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What Update Would You Like in Next Patch

Discussion in 'General' started by dragon2711, Feb 13, 2015.

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  1. dragon2711 Trainee Engineer

    1. Setting (Ship <-> Station) status
    Using a piston to bring a ship into a station dock or push a large ship clear of the station.

    2. Atmosphere
    Having a pressurize environment for astronaut to breathed in. (in case of hull breach, sucked out and die from vacuum, if no helmet on)

    3. Food
    Hydroponics to grow food and, energy to food. (only works in atmosphere environments)

    4. Airlock/Docking
    Merge block with the way for astronaut to pass through. Safety system to stop air lost. or override/grind and let the air out.
  2. Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    I would like to see soon enough any way to stop stone from being pain-in-the-ass. Currently, stone meddles everywhere and is basicly impossible to get rid of effectively since throwing it out through connector is painfully slow (and can't be automated to throw away only stone from the system), leaving stone in the system makes refineries proces them or you set refineries to not use conveyor system but that way they do not take other ores. Best way now is to create a cargo container with thruster and send the stone in space every once a while.

    So I would like to see at least one of the following really soon:

    - Conveyor system filtering block (probably harder to make, but would be overall awesome for every bigger ship with complicated conveyor system)

    - Ability to set refineries which ore they should/should not proces, possibly even prioritize (easier to create, also usefull for every ship that uses multiple refineries and multiple cargos)

    Edit: The second option would also require ability to set connectors to throw away only certain things instead of everything or nothing.
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  3. Carrion Senior Engineer

    given its a wish thread,
    I would really really really like this next update to give us some players who understand what alpha is and doesn't whine and act like a spoiled baby after each patch complaining that an issue they HAVE NOT REPORTED PROPERLY has not been fixed followed by a barely coherent rant where they assume to know keens internal plans, the secret to the universe and the password on gods porn stash.

  4. DocMop Junior Engineer

    Physics engine overhaul. That would greatly ease multiplayer. It sure is a major undertaking, but there is no way around it.

    Let me quote a friend here: "I already supported the game with my money, it's not my job to write bug reports."
    Of course, he doesn't rant on the forums on the other hand.
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  5. Killacyte Senior Engineer

    While that's true for some of them, you are completely flaming the hell out of a strawman.
  6. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    I wish for complainers who know how to argue, without devaluing the opinions of those who disagree with their argument or making unfounded accusations.... We can only dream. I could care less if they submitted a bug report, that's their problem and with those ones you can look at the key word "BUG" and just skip over them. The others it's like a bad addiction, I like to debate (mostly friendly argument) and fill in on what I know, so that both they can learn and I can learn more about what their solution would be potentially, unfortunately this doesn't frequently work out.
  7. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    Supported at a reduced cost, so that you can test it, while no it isn't your job to write bug reports, it is mildly expected and highly appreciated, want a problem solved that you can't solve yourself? Logical solution is to ask for help, and that's what you do when you submit a bug report, you ask for help.
  8. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    well i am guessing you all know my stance on the "solid" control panel.

    and i would like to see the ejectors with a lot more customization instead of "collect all", "eject all" {sry have not played in awhile so i forget how it is exactly}

    i would also like to see small ship glass for to go along with the "over sized" small ship parts {and anything else that pertains to this specifically}: conveyors etc. or just make it Small ships, med ships, lrg ships.

    tweak on the new blocks {which i am assuming will be sorted in time}: Vanilla Shaostols' Blocks plz.

    ohh right and a fix to be able to see the "AI" ships name and distance {anything that shows the name and ranges on the hud} readable at long ranges instead of it over lapping each other. {name and range i mean}

    also would like to have an option about the "tab" showing your inventory bar and the 2 info {left
    "panel" astronaut info} {right "panel"" ship info} and every info on the hud ..... maybe something like ctrl tab to bring up the inventory bar. {hope that made any sense}...is not a real big deal but is one i find quite aggravating when building and seeing everything on the hud..... it is kind of cluttered to me and would like it more customize able or a bit more "stream lined" (?)
    {gah i hope that made any sense as well}
  9. DocMop Junior Engineer

    I think there can be a thick line between asking for help and writing a proper bug report. I've done and will do both, but I can understand if one chooses that he already contributed enough to the game by risking to give the developers money to do THEIR part of the job. The cost is reduced sure, but on the other hand, one can not be sure that the result is playable in the end. In my opinion that evens out.
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  10. Killacyte Senior Engineer

    There are actually a ton of ease-of-life suggestions that I would love, many of them mentioned by WizLawz above. General inventory management and ui tweaks would be great.

    On the practical side, the thing I want most is a better sensor/some way to detect things outside of 50m.
  11. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    aye 50m seems quite small atm.

    i suppose we could build relays that over lap the antennae range but yeah would like it to be a lot more "simplified" than that.
  12. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    Hmm... how about
    • Directional antenna block with the ability to track another grid
    • Directional turrets (choose direction, distance and angle and the turret ignores stuff outside that cone)
    • Ice (as an ore type) that cooks down into CO2, methane, ammonia, and water
    • Stuff to do with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.
  13. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    I'd like an update that brings us one step closer to being out of alpha, and thus one step closer to reaching beta, and then release -- at which point the game will presumably be ready to play online, which is something I'm really looking forward to.

    Since I don't know what Keen considers to be "feature complete," I'm going to say that I want environmental hazards to be expanded upon. These have been mentioned a number of times, but we've only got the one so far, and this one will be in high-demand among players that want to play single-player. Most players will consider a more active challenge in single-player a core feature, so I'm guessing KSH recognizes that too (especially since they've said they're planning on expanding this aspect).

    If you want, you can fold AI into "environmental hazards" since it enhances gameplay in the same manner, although the mechanics of implementing the one probably have nothing to do with the other.
  14. Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    This is more of a speculation but netcode fixes (so my eyes can rest from all the spam). It's obvious keen has been rushing the updates and netcode was on my list of possiblities of why they would.
  15. ChromeCastle Trainee Engineer

    I really want there to be something to do in survival mode, so next patch I'd like to see AI and missions. Right now in survival mode the only objective is to engineer processes so well in order to get to a point that it's the same a survival mode. That's not bad, but I'd like there to be something more to it. They also really should make the stations and ships already in game much more common. You almost NEVER see them just flying about on a large ship.

    2 x 1 armor blocks need to be in the game as well. This one's obvious, it help us make prettier ships.

    And I cannot forget about bug fixing, as without this the game is less playable. It'd be nice to get a piston fix. As it is now, I cannot fly with one of my grinder/welder ships on board because turning around will make it come off of my ship (it's on retractable landing gears).
  16. jkm1864 Trainee Engineer


    There is a easy way to fix that problem by modding the sbc files. Edit the Blueprints.sbc with Notepad++ and find the stone section.

    <Item Amount="1" TypeId="Ore" SubtypeId="Stone" />
    <Result Amount="0.9" TypeId="Ingot" SubtypeId="Stone" />

    Change the result amount to 0.0009 and stone will never be a problem again.
  17. KissSh0t Master Engineer







    I would really like Ship / Station pressurization so you don't need to recharge when doing stuff inside a pressurized area.
  18. picklerok Junior Engineer

    I'm getting really tired of people playing the "It's alpha!" card whenever anyone says anything about suggestions or bugs...
  19. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    Well on the bright side it won't last forever. Eventually with the players help in detailing bugs (not whining) and probably a few more add ins the game will eventually go to the next stage and we can start playing the its beta card
  20. mega_newblar Trainee Engineer

    Agreed. It's been stated so much that it's lost its meaning. When I see it stated now I just skip that post.

    I agree it's alpha. But it's nonconstructive to state over-and-over-and-over.

  21. errordewin2 Trainee Engineer

    I want to see a better exploration mode, with more user creations, now is really difficult to find something in exploration mode.
  22. Valiance Apprentice Engineer

    Most wanted starting from top.

    • Greater variety in asteroid generation
    Currently, most generated asteroids fall into three categories:
    *The Giant spike-ball - Self explanatory, large, has spikes to fend off predators.
    *The Brady Bunch - Giant parent asteroids accompanied by smaller ones around it.
    and last, but our most favorite so far
    *The Doughnut - Sometimes you see two of them merged!

    I'd absolutely love more varieties or even better, more control of the seed generator to the players so they can decide. Be it size, shape, or something unique about it that makes you go "wow". Granted, doughnut asteroids still do this when they combine.
    • Very rare ore types required for more advanced blocks
    When the blast furnace came out, I thought it was pretty neat it'd eat up cobalt and iron really quickly and efficiently, but I felt like it was just to easy to make it. I'm not at all a hardcore player, but some work should be done on the players part to earn her/himself more advanced/efficient blocks/tools/etc. It gives some incentive to explore further, and further. That, and you just really wanna build that Refinery 2.0 with the flames stickers on it.
    • Optimized Lighting
    I think all of us have at one point or another got into the situation of lighting your place up after its built. You have a big room, no problem, just increase the range right? Right on! You increase the range, and you've lit up the room, but now the ceiling/floor is black?! wut? What sorcery is this? This often makes me wanna throw a red ship into another.
    • More power to the programmable blocks
    Because some of us are just more obsessed staring at hundreds of lines of code than others.
    • Reduce Antenna clutter
    I believe of all the issues going on, this ranks somewhere in the top 10 right now. At first, it's no big deal. But after awhile the clutter gets in the way. This is easily noticeable with cargo ships from a distance. I'm not sure in what way this can be solved, but it needs to be handled.
    • Piston Torque/braking Torque
    This ... so much
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  23. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    ^ THIS



    and "+" shaped conveyors for aesthetics
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  24. soat7ch Junior Engineer

    Suggestions and bug reports, yes.
    But if people think they are the one true source of wisdom and everything will be better if keen changes the description from alpha to beta and just rant that the game is broken, then i have nothing else to say but:
    It's alpha, and it will be until it has all all the features it needs.
  25. DocMop Junior Engineer

    I've seen a mod in the workshop that has + shaped conveyors.
  26. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    aye, i quit using mods due to them not always showing up in game more times than did.
  27. DocMop Junior Engineer

    Strange, newer had THAT problem. Was always my fault, either forgetting to add them in the map options or simply not finding in the g-menue.
  28. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    yeah, idk... my issues soon started after the steam integration.

    deleted everything re install, wiped pc reinstall, etc...still no change...soo back to vanilla i went...and im not coming back from vanilla.
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  29. Delta_VII Trainee Engineer

    I would really love to see a radar and a vertical lift off system.
  30. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    There are a huge number of stone ejection scripts, and it is possible to differentiate between stone and gravel. The one I wrote will take advantage of multiple connectors.

    As for mods, I use some, but my problem with them is I play offline and the mods refuse to load even though they are already downloaded. SO steam integration needs to be improved to allow games to be created with mods that are downloaded even when offline. At the moment I am forced to manually unzip the mod and create a custom offline mod from it and then use that. Kind of a pain and doesnt update unless I do it myself by hands.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.