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What multiplayer needs before factions...

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by _Skydiver, May 31, 2014.

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  1. BigDaddy Trainee Engineer

    The server we run has 30 asteroids currently on it. Plenty of space and resources for all. Only problem is that once the players get over 25ish the server becomes unplayable with the desync from players entering and exiting.

    So a large server with 30-50 asteroids is fine. We have 5 asteroid clusters of 6 asteroids each. Each cluster has a beacon to mark where they are.

    Yes we get lots of griefers. Yes people mess with the beacons. Yes we have the admins to take care of it and clean out the trash about 4 times a day or more. Its playable and fun.

    I do agree fully that we need way better optimization before factions. I've always been on the optimization and getting the game in a more playable state bandwagon.

    Factions wont stop griefers. It will probably make it worse. Red vs Blue style game (assuming thats going to be the first step of factions). Blue team member gets pissed at red, switches to red team, blows their base to hell before they even know what happened.
  2. DJToxica Apprentice Engineer

    I'm sorry but i don't get it...factions only sort the players and enable whitelists for my weapons...(aand some other nice things)
    I think i would need this way before any increase in ressources or mapsize, so that those tiny amount of ressources i mined out there does not get stolen.

    So what does the one have to do with the other?

    With the SEToolbox we have the options to bring in new stuff and at least there are the cargoships. Set up a stations withe a grinder area and throw them in...this way you get nearly infinit ressources without an admin refilling the asteroids.

    On the other side i would love to see a solar system sized map with different locations to visit and even celestial bodies (please no comments i read most of this "special" thread)...you know what the first whing was that i tried in SE? Fly to the sun....

    I also like the other ideas but i don't see any need to get anything of this before the factions.

    But i really would like to see some more weapons. Most people here think always about how to use them man vs man in free space...but think about gravity influenced fights.
    In a big hangar a sniper would be really useful....also rocket or grenadelauncher against tanks and stuff would be really cool. Flashbangs to blind you enemy or a larger Machine Gun to provide a constant line of fire. And what i would really like to see is a plasmathrower (like a flamethrower but with hot plasma because we have no air.

    And for the trading i simply wait for programmable parts.
    Someone docks his cargoship on my station, hops out, walks to the terminal and requests ammo for example. Either we get some sort of Credits which are then removed, or you have bring some sort of seldom material which cant be farmed that much.
  3. McMaul Trainee Engineer

    I don't know what server(s) you've played on, but I have no problem either hiding or gathering resources on vmrob's pvp server. Asteroids are packed with an unreal amount of resources. I had a large station complete with 80 turrets and enough ammo to handle meteor showers for days with ease. As stated before resource scarcity is not an issue until you begin to look at servers that are up and active for multiple weeks if not more.

    Also stated before it is absolutely possible to hide on any given server that does not show names. The methods you have to use to hide require some out of the box thinking, but are not exactly rocket science.

    You said everyone would like their own asteroid. Well that's great, but the point of a survival multiplayer is that you have others to compete or cooperate with. This is where factions come into play. You set up an asteroid base today and it's gone when you log in tomorrow. Factions would allow you to set up automatic defenses to protect what you've built.

    Another poster stated that factions could be used to grief by changing factions. Im certain factions will require invites and/or acceptance and not be a drag down menu that you can change on the fly.

    I hope this does not come off as rude as we are all speculating and this discussion has no impact on the game's development whatsoever. Your opinions, particularly in regard to resources and hiding, give me the impression you're on the inexperienced side when it comes to survival multiplayer. I would recommend you look into pvp guides and make friends with more experienced players on active servers. I think you'll find that solutions to your grievances already exist.
  4. Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

    OK. But the current game still allows you to be attacked--it's just nearly impossible to fight back. Putting everyone further apart is not the solution, since the whole point of multiplayer is that you run into other people. We don't just need more room to hide, we need something to do once we're discovered.
    You said it was "necessary" before factions, sorry to infer that this thread had something to do with faction mechanics. Are you saying "before factions" just because factions are the most likely feature to come next, not because of something inherent in factions that will make the small size of worlds worse?
    No. The real asteroid belt's asteroids are far more spaced out than that--on the order of thousands of kilometers. Given the Havoc engine's limits, this order of distance would require far too much time to cross for playability. Realism would also give us very little uranium in space, more rocky (not just metal) asteroids, and a plethora of useless, tiny asteroids, along with micrometeorites. This does not sound like a fun game to me.
    I'm sorry, what? A single asteroid can last you for weeks on survival... Enough to build a fleet of small ships or a decent sized station/large ship.

    Is there any benefit to having a bigger, emptier world besides sating your desire to hide? It's already pretty easy to just float out of render distance and hide in the void.

    @Bigdaddy: No wonder you've been so opposed to factions! That would be absolutely terrible! You will be happy to learn that this is not how factions are likely to be implemented:

    As to the success of Emerald, that's not really the point. I want PvP that doesn't require admins to police a "no stealing rule" and that doesn't otherwise make astronauts the most powerful ship in the game. I want turrets that don't shoot me and my own ships, that don't have the attack patterns of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, and that cannot be turned off from a cargo container by my enemy. I want the ability to distinguish friend from foe at a distance and leave beacons that won't attract the entire universe. Personal and/or faction ownership is required for any of this, and IMO PvP is straight up broken until that's implemented. It will still be broken with optimization and larger worlds.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.