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Why I'm not excited about Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by whistler118, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Grim Apprentice Engineer

    Man, everyone is complaining about things. I'm just glad to be even playing this game.
  2. busboy Trainee Engineer

    Whistler, the flaw in your reasoning is that you think you know what the developers need as far as testing feedback better than they do. That isn't anger. It's a statement of fact.
  3. ShaggyAMT Apprentice Engineer

    So, now that MP is released and people are already complaining that it's broken, blah blah blah. What does that mean for other features of the game? A lot of new players bought the game because MP was released and those players are going to b1tch and moan until MP is usable. And that's going to interrupt the release of things like conveyors, working ore detector, large ship weapons,and most importantly crafting. MP is their baby now, and they'll be forced to work on MP patches and MP updates until the PvP kiddies get what they want. I have little desire to spend 40 minutes trying to log into a server only to have my game crash on load. If I do get in a game, it runs like crap and is not fun. Testing ship designs in dog fights is pointless because attributes are missing from armor. So far it has been determined that armor is a liability. Isn't this a creative, building game? When every one is going to have the same cockpit, guns, gyros, and reactor configuration built as their fighter, this game has lost it's way.
  4. TheFlyingMoose Trainee Engineer

    I love the early multi- player. My freinds and i are having tons of fun even if it is limited. Can't wait for more updates! :thumb:
  5. damoran Junior Engineer

    As an artist I liken it to creating a piece of art in front of someone vs. doing it by myself and letting them see it finished somewhere.

    The pros of having people watch you create is instant feedback, the con of course also being instant feedback on a process that is very organic and changes drastically from one minute to the next.

    I think the devs are simply throwing things in the deep end at the moment, in their infantile state and seeing what sinks or can swim.

    I mean a quick look at the models in-game and it is obvious they are not optimized at all, a simple staircase has 4000+ polys....so you test the game with a horribly inefficient model like this and get it working. Later you optimize that model to be 1/3 of that and the game runs much much better overall.

    Same with multiplayer...I think they want to stress the engine and code with the current state and tweak it from there. It can only get better.

    Regarding the way players abuse features well that is not their problem but the community. I'd recommend playing by yourself or just friends if this is really a problem for you. But to go into an alpha MP server with random people and complain things are not "worth it" is a bit short sighted.

    And like others have said there is nothing making you play multiplayer, stay single player if you like.
  6. RedPhoenix Moderator


    The reason for having a polycount this high is because destruction.
  7. paswert Junior Engineer

    I think the premise is good, but no matter how good or bad it is, the multiplayer experience is always defined by the people who you play it with. You could play with an amazing builder who could give you building help and you have a great time, or you could end up with someone who just build a wall of rockets and destroys all of your stuff. I believe the multiplayer needs much more work before it is anywhere near complete, player names would be greatly appreciated as not knowing you you're playing with isn't really that good.
  8. freshmango55 Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not touching multiplayer until dedicated servers are released and a sector system, and when servers are able to have mass amounts of people in them.
  9. davesoft Apprentice Engineer

    Fool, your missing out on much fun in here
  10. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

  11. Bobbyjoeangus Trainee Engineer

    I think the multiplayer is great. :\
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.