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What would it take to boost interest and interaction?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Mike55520, Oct 20, 2015.

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  1. Carbon Mask Trainee Engineer

    I agree with you running. If we are looking to bring more interaction to the game, perhaps Admins allow each faction or solo player one station to be non destructible.
    Visits can still be a threat to an engineer and their ships outside the station. Camping will not be tolerated can be reported.
    There are a lot of good ideas here I'm willing venture into to find the right combination.
  2. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    And that is exactly why it encourages interaction. Hunter love prey! The more you run the more we got a reason to chase you ;-D

    Overall though this is a sandbox game and people have different reasons to play it. Likewise there are very diverse reasons for interaction.
    Some like to hide in a corner of the universe and never leave their holes. Others want to fight everything. The next person wants to trade and another simply wants to fly through any place to explore and visit their creations (like an immersive workshop exploration).

    Thus hinting/pvp trophies are one of many ways to encourage one of many aspects of player interaction. Just because oyu dont like it doesnt mean that it is no feasible way.
    I also find survival in general extremely tedious and boring. Yet i wouldnt want to remove it because a large portion of the SE players can enjoy it.
  3. Running Trainee Engineer

    At the current state... you might have all the reasons you need, but do you have the time?
    I will try to move a 1000 km away from the center in a random direction asap. (Build a jump drive asap or just set my ship a drift and go to bed or something to get that far away)
    If you start patrolling a sphere... do you know how much time it will take before you covered an entire 1000 km radius sphere?
    That's a volume of over km3 of space. How much travel time just to get into viewing range of each astroid ?

    Granted with enough players you will at some point find something to destroy... but it will mostly be the structures and ships near the center from players that are starting out or ar left behind by players that have moved outward.

    Except for betrayal, there is no likely way of finding a well hidden station. That is a good thing up to a point as I exect there to be a lot of players that are builders. They like to interact with people, but they build nice things that they don't want to see destroyed while they are a sleep.
    They might fancy a trip to area's where interaction is more likely in a ship they build for that purpose, but they don't want to see their station destroyed.
    Make it too easy to find and destroy these stations and they will force a mechanism that will protect them or they won't play online.

    If you want PvP... best bet would be creative with projectors so people can design offline and battle online.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.