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Whiplash Gaming Dedicated Server - 10X - Faction PVP - Shipyards/Blueprints - Custom Respawn - X,Y,Z

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Fingersniffer, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    Whiplash Gaming

    Whiplash Gaming Space Engineers Server (20 Slots)


    PVP is allowed
    No Ramming
    No Griefing


    Restarts 1-2 times a day - Early Morning restart daily, other restarts will depend on performance, patches, maintenance as needed (Always a 20 minute warning prior to restarts)

    Items past 150k from center will be deleted

    This server is cleaned during almost any downtime to maintain high performance (Average downtime is less than 5 minutes)
    Server Stats:
    Network Connection - Dual Failover 10G Fiber on InterNap Backbone in Dallas, TX
    CPU - 4x Intel Xeon E5-2690 v2
    RAM - 12GB
    Storage - SSD (Game and Saves on SSD) & 400g Storage Backup Drive

    OS - Windows Server 2008 R2
    SE Server Settings:
    Game Mode - Survival 10x

    Welding 10x / Grinding 6x
    World Size - 300,000m (150,000m from center)

    Environmental Conditions - Cargo Ships & Meteors are turned OFF (This could change depending on community opinion, warning will be given prior to server changes)

    This server uses SE Server Extender with Draygo's Dropship/Utils/MOTD plugins and Shipyards plugin (linked below)

    Autosave - 10min intervals

    Save Backups Made Every 20 minutes
    Feature List:

    Shipyards - Custom shipyards to help your faction create the fleet it deserves!

    Custom X, Y, Z Navigation beacons set 150k- Grief-Proof

    Asteroids are located within 12k of center, these are replaced upon depletion. This means lower asteroid count for faster download times and encourages PVP.

    Custom Anti-Grief respawn ship with all required starting supplies included in cargo

    Custom NPC ships will be added once remaining issues are resolved with them
    Teamspeak 3 - whiplashgaming.ts.nfoservers.com:10480 <No password> Custom/Private rooms can be created for larger factions and donators
    Custom events to encourage PVP, Teamwork, Rare in-game prizes
    WORLD NAME: 10x 24/7 Shipyards Faction PVP X,Y,Z Mods No Griefing
    SERVER NAME: 24/7-WhiplashGaming-Shipyards-Faction PVP-Mods-No Griefing
  2. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    EVENT NOTICE - 10-3-14 (Friday Night - 10PM CST) - You keep what you kill... prepare for battle!

    In-Game Prizes - War ships up for grabs!
  3. John Doe Trainee Engineer

    I could not find the server.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.