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Your Thoughts on Multiplayer (Initial First Update)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by tsc0308, Jan 16, 2014.

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  1. BuLLeTSpOnGe Trainee Engineer

    buggy to say the least, but its alpha of a alpha straight up. they were cool enough to share this with us. This will be the game of the year after release. i figured 2-8 man servers for starters, 16 was balls to the wall. I am a alpha tester, and love it.

    Let the alliances truelly begin. Now i have to buy this game on my other steam account so i can set up a server. I hope everyone at least knows how to fly what they built by now.

    kudos Keen, u just sold another copy to the same person. wait till i start giving this game to my friends. I do hope open server software or steam helps out soon.

    Check my ship packs out, on steam workshop if u need something to fly. Bulletsponge on steam, or search "ship pack" in workshop and u'll find something
  2. ChristopherSyn Trainee Engineer

    I'm more than pleased with the progress I have seen.
    As any cheeky-grinned Player, I launched a host session and had a friend join in and we thoroughly enjoyed our time racing pods through the asteroid fields, mining ores, building capital ships etc.
    We did all of this with lag and desynchronised play and came out smiling.
    Remember Engineers, if you're unhappy with the current update, there is still SinglePlayer ;)
  3. NKato Trainee Engineer

    Haven't been able to play at all due to my friend being unable to connect to my host, and vice versa. The server keeps crashing out. He's on Time Warner cable in Texas, and I'm on Comcast in Seattle.
  4. MOFO_Pisatel Trainee Engineer

    Let it say like this guys, multiplayer is very fresh and unmade for now, BUT its still a working multiplayer! Its early alpha and developers will improve and fix the bugs (they never lied or betrayed our hopes before as they keep their promises like no other game company does).
    Just wait a bit and you ll get working MP. For now you can try to play 2-3 ppl on the server to enjoy.
    Thx devs for keeping promises!
  5. DutchVictim Apprentice Engineer

    As someone said before here, it's like a alpha inside an alpha. I too didn't expect multiplayer to be released so soon, so i'll guess we test what can be improved and tell it to the devs.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.