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What other games are you playing while patienctly (or impaticently) waiting for Planets

Discussion in 'General' started by SirLANsalot, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Radma Kanow Apprentice Engineer

    I just came back to SE quite recently so apart from it I also play:

    World of Warships - been searching few weeks ago something about Battleship Yamato 2099 anime and by accident got into Yamato gameplay in WoWs. WTF is thi... oh. Oh! Woot? Amazing. Must have that. World of Warships? Wargaming? Those guys from WoT? Ok, where is download? Never been interested in tanks, heard something that they are doing planes and ships but didn't research further. Until pleasantly surprised by gameplay.

    Witcher 2 - shame title. Bought Witcher 1 Collector's Edition in pre-order. Tried 3 times, never got past chapter 1. Until this year :pbjt:. Finally beat the game. Few days before Witcher 3 premiere, heheh. So, still had W2 laying on shelf and waiting till I finish W1. ANd so here I am - avoiding all news about W3 as I'm still on W2. Yay me.

    Steam games:
    Pillars of Eternity - finally some worthy game, proper RPG. Been searching for that kind of a title for a long time. Another reason for Witcher 2 lack of progress...
    Planetary Annihilation - just for a quick pew-pew with planet smashing once a week to unwind.
    Besiege - surprised no one mentioned this earlier. Something like Medieval Engineers but far more better looking (imo). And more historically accurate with accessible components. Interesting parts, working physics, nice looking maps (I like it's ascetic approach). Want to see it in action - watch Draegast vids on YT - I roll laugghing every time seeing how he tries community creations. And oh, dirt cheap: 7€ for current alpha. Totally worth.
  2. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    I play a lot of War Thunder. The game currently has planes and tanks and is rumored to be adding ships this coming year :) The graphics are pretty and the gameplay is good. Terrain deformation is already in and theres talk of full building destruction coming.
  3. cedi Apprentice Engineer

    EU4 (Painting the world in one colour is just so satisfying.)
  4. ltdan83 Apprentice Engineer

    I've been playing a lot of MGS: V, its a great game even if you've never played any of the series before. I've recently been playing Arma 3 Wasteland with some old friends.
  5. drkrieger Apprentice Engineer

    Due to my limited time to play, I've only been playing Fallout: Shelter. On rare occasion, Fallout: New Vegas.

    And when I feel really adventurous, I'll work on my planetary lander. No idea how it's going to work, but meh. Will test when planets come out :)
  6. DOOOOOOOMMM! Trainee Engineer

    Star Trek Online and Star Conflict.
  7. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    War Thunder for my pew-pew, Total War Rome 2 for my strat-e-go and ME for my sandbox.
    Banished is nice for a solo in between, always sad when everyone dies because I forget how to play.
  8. Morloc Apprentice Engineer

    The new (long) video shows some really promising things. I'm hoping they bring back inventories for the soldiers though and perhaps the ability to profit through manufacturing. That was the biggest turn-off for their earlier game.

    I suspect right around the time planets in SE are out and solid, M&MH7, Fallout 4, XCOM2, Starcraft3-c and 7D2D-A13 will all be released on the same day.

  9. rittstar Trainee Engineer

    Project zomboid, where i also wait for the decent update build 33 and KerbonautsSpaceProgram, empire total war darthmod
  10. Stiletto Apprentice Engineer

    Showing people that jousting a Cutlass armed with three Mantis gatling cannons is rather bad idea in Star Citizen. :D
  11. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    Can't wait for my pip-boy edition to arrive :D
  12. Bipin Trainee Engineer

    • Sim City 4
    • Cities: Skylines (I was part of the closed beta that brought over a lot of modders from the SC4 community).
    • Space Engineers (Often, but on a friend's PC).
    • Battlefield 3
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.