveyor connection on the bottom that could access the remainder of the station/ship, that you could push/pull your components from.


    The Tool Rack would hold your tools. You could grab tools off the rack, place them on the rack or push/pull them through conveyor network (port on the back). Like the oxygen generator with ice or the refineries with ore, loose tools in an inventory would automatically be pulled to a tool rack until all of the slots were filled.

    The tool rack could hold all of the standard tools (Rifles, Welders, Drills and Grinders) along with gas bottles. Gas bottles placed on the rack would be refilled (assuming there is a working gas generator or tank on the grid). The player could also recharge their suits energy and gas supplies by interacting with the tool rack, much like a medical bay. The rack would also have an inventory space designed specially for holding ammo clips (along the bottom) for those of us wanting to use it to put armories on our ships and stations.

    It would also come with a light along the top which was functionally the same as a corner light. You could turn it on and off and possibly adjust the color.
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  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I agree. I’ve always wanted an “Easy Rider Rifle Rack” for my ride!
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  3. Zooltan Trainee Engineer

    I like the idea of visual storage. It adds a lot of immersion, both to creative builds and survival.

    I'm not too fond of the idea of auto pulling items while building. It's a little unrealistic for my taste.

    I don't think performance would be a problem. There are a lot of rendering tricks that they can use.

    You should post it in here too:
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  4. NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    tool/weapon racks sound great, weapon rack mod already exists :)
    but too many of the other inventory items to display multiples of each on a visual inventory blocks
  5. Udrakan Apprentice Engineer

    It works in ME because you are always building and operating with gravity pointing down, which is not the case for SE. Look at how even the simplest bug (view being tilted in gravity) takes over month to fix. Don't get your hopes up about them implementing anything that isn't already being worked on.
  6. Cyborg_Leopard Trainee Engineer

    I recognized this would be a concern of someone...

    1.) Carts in ME can roll over and the ores or whatever can stay in the stockpile block much the same as a ship could roll over in SE and the components/ores will not fall out either way. You can attach small grid stockpiles sideways/upside down and encounter no problem. That isn't an issue there why should it be one here? The people that don't care about the weirdness of stuff just sticking out all over the place are going to weld pallets onto the walls or ceiling either way with no mind to aesthetic or the roleplaying elements of the game.

    2.) I intentionally included straps and the holders in my sketches which would presumably keep the components/tools in place anyways. So they at least make SOME sense when placed sideways.

    3.) There are already blocks in SE that are rly only appropriate upright. (Cryo chamber, Medbay.) Arguments could be made for the doors not really "working" in any other direction. Though I do see that these are structurally complete blocks and not piles of loose parts that could physically be attached in such a manner and not break physics.

    4.) We got half slab armor blocks cause enough people asked for those. But yeah. They leave a thread open for suggestions; why not use it? But true they should probably get around to fixing welder range before working.
  7. Malware Master Engineer

    Well there's quite a significant difference between a simple armor slab which don't even need a programmer to do, and a completely new feature like this ;)
  8. gothosan Junior Engineer

    along with adding straps to make it look like the components are held in place, you could argue the pellete generate a small gravitational field to hold the components in place, and is self powered so to not draw power from the ship or stop working when the ship is off.
  9. Saberwulfy Apprentice Engineer

    I would love it not for storage but for output.
    So think about a vending machine remove the glass door, add a item filter and arrows to cycle showed goods.
    When you cycle showed goods, all items fall and are pulled, new items come from each slot.
    When you get all items of 1 slot it eject more to same place or substitute if there's no more left.
    Item filter can be configured for only show what you want, so it can become a weapon rack or ammo rack...

    It's generic and have all important options, so modders can easily use to create a storage version like automatic pallets, shelves and wall shelves.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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  10. Cyborg_Leopard Trainee Engineer

    Ideally we wouldn't need gravity generator components to build something that should really just be the same components as a stock conveyor or cargo container.

    This is also a good idea.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.