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Voxel map .vx2 file is too big

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by offreal, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. offreal Trainee Engineer

    Hi there!

    On my dedicated server parameter <EnvironmentHostility> is set to "CATACLYSM". Because of this, there are many meteor craters on the surface of the planet.
    Voxel map "EarthLike-1779144428d120000.vx2" has grown to enormous size ( 145 MB ) , now it causes problems when connecting players.
    Wathdog often restarts server with following reason:

    I know about feature "Regenerate" in SE Toolbox, but we have underground base. Using "Regenerate" will destroy all useful tunnels along with useless craters.
    Is there any ways to manual edit .vx2 files, or separate voxel files?

    Good idea for developers: move the files transfer to a separate thread and add option "file transfer network speed limit" for transfer large files from server to clients.
    For example: on my server network connection upload speed is 40 Mbps, i set limit to 25 Mbps. Large transfers will not overload channel, 15 Mbps will left to sync. No lags, gameplay more fun.

    Hardware specs:
    OS: Windows Server 2016
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 3.5GHz
    RAM: 32 GB ECC REG
    SSD: 64 GB SATA 3.0
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  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Off the top of my head, the only other option I know to do would be to use voxel hands (switch to creative mode briefly) and fill in the craters. I know that would take quite a bit of time to do and can cause it to look out of place as well.
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  3. Roxette Senior Engineer

    This is why meteors are never a good idea on a server that isn't clearly advertised as resetting planet voxels at a short time interval. There is no simple solution, filling in the craters with voxel hands will only make the file even larger. Other than a fresh start for everyone, the only workaround would be to regenerate the original planet and then fly around in admin godmode and use the voxel tool to clear the underground bases of rock. My opinion is that the meteors should not even be an option on a server, because most people who start servers don't understand the implication of them. Large voxel files cause a very long connection time and a huge lag spike for those on the server whenever a new player connects and when the server saves it's state.
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  4. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @Roxette true, I didn't think about Voxel hands would be adding to the file size. Let's blame that on a "senior" moment. :D
  5. Isaax Trainee Engineer

    is this doable? create a planet with preset tunnels and landmarks etc without increasing the save by much?
  6. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Yes, the save files only record changes made to the voxel by mining and impact damage, you can create a custom planet with the ground sculpted however you like, that can be added to the world as a mod, which would only need downloading to clients on first connect/play.
  7. Isaax Trainee Engineer

    the only way i know to make planets and save them wont do tunnels. Just heightmaps with no tunnel options i can find. If you know how please do tell
  8. offreal Trainee Engineer

    Thanx for your helpful advice!
    Problem was solved with replacement full of holes voxel map by origin map.
    This steps I did:

    1. Stop your dedicated server. Make backup "Saves" folder. Default path - C:\ProgramData\SpaceEngineersDedicated\<Server name>\Saves\<World name>\
    2. Create new local (not public) server with same "World name". Start it, and stop after see "Game ready" in console.
    3. Copy with replace "Saves" from didicated server to local server.
    4. Open Didicated Server Manager on local server, select "Saved Worlds" and load world name. Change "Game mode" to "Creative", disable Trash Removal, enable Voxel Hand, disable Distructible Blocks, set Environment hostility to "SAFE". Other settings must be same as on dedicated server. Do not forget to check that all needable mods are included and active.
    5. Replace large voxel map file by origin (initial) with same name. For example: EarthLike-1779144428d120000.vx2
    6. Start loacal server. Go to your base location and check that all structures and ships exists on their place.
    7. Select voxel hand and make some caves and tonnels. After work will done, save game and stop local server.
    8. Copy with replace _ only _ voxel map to dedicated server into "Saves". Normal file size (with tonnels) must be about 100-400 kB.
    9. Start dedicated server, enjoy.
  9. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @offreal sounds like a lot of work, but glad to hear it worked out for you! :)