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What are you looking for in DS?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Lord Grey, Oct 16, 2018.

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  1. Lord Grey Apprentice Engineer

    I recently started a new DS game and I have 2 steady players at the moment. I have only a few mods installed and play hard-core survival. I personaly like the 1-1-1 setting and use normaly the Nanit control Factory mod to make it more attractive ind the later game. I like cosmetic mods that give you sone nice props to decorate your constructions or to scale down the needed space of them for passage ways for example. I dislike mods that unbalance the games like many weapons mods.

    So, what are your preferences and dislikes on Dedicated Servers?
  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I'm the odd duck. I've only ever played alone. Because in space no one can hear you scream.
  3. lowrads Trainee Engineer

    I prefer a battlespace which encourages players to bump into each other. There are a few different ways to accomplish that.

    -Resource restriction: Keeping resources in finite areas brings players into the same space. The more frequently they need that resource, the more often they return to those zones. The harder it is to extract that resource, the longer they stay in the extraction zone.

    Examples: Moon-only resource, hand-placed asteroid clusters, and mods to elevate consumption. One concept I've seen that seemed to work well was to restrict drills to small ships, making them reliant on large ships for cargo support and jump capability. This forced players to commit to the op.

    -Mobility restriction: This can be either a soft or hard limit. A hard limit is something like removing ion and hydrogen thrusters completely, restricting all of the players to a single gravity well. A soft limit is something along the lines of making the power requirements of jump drives much, much more onerous, making it economically and militarily disadvantageous to install a depot in deep space.

    -Capability restriction: This one introduces design purpose limitations into ships.

    Example 1a: If reactor output is dramatically lowered, perhaps by an order of magnitude, more, or they are entirely removed, then ships are reliant on batteries or other finite reserves of power. Specialized machines can likely extend their range or efficiency by using solutions such as charging depots. Players will tend to compensate for slow battery charging times by having larger battery banks.

    Example 1b: If new power demands are introduced, such as shields, modded high-power use weapons, nanites, or increased consumption thrusters, finite power reserves mandate specializing platforms according to the classic ternary diagram of mobility, firepower and defense.

    Example 2: If ions are removed, then ships are limited to the finite reserves of reaction mass stored on board. This tethers them to some support network, circumscribing their force projection or ability to exploit the natural environment. Coupled with other restrictions, it may oblige some engineers to make use of a calculator and even classic kinetic formulae.

    Example 3: 1x inventory, or increased ore mass. Either of these forces players to accommodate inventory, usually in the form of structures which don't care about mass, rather than a magical industry mothership. Coupled with mobility restrictions above makes facility placement a more harrowing decision as far as efficiency is concerned. At the typical range a standard jump drive can reach, the odds of accidental discovery plummet in geometrical fashion, usually to lottery odds. 1x inventory usually requires a concession to starting players, typically in the form of a ship-based welder on their start ship or an affixed helper drone.

    Example 4: Jetpack. Players generally need to be able to go faster than platforms for stability purposes, so reducing the output generally makes sense. Something less than what is needed for hovering on a planet is enough to allow them to fall greater distances, but restrictions on space activities will be compromised.
  4. Isaax Trainee Engineer

    progression. good performance. Small map. 32 players. and pvp glue (like a rare ore asteroid)
    i have plans to make missions and npcs when the next update hits. There are improvements to the visual scripting tool and npcs i believe will make this possible
  5. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Looking for Blue Eyes, likes to walk on the beach and getting caught in the rain.... oh wrong forum!!!! LOL
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.