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We could use your help...

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by verZalj, Sep 7, 2015.

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  1. verZalj

    verZalj Trainee Engineer


    Our apologies for awaking you prematurely but there seems to have been a glitch in the revive sequence of the cryo-pods. If you choose to stay awake, we could use your assistance... otherwise, you may be returned to cryo-stasis and we will deliver your body, your cryopod, and your equipment as promised by your contract.

    If you choose to stay awake and aid us in our operations, you may find you enjoy working within our team of engineers and a permanent position with Alpha Exploration Syndicate may be a good fit for you.

    At AES we are looking for a few mature space engineers that are interested in cooperation and collaboration (dedicated private SE white-list server, dedicated private voice communication server). Our present-day goal is to launch and commission a space station with a production and mining facility so that we can sustain our current operational state. Once we stabilize operations, we will survey and chart our immediate region so that we can approximate our location and extrapolate our next jump.

    Although prematurely, we were fortunate to awaken from our cryo-stasis and find that, for the time being, are still safe aboard one of our syndicate's medium duty carriers, the Atlas. We do not know what disengaged the Atlas' auto-pilot or initiated the revive sequence on our cryo-pods and there is nothing in the ships logs indicating the cause, but it is still being investigated.

    Sensors nor ship logs indicate the cause, but something has disengaged the Atlas' auto-pilot and awoke us from cryo in an uncharted sector. As promised, if you choose to be returned to stasis, we will accommodate your body, but we can no longer guarantee your arrival deadline.

    We are looking forward to your decision and hopefully you become a part our our team.

    Very respectfully,
    John Verzal

    Any engineer interested in volunteering should understand what is involved:

    1. This server is not for everyone... maybe not even very many personality types.

    2. This is a role playing server to the point where your actions should be in line with an astronaut trying to survive by being careful, meticulous, resourceful, and having a positive team attitude. Strict conversational role-laying is not required.

    3. This is essentially a vanilla server. Only mods are: speed mod (300m/s), Midspace's ship scan mod, and some additional asteroids. There will not be any more mods so if you are interested in them, this is not the server for you.

    4. Server settings are: 3x inventory, 1x welding speed, 1x grinding speed, 30 minute auto-save, server size 500km, view distance 20km, cargo ships enabled, encounters enabled.

    5. No grieving. The purpose of the server is cooperation and collaboration.

    6. Using the provided voice server is required, unless you are going to be on for a just a few minutes.

    7. Respect. Your aren't the best... be humble and have fun. If you can't part with your ego, please try a different server.

    8. Work together. This is not the place to experiment with a design that's completely unrelated to the team's needs.

    9. Communicate effectively. Listen carefully. Speak up. Maintain logs. Make suggestions for future tasks. Receive criticism like an adult.

    10. Server is physically located on the East Coast of the US. It is a dedicated 10 man Hostaspace server that is always online. Regular maintenance is performed weekly or more often.

    11. Majority of players are in the US and play later in the evening. I live in US Central time zone (GMT-6).

    12. Mandatory requirement: have fun in the most dangerous environment known to man!

    13. If interested in joining the AES Steam group and gain access to our private white-list server, send me a message on Steam. My Steam name is “verZalj”.https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197965603739

    The Atlas....

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.