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Viva la Rebellion! (Rebellion stories)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by SF-1 Raptor, Jan 20, 2019.

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  1. SF-1 Raptor

    SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Ok, so it's been a long, long time since I've been here, but I decided to have my first topic after my hiatus be a question for those who do a lot of multiplayer. Has anyone ever been on a server where a rebellion formed? What I mean by this is something like Star Wars, where there is one, maybe two, massive faction that controls most of the server, but some people manage to put up a decent fight. This is honestly just curiosity on my part, and I kinda wanna know if it's ever happened.
  2. Calaban

    Calaban Junior Engineer

    I was in a server a while ago- one of the official Keen ones for US, when they first opened.

    The Big Evil Empire was a pirate/raider/griefer group, with typically over half of the online players at all times. I forget their name. No sense honoring them with recognition.

    The server had a rather harsh per player PCU limit of around 6,250 if I recall, but the Empire faction learned that they could pool PCU from players that wide eyed joined for fun, then saw their pcu limits jammed with ships "gifted" to them, then kicked from the faction- boom- freed up PCU for the Empire to build more. (told you they were evil)

    They were big, they were bad, they were constant. They were everywhere. They bragged in public chat when they found a players stuff, then gleefully tore it to shreds, and stole the large ships they had. It became clear they got their kicks bullying day 1-2 landers and new bases. Never facing off against a prepared or eager opponent (see below), only those who are helpless and frustrated (def. of a cowardly bully)

    I, and other faction regulars, disapproved. In addition to trolling/bullying/spreading salt, we saw the Empire as a "Cancer" on new players joining this [new official server] community- driving them away. We allied and collaborated in Rebel unity, and had some good times doing actual cooperative play in the then new multiplayer fix.

    I started looking for Empire assets, and while on Patrol around the Earthlike looking for the Empire, and finding all sorts of player bases (a skill I have), I helped out and was friendly with everyone I met, sadly, never found the Empire base I was really looking for. Many salutes were given, alliances formed.

    I had a good time "playing nice". I dug one factions home base out from the ground (they wanted to launch it to flee the Empire), another guy I ground down his starting lander and packed it in a single small container (I grabbed it and flew a way for only a little bit before returning to merge block it to his base grid), Laughs were had by all.. eventually.

    I met some kid testing his rover out on a lake. I offered to upgrade it a bit. It had 2 O2 generators, small ports left and right between the wheels, so I added 4 elbow small conveyors going to 4 H2 thrusters for Up, and a timer block named "flight mode" that when triggered performed [control wheels: On/Off ; Control thrusters Off/On ; H2 Thrusters Off/On] on the cockpit. Now he had a Jump buggy that could actually fly and hover without veering around with wheel forces- as he raced, and did barrel rolls and daring maneuvers all over the lake and off cliffs with it, I could literally hear him bouncing in his chair, saying "such a simple thing to make this rover 1000% better".

    One time I met up with a smoking ruin- and had my hopes up that this was the Empire base, or someone who knew which way to point. The guys rebuilding it as I flew in to help told me that The Empire raided their base while they were logged off, and stole their capitol ships- whereabouts unknown, I pointed out in public chat to everyone online that the builder.. NOT the current owner, but the Builder, can always delete any grid they built out of spite if needed, and poof! Ships apparently started disappearing from the Empires fleet in short order.

    The Empire was not happy. They declared me a White Knight [I prefer to think of the MTG card, not the SJW meme] with a large degree of distaste, and vowed to grief me wherever they saw me, no matter the server. They were supremely upset that I had spoiled a large part of their "fun" and fleet building "strategy", and looked forward to "the taste of my tears".

    They never found me.. or never revealed themselves, at least.

    They found one of my allies though- demolished them. Left taunting messages on a surviving LCD in their base building. I saw this when I stopped by for a visit. I deleted their text, and added my own: "I just need a GPS of their base -Cal"

    Oddly over several days flying all over the world after that, and broadcasting 50km the entire time.. No Empire ships ever intercepted me. But.. but I was the LAST one! C'mon, guys! Dont let my steam profile hours played # intimidate ya.

    The faction members of the ruins with the LCD bulletin board left the server for good, and were gone. The Rebellion was crumbling already. People were leaving the server after abuses of the Empire. But one day to my surprise, on a later visit to those ruins, I saw the text had changed- with Empire base coordinates!

    Who had posted it? a sympathetic scout- that happened to like throwing matches at gasoline? a bitter former member of the Empire? The Empire itself in a display of bravado? An admin that recognized the cancer? One of the man (many) people I helped anonymous tip? It didnt matter. I was now the Rebel with a cause- my alliance was shattered. Many bases I helped were smoking craters. But they havent met me. And while me wants to play nice and cooperatively, me can be pretty fearsome when me has Game of Blood at hand, and friends to avenge.

    When I got there, the empire base had a lot -I mean a LOT of turrets. Probably 18 gatling, 6 missile and 40+ interior turrets all over the lake, cave, and assembly yard. It was obscene how much they were able to build within the PCU limits, and I bet they thought their base unbeatable under those very same build restrictions. I set up a "hunting lodge" high high up in a nearby mountain peak (needing 4x large atmos/hydrogen to maintain level flight that high- a lander itself could not get there), and watched them.

    And waited. Gathered materials and stocked the Hunting Lodge as my new base of operations. Then, one night, they all left. Nobody was home. On a mission to raid a new base they just found. While they were chatting up how fearsome they were and how pissed the owner of that base will be and :words:, but their own words betrayed them; the base they were describing in a bit too much detail was one that I recognized- I had helped before and GPS'd their base... and noted it being about about 80km away from the Empire Base... !!!

    ..This Rebel struck! The Empire base was reduced to craters and twisted metal, 8-10 burning ships strewn around the lake (turns out a vertical line of 8 gatlings makes a rather nice turret sweeper and large ship slicer), the cave base simply nuked repeatedly (had a warhead/merge block printer in belly of the Cavalier). As I left, The one somewhat intact ship, that was purposely left maybe-repairable, I booby trapped with a sensor/ large warhead, so that when they flew the long way back to base, discovered the horror of the scene before them, and approached the one salvageable thing.... boom. In person. Right in front of them, since none of the Empire had the courtesy to spawn at their base in time. I bet that was frustrating for them.

    The Empire faction... all of its members, simply went away. Never saw them again. The server got more populated and more friendly without them. When new players asked "are there any pirate factions I could join" someone would happily say "not anymore". It probably bothered the Empire and any surviving remainders to no end that they never knew who did it... But yeah, guys; it was me. Just me. My single players' worth of PCU. The only Rebel left. But I Gotcha.

    I hacked an antenna in the center of their gutted cliffside base cave, transmitting "Why all Troll Caves are messy", with an LCD inside saying "Eventually a Knight finds it" [left no built by or owner info- set to owner: nobody]. It brought me joy to read of people investigating the signal, awestruck at the "massive battle that seemed to have taken place here" noting that there was nothing left to salvage, then lol-ing at the twisted metal strewn Troll Cave and punchline LCD payoff punchline. I check into that server from time to time. Somebody is keeping that antenna reactor fueled to this day.

    So, does that count? a Rebel strike at the great Empire, who was dominating all planets and with greatest numbers by far. Blowing up any new bases that they came across- Nearly crushing the Rebel alliance and new players will to play... who then just ragequit as a whole and never returned after- boohoo:(- all that they had worked for, built, and achieved for weeks was all just gone. Not claimed, not stolen. Just smashed to scrap metal, ash, and reactor smoke. I wonder if they appreciated the irony in the end.

    Am I a Rebel? a White Knight? a Bully? a Vigilante? a... Terrorist? I guess I could live with Troll Hunter, if I had my 'druthers.

    [edited for clearer details of the events]
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  3. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    -=SE Episode I=-

    A large ship moves slowly across the frame.....
    Followed by the sound of explosions.

    Cut to a scene of darkness, hear the laughter of Clang...

    Ok someone can take it from here....

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  4. SF-1 Raptor

    SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    Yes! This more than counts! That's just incredible!
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