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Voxel Generator Version - Star System World DS, what version?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Kimx123, Nov 29, 2015.

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  1. Kimx123 Trainee Engineer

    Hello I have noticed that my voxel generator version is 1 on my Star System world DS.


    Is this normal? Or should I change it to the latest, as ice only spawns on 2.0 right?
    - Will changing the voxel generator version mess up the server?

    Additional info:

  2. Das_Hag Trainee Engineer

    curious to know more about this aswell
  3. Moredice Apprentice Engineer

    That's the default for Star System scenarios.

    Changing it after a world has been made will most likely not screw anything up, but this is easy to test if you simply copy your world out as a backup before making the change.
    However, ice will not magically appear anywhere that has already been explored and rendered. The same is true for asteroids: Ice will not appear in asteroids that have already been procedurally rendered,
    instead ice will begin appearing on asteroids you've not yet discovered.

    And .5 procedural density will result in quite many asteroids. Recommend <10k visiblity range to keep sim speed up.
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  4. Kimx123 Trainee Engineer

    Thanks Moredice, changing the VoxelGeneratorVersion didn't mess the server up! About the procedural density are there some optimal settings for DS?
  5. Moredice Apprentice Engineer

    Yes. Low density (value: 0.25) is actually fairly dense, there may be ~8-16 km between asteroids (which is fine I think), but it won't bog the server down if you have multiple players.
    My server has a medium density (0.35), and a visibility range of 10 km. Any higher, and the server will begin lagging if you have many players on it.

    Do not enable cargo ships; this will grind your server to a hault because the processor can't handle all the collision events when you eventually have 100+ cargo ships that have dropped out of the sky. And they'll just keep spawning.

    Furthermore, lowering the physics iteration value will allow your server to cope with collision events better, but collision calculations -may- be a bit less precise. Mine is set to 2 currently.

    Oh, and keep the number of floating objects low. Mine is set to 32, and it can handle higher numbers. But if the number is increased greatly, and if I have many players on, there would just be too much stuff happening at the same time for the processor to handle.
    You can of course experiment a bit with this as you see fit. This number basically dictates how many free-floating objects (like loose components that have fallen out of an inventory, hand tools after player death, etc.) that may exist at any one time in the game world.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.