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Important Keen Software House ~ Forum Closure

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kienata, Aug 17, 2020 at 16:11.

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  1. Kienata

    Kienata Staff

    The Keen Forums are closing!

    After many years and countless posts (you CAN technically count them), the forums will be closing.

    Please understand that we have not taken this course of action lightly. The decision to close the forums came after due consideration.

    Forum activity has largely moved to other platforms like Discord and the Steam forums. With the bulk of our community traffic on these other platforms it simply no longer makes sense to maintain these forums.

    We want to thank our community for the many generous contributions made here, throughout the years. As our way of ensuring the wealth of knowledge contained here is not lost, we will preserve the forum as a read-only archive. Guides, suggestions, troubleshooting and all of the incredible community contributions made throughout the years will be preserved here, as an archive, so that nothing is lost.

    We expect to close the forums and move them into a publicly available archive as soon as possible. You can access this archive here:

    If you would like to spend time getting to know your fellow engineers, have questions, or just want to be part of the conversation, we have some great alternatives for you!

    If you need help with a but or would like to leave us feedback, please use our support portal.

    Change Log ~ Patch Notes

    • We will continue to provide patch notes in a new location. Updates and announcements about our new patch note location will be provided. For the time being, you can still find all of the most recent patch notes on our Forum.
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